Producer, singer, and songwriter Matty Marz makes a stunning effort with the release of Nu Eyes. Matty Marz’s musical professionalism and procured craftiness as a vocalist certainly give his music a cutting-edge sound. Musically, Matty Marz is often noted for his musical range and ability to incorporate elements of various genres in a cohesive manner.

Nu Eyes is a 4-track EP that features several variations of the same title. The song has a strong structure and allows the listener to witness some of the best that Matty Marz has to offer. Nu Eyes effectively fuses electronica and pop for a flavorful offering. Nu Eyes totes a positive message of reassurance in one’s ability to achieve life’s desires. The music is vigorous in its undertaking with an underlying warm rhythm. Nu Eyes successfully shines a light on another dimension of Matty Marxz’s talent and creative genius.

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