Summoning Part 7: Spirits of Leo/Lammas

The Tribe of Judah, equivalent to Ea Enki.

The energy of the Lion is that of Fixed Fire, which represents the maintenance of the Holy Flame of On: the Divine Fire GIBIL. Magi are known as “Fire Priests” because they maintain this Lamp of the Eternal in the midst of ordinary life.

The NerGal of Cutha, “Great Lamp of the Infinite”, finds a place in every Jewish synagogue and temple, in the Hebrew equivalent, the Ner Tamid:

The Ner Tamid, symbol of the Priests Who Govern the Works of Fire

Fire is a very powerful and important symbol in both monotheism and polytheism, and has reflected the truths of Divine/Asuric Purity in every age. The hermeticists of ancient times sought to cultivate the Eternal Fire in their works of alchemy, and created a flame that could burn for decades:
Your light and heat are my vision and my eternal comfort,
sustaining the fires of life in the forge of my soul.
Reduce me ashes that my blackness may become the whiteness,
That I may free the fine from the coarse,
the sacred from the profane,
and the truth from all illusions.

Empty me of all that I am not, that I become that I AM.

By the flame that does not burn the flesh but melts the frozen waters,

Held up in the secret places that I can not go.