In American society, the dysfunctional behavior of males is clearly defined. Examples of this psychological deficiency are abundant throughout the urban community, anything from the sagging jean-wearing thug to the gun-toting hoodlum, who praises every woman that ignores his flirtatious aims by calling her a bitch. Unfortunately, a woman’s maladjusted behavior and the motivations behind are not as clear, which adds to the heap of confusion for many trying to find true love in the hood.

Make no mistake about it, negative stereotypical images also influence and shape the actions of many women who are trying to find themselves, as is the case with the lovely actress Jada Pinkett Smith. While rumors spread about having an open marriage, the Hollywood novelty of Jada and Will Smith has come to surface. After twenty-five years of marriage, Jada Smith admitted to a relationship with August Alsina during her marriage to Will Smith. The couple discussed their issues during a recent “red table” talk that was broadcasted all over the internet. Soon after, the Smith household became a laughingstock, as Jada used the term “entanglement” to describe her romance with August.

Like so many other women, Jada grew up without a father. Perhaps, Will Smith is not only a husband but a stand-in father to his wife. For many women who grew up without a father, there exists certain inner anxiety that often results in a resentful attitude towards men. This generation of women are bound to place a higher value on men who participate in thuggery than in an upright and hardworking man, which greatly offsets the value system of the whole community And in the same manner that Tupac Shakur couldn’t shake the character of Bishop in the movie Juice, so too do we find that Jada hasn’t relinquished her role as Lyric in the movie Jason’s Lyric. And then the stupid shit starts.

Growing up without a father can be extremely challenging, but it is even more cumbersome when you have a fully developed body as a teenage girl. The hood demands that a woman learn the power of her sexuality very quickly, less she becomes reduced to the statistic of single motherhood. Luckily, she may attract the interest of superman, a non-street-smart nemesis, who believes he can rescue this woman and heal her broken heart by just showing her the best that the world has to offer. What woman wouldn’t want to take this ride?

By the time that Superman meets his newfound Lois Lane, she would’ve mastered the art of manipulation as a survival mechanism from growing up in a broken home. Of course, you would think that a woman would respond kindly to home and peaceful settings. Think again. I remembered dating a woman from the Bronx. The first time she stayed at my Long Island home I had to step out for a second. When I got back, all the lights were on in the house and the quietness of the community scared her. If a woman becomes trained in the ways of war, is it really possible for her to adapt to a normal relationship?

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