Marie Solimena’s influence and reputation as an actress is growing by the minute. With every play, short film, tv show, feature, she gains new fans and followers, who are mesmerized by her ability to draw the audience into the unique world of every project that she actively engaged.

Her performance in the play “L’Oreste” directed by Oreste Valente and performed in several cities in Italy among whom Portovenere and Genova is a perfect example of Marie’s talent. The show was extremely successful. The audience’s response was nothing short of extraordinary and the stalls area was as busy as ever with people reacting to Marie’s wonderful performance and the depth of the plot.

The atmosphere was just right. The show has always been performed in an open-air theatre in order to convey a more classical and Greek vibe. In addition to Marie’s performance, the mood in the theatre was enchanting and crafted from exceptional lighting, and the perfect audience response, which really brought so much emotion and attention to this very special night.

Once again, Marie proved that she really could own the stage with her remarkable acting skills. She has a natural gift of connecting with people and the audience seems to respond well to her presence. If you want to know what the fuss is all about, be sure to catch one of Marie’s upcoming features! You won’t regret it!

Marie is a young actress from Italy. She is often noted for her commitment and passion for the entertainment industry. Marie is always looking for new inspirational plays and stories to influence people’s lives and is open to any creative collaborations. 

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