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Commentaries On The Magan Text #2

“And surely some Magicians of the country do write them on parchment or clay, or on pottery, or in the air, that they might be efficacious thereby, and that the Gods will remember the words of the Covenant.”

The Mad Arab, in the above quote taken from the Magan Text, notes how the magicians of his time would write the sutras of the text on either clay, pottery, or the air. For those of us who are familiar with ancient mythologies, especially those stemming from Ancient Mesopotamia, we are well aware that the ancients were of the view that man was created from a mixture of the earth and a heavenly spiritual force. We find this to be the case even with the Christian mythos, where Jehovah creates man from the dust of the ground and blows the spirit of life into him. This means that man is a mixture of air and earth. Yet the Magan Text is delving a little deeper into the cosmologies of Man.

The Magan Text mentions that the sutras contained herein were written by the Magician on parchment or clay, pottery, and the air. According to the Qliphotic Tradition, these all have the following correspondences:

1)      Parchment or clay = Earth

2)      Pottery = Water

3)      Air = Life-force energy

This indicates that the Magan Text is a mystical working concerning the alchemy of Man. It explains also one unique aspect of the Necronomicon Tradition and that being initiation by fire, or the works of those of fire. Fire is symbolic of the kundalini force. The kundalini force is very powerful and care must be taken when undergoing these rites, which is why there are so many “warnings” about the Tradition in the Simon Necronomicon’s introductory notes. This is further evidenced by the fact that the Magan text precedes the Urilia Text. The term Urilia or Urilia, means flame of the goddess and concerns itself with the goddess energies, or dark rites. Nothing negatives in a demeaning way just receptive energies. However, before one can work with the Urilia Text, the must be initiated into the ways of air, earth, and water, and thus they are duly prepared to work with those of fire. Prior to this passage, we read the following in the Magan Text:

And the Number of the Lines is Sacred, and the Word are Sacred, and are most potent charms against the Evil Ones.”

The Numbers of the Lines are Sacred meaning that every astronomical change, celestial event, disaster, birth of a child, death, marriage, war, godly blessing, and every situation in life can be calculated and explained using the Magan Text. It is called the Table of Lenki.

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