The Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter known as Danjul offers the music world a new larger-than-life song titled Drama. The track was originally released by Bentley Records on November 24th, 2021. Drama was also published on the Korean market in January 2022. Despite the track’s minimal promotion, Drama received numerous accolades, praise, and has reached over 20k in streams on Spotify.

Danjul is a youthful musical veteran with a stunning voice and a charismatic presence behind the microphone. In many ways, Drama also signals a change in Danjul’s approach to recording music. The song’s melody is drenched in the waters of EDM with an overcast of R&B. The beat is layered and easily captures our attention with a distinct and funky drum pattern. Drama’s deep and driving bassline sparkles in its nocturnal vibe. The song possesses a very moving rhythm that will keep you on the dance floor.

Drama has its own depth of emotional intensity. Danjul enchants the listener with his passionate vocal performance and inspiring lyricism. Drama explores a hopeful view of working through hard times to achieve a greater relationship. Drama by Danjul is filled with bliss and solitude via groove.


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