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Poet Chris Slaughter Shines With A Killer Verse


2 thoughts on “Poet Chris Slaughter Shines With A Killer Verse

  1. Mariah Brown says:

    I was fortunate to meet Chris Slaughter n before that I was given a book of his poems, his words spoke to me like no ones mouth could. At the time I was incarcerated n very young his brilliance inspired me. Thank you Chris for being such a positive role model.

    1. Chris Slaughter says:

      Hey Mariah, this is Chris Slaughter. I just happened to stubble onto this site. I hope all is well with you sis. I’m not sure if I can, or should, leave my contact info her. But I’ll check back periodically to see if you respond. This post made my day…thanks Mariah

      Chris Slaughter

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