Personal Development

Within each civilization and generation are the joys and challenges of life.  Regardless of the condition we are born into, if we develop a regimen for success our lives will greatly improve. The list below is very useful in the development of an empowering lifestyle. All titles are in PDF format and require the use of Acrobat Reader. We hope that you find this service useful. Donations are accepted. Wishing you a great and productive day!


  1. Calm Yourself by George Lincoln Walton
  2. Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend
  3. The Power of Silence by Horatio Dresser
  4. How To Find Your Real Self by Mildred Mann
  5. From Poverty to Power by James Allen
  6. Self-Development and the Way to Power by L W Rogers
  7. The Ideal Made Real by Christian Larson
  8. The Life of the Spirit by Henry Thomas Hamblin
  9. Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion by Emile Coue
  10. Concentration and the Acquirement of Personal Magnetism by O. Hashnu Hara
  11. How To Turn Your Desires and Ideals Into Reality by Brown Landone
  12. Attaining Your Desires by Letting Your Subconscious Mind Work for You by Genevieve Behrend
  13. The Miracle of Tithing by Mark Victor Hansen
  14. The Way of Peace by James Allen
  15. The Power of Thought by Henry Thomas Hamblin
  16. The Enchiridion or Manual by Epictetus
  17. Prosperity Through Thought-Force by Bruce MacLelland
  18. Secrets of Mental Supremacy by W. R. C. Latson
  19. The Creative Process in the Individual by Thomas Troward
  20. The Game of Life and How To Play it By Florence Scovel Shinn
  21. The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy
  22. The Science of getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles