The spirited folk-rock duo known as One Adam One have released an awesome 5-track EP titled “Where Do I Begin”. Comprised of group members Adam Reichmann and Todd Schnitzer. The two veteran musicians and songwriters have worked together since the 90s, contributing to the success of the country band Nadine. Eventually, the two parted ways and began working on their own individual projects until One Adam One emerged as the duo’s collaborative efforts would be reignited.

Where Do I Begin is a dynamic musical project. The ep is laced with sonic brilliance and enchanting lyricism. The ep opens with its title track, which sets the tone for much of the crisp and organic content that will follow. Everything hereafter is an illustrious recipe of wonderfully crafted compositions and song. Tracks like Platte River and Cold Murmurs show tremendous range and unique innovation of the Americana and folk music genres. Where Do I begin by One Adam One is a musical masterpiece!


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