Released in December 2021, Spin So Long is a fitting title for Dick Aven’s new album. The industrious singer and songwriter really put his creativity on blast with an alluring collection of eleven tracks that border along the musical terrains of Americana, blues, jazz, and popular music.

Spin So Long opens up with a track called Stirred Up. As the opening track totes a funky melody, listeners will be equally astonished by the lead and backing harmonies that spread across the song’s rhythm like the wings of a bird. Aven’s musicianship is totally celestial. The effort put into the album’s post-production and mastering nurture the project’s rich live-band sound. The track It’s Something is a perfect testimony in this regard.

Amazingly, we find that most of the tracks on Spin So Long not only melt into each other but can each stand as a single on its own. This is largely due to Aven’s expertise and inventiveness as a songwriter. Although many of the tracks mirror each other in sound quality, they also carry a strong air of distinction. Along with the passion tied to his vocalization, Aven imports different instruments on each and every track, which gives so much depth and continuity to Spin So Long. Aging In Place is a great example of Aven’s versatility and range as a musician. Spin So Long is a soulful masterpiece that charms our hearts and minds with the good music that we all have missed.

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