Musician, singer, and songwriter Matthew  Austin Hunt has put together a monumental album titled Two. The project is an endless fountain of creativity that is greatly enhanced by the depth of its instrumentation and musical texture. Hunt’s latest effort reveals the continuity of his lifelong love affair with music. His interest in the art stretches back to the days of early childhood when Hunt’s grandfather bought him with a new guitar at the age of seven. Since this time, Hunt has evolved into a phenomenal artist that humbly praises those who came before him along with the sonic influences that he often draws inspiration from like CCR, Bill Withers, and Stevie Wonder to name a few.

Two is a colorful musical journey comprised of ten tracks, which refreshingly flirts along the borders of country and folk-rock, yet stirringly Americana at heart. Hunt builds upon a fabulous foundation of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, solid drumming, and a passionate sense of chorale.

The album begins with a warm and charming called track called Free, a song which I briefly reviewed back in May of 2021. Free’s upbeat premise is an instant winner. Hunt has woven a great melody that is accented with an organ and a sharp drum kit.  Another remarkable selection is Question. This track’s intense drumming is complemented by steel guitar and a vocal performance that lyrically is reminiscent of Dylan in a post-modern way.

Two finds its conclusion embodied in Something Going On. The arrangements found in this melody are tremendous! The musical intensity of the track is quite admirable. It’s a soft-paced two-stepper that is somewhat transcendental but never swerving from its folk-rock tapestry. Set for release on July 30th, 2021, Two by Matthew Austin Hunt is nothing less than a masterpiece.