Multi-talented artist and musician David Arn has really moved to center stage with his new song Not Amused. This well-crafted tune is a nice fusion of country rock and some of folk music’s more progressive elements. David Arn’s creative strivings as a songwriter put Not Amused neatly into an Americana music setting with a melody that screams I was born in this country but live in a bigger world.

Not Amused has certainly inspired a wave of attention. The track spent six weeks on the Euro Indie Hot 100 peaking at number thirteen. Not Amused was mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Alex Wharton with Toby Wilson on guitars. The melodic depth of Not Amused emerges from David Arn’s songwriting style of poetic lyricism and racy grooves, all of which are further enhanced by the music video for the song that was produced by William Murray and Alice Teeple.

Viewers of the music video for Not Amused will walk away knowing its game-changing value, as it stands as an innovative precedent for the methods and technology used in filming music videos. In the Not Amused music video, we get to experience the beloved land of New York City during the Trump Era. What is most impressive about this music video is its ability to capture life as it is and to broadcast these experiences in a dreamlike sequence. To accomplish this, Not Amused was shot in black and white. It appears that some scenes of the video were edited in through a process of overlaid screening, where a scene of the film is shot twice and each segment is then formed into a separate layer. Each layer is adjusted and then merged together in order to make a moving collage effect. At least this is the old school way of doing things. I’m sure that the technology in this area has advanced.

For the most part, the Not Amused music video is able to capture the energy of New York in these days and times through its varying sequences and degrees of life. There are also the panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline and the talented homeless that often exert their skills on subway platforms. This profound collaborative effort was based on William Murray’s visit to New York and David Arn’s music as its soundtrack. In view of such, we are both the viewer and the person behind the camera looking at life through the eyes of how humanity is surviving, still Not Amused.


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