While Ninzuwu is an ethnicity of its own, membership is open to all with honest intent. In Ninzuwu culture, race is regarded as the religion of the New World Order. It is a result of colonialism that people were put into such categories and when people accept “race” as their reality, they are only taking on the mentality of a colonialist and making it their own.

There is nothing good that comes from the superstitious belief in “race.” It is unfortunate that many adherents of the world’s major religions and their clergy have incorporated such foolishness into their belief-systems. As a result, you have Christians killing Christians over “race.” A police officer gets killed, he is buried in a church. An urban youth gets killed, he is buried in a church. It has gotten to the point where people believe that people it is okay to worship the same god, but you should do it in your own racially divided neighborhood.

Race and racism are inseparable, but also the work of certain wandering spirits. Any religion or belief-system that accepts such a paradigm as their reality is only demonstrating outwardly the low-level energies that guides them. Race is a form of mental-illness.

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  1. truth; all races must end it the concept is self imploding cause your own race (the concept) will end you

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