Based out of Tennessee, the electrifying musician, singer, and songwriter Dick Aven has released a charming new single titled Fly Into The Fire. Aven’s latest offering is off of his latest album Spin So Long, which was released in December 2021.

Fly Into The Fire is an eclectic groove that brandishes a strong flavor of organic instrumentation. This mid-tempo classic has an enthralling sound that is fused with acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, and crisp drumming. Dick Aven offers a wonderful vocal performance that perfectly complements the essence of the melody.

The music video for Fly Into The Fire is equally captivating and adds a strong visual context to the song’s romantic lyricism. Dick Aven appears at various times during the video amid scenes of a couple’s embrace and the lead female model’s dance with the fire. Fly Into The Fire is a daring and brilliant song that exemplifies the distinct sound of Dick Aven.

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