Singer and songwriter Fred Argir returns to the music world with a sparkling new album titled Despair and Ecstasy. Based out of New York City, Argir is a multi-instrumentalist with a recording career expanding over three decades. His work has evolved into its own distinct flavor of melody and by means of such has attracted many admirers of his sound.

Despair and Ecstasy is a full-length album comprised of twelve tracks that explore a shadowy outlook on life. However, we do find within this theme some very deep expressions of human emotion that is both gratifying and retrospective in its approach. The album has a lyrical edge that is greatly amplified by Argir’s unique vocal performances and harmonic arrangements.

It is through Despair and Ecstasy that Argir can reinvent many of his life’s moods with pop grooves and exquisite guitar riffs and leads. On the opening track Jumper we are presented with a plush bassline and a sensational drum pattern. This track is filled with electric guitar brilliance. The musical template that is birthed in the first tune contributes greatly to the tracks that follow and forms a foundation of continuity. Songs like Dear You and Gold From Light are sterling examples of Argir’s broad sense of musicality and life in a post-pandemic world.



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