The artistic plight of the world music singer and songwriter known as Dejhare (pronounced Dei-Jhar) is truly remarkable! Her new EP Lovescape reveals the depth of Dejhare’s creative moods. Dejhare is a beautiful songstress that encompasses elements of the blues, jazz, pop, and r&b into a whirlpool of potluck grooves that are both passionate and sophisticated.

Lovescape is a musical journey that covers themes relative to day-to-day life and the challenges of romanticism. The EP is comprised of six tracks that are bound to impress any music lover based on their rich quality of the tracks and the confidence of the vocal performances that Dejhare wonderfully crafts.

We are introduced to Dejhare’s latest work with a song entitled Light Up.  The track’s musical structure and layered groove keep us enthralled with what is next. The second selection is titled Drawn To You and is a total winner. The song follows a similar premise to an earlier Dejhare tune called Don’t let Us Lose, but with a renewed vitality.

Dejhare’s unending creativity continues to bloom in the tracks that follow. The further we get into the new work, the more we appreciate this melodic pathworking as Dejhare’s open-book journal about coming into her own is thrilling to say the least. Ironically, Lovescape concludes with a tune called Going Solo. Like the previous tracks, Going Solo is a nice amalgamation between the analog and digital worlds of instrumentation. The crispness of keyboards, thick basslines, and seemingly bright synth measures are warmly unique. Dejhare’s Lovescape touches on the depth of the soul’s impressions of what love is and can be, while providing us with the core principles to become our best. And it is for this reason that we find Dejhare’s latest release to be a masterpiece of a different sort. Bravo!!

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