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Her backyard produces a strong wind of whispers and groping thoughts as she walks down the street. Perhaps this is an experience that would’ve been best discussed before the advent of population control, genderless borders, and synthetic hormones with pronouns that come with their own suffixes. Yet in still, from Moses to Muhammad a fat ass has always been an essential part of every prophet’s journey. So, what happens to a woman’s mind when she becomes conditioned by the attention that she receives? Baby, I love you more than Will Smith loves his youngest son’s best friend’s girlfriend. Amen!

First, we have the hood rat who believes in snatching all the crumbs of flirtatious behavior off every man’s table, only to turn around and treat her boyfriend like a piece of whatever because she’s got options. Now the man has low self-esteem. What’s the resolution?

A woman is the alchemist of the home. If she’s focused and can draw from the wisdom of her ancestors, her role in the home will be like a Catholic nun of domestic living. It’s a devotional path that leads to success. Though difficult at times, the dedication and resolve that it takes to enjoy a successful union begins in the heart and that means we have to each work on ourselves. Not thinking about getting married?

It is a blessing to be born with favorable looks. In many ways, attractive women have a head start in life. Use your gifts wisely. Use your words wisely. And more importantly, use your emotions wisely. You are not your emotions as these energies have a mind of their own at times and should be checked, not identified with as our state of being. That being said, self-confidence is key when it comes to knowing your power and using it to resist influences that will destroy your relationship. Remember, pickup lines are ways of transmitting emotions and shaping impressions that may or may not reach their aim. Be you when it’s really you.

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