The Minnesota-based 12-string guitarist, producer, singer, and songwriter Steve Noonan returns to the music world with a fabulous album entitled Dreamland. The new project is set for release on January 29th, 2022 – and displays Steve Noonan’s distinct knack for acoustic soul.

Dreamland is a bountiful offering of equal instrumental and vocal brilliance. The album is a full plate of thirteen tracks of unparalleled talent. Dreamland opens with an alluring track titled Either Way, which possesses a novel catchiness that sets the tone for what is to follow. Steve Noonan’s motivating lyricism and smooth harmonies sink into a bed of organic grooves that border the genres of Americana, blues, folk-rock, and rock music.

Steve Noonan has created a portfolio of life from a sonic glance. Dreamland is a beloved journey that introduces us to themes of romanticism, life, and self-motivation in a crisp and refreshing way. Crafty acoustic guitar and warm bass riffs reinforce a live-band sound that keeps us on the edge of our seats and attuned to the album’s creative process.

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