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Magan Text

The following posts were written while working on the Magan Text with the intent of providing some insights into The Necronomicon by Simon.

The Sacred Geometry of the Magan Text

Commentaries on the Magan Text

Commentaries On The Magan Text #2

Commentaries On The Magan Text Part 3: The Akashic Records

Commentaries On The Magan Text Part 4: The Divine Trinity

Commentaries On The Magan Text Part 5: The Yin and Yang

The Magan Text Part VI: Of the Forgotten Generations of Man


1 thought on “Magan Text

  1. Hello, I am an Asartu practitioner currently working on the Magan Texts after taking a four year hiatus while stationed in Japan. Before that, through one of my last sessions, one of the spirits I conversed with told me that I needed to strengthen my Astral body before continuing onwards. Because of a current year-long-term, most of my ritual possessions are in storage, and during this time Im hoping to strengthen my Astral bidy to where I can continue from where I left iff after this current tour is over.

    Are there any techniques or known exercises that can strengthen the Astral body which can be practiced daily?

    I hope to receive a response. The blog has been quiet recently regarding the Asartu tradition, and I hope one or two fellow practitioners are still around.

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