When it comes to class acts, it doesn’t get much better than the songstress Dionyza (pronounced dee-on-juh). Gifted with charm, an enchanting appearance, and raw talent, Dionyza has successfully made her way through life’s pathways onto the world stage of music to be heard and respected for what she has to offer. As the daughter of former Motown songwriters Michael and Brenda Sutton, this soulful diva’s musical roots stretch back to early childhood. Since her youthful beginnings, Dionyza has enjoyed a measure of achievement as a studio veteran, singing backup for Babyface, Christina Aguilera, and John B. Dionyza has developed a strong reputation as an industrious artist in and around the music industry.

Given the depth of her musical history and expertise, it is no surprise that we find Dionyza embarking upon her musical calling with the re-release of her debut album titled Quite Like Me on The Sound of L.A. record label.  Dionyza’s intoxicating voice makes this memento a case of love at first listen. Quite Like Me’s timelessness is further enhanced by its organically clever production. Musically, the album’s song structure and landscape of hip-hop, jazz, and R&B fusion provide a harmonious sense of comfort for listeners.


Quite Like Me opens with the cinematic, yet soulful sounds of I Told Myself. This is a song about an addictive relationship that may not be the best thing, but is too passionate to give up. Sound familiar? I Told Myself is a testimony to Dionyza’s skill as a songwriter and vocalist. As Dionyza paints a picture in song, the driving force of the track is purely irresistible to say the least. If It Kills follows with a “first impression wow” opening. The song’s originality immediately warms the heart. If It Kills brandishes a unique drum pattern with an array of synth and string sounds that puts the audience into the clouds for the heavenly tastes of Dionyza’s chorale extravaganza.

Melodiously putting the candles on the table, Waiting is a heartwarming slow jam made perfect for romantic endeavors. Listeners also get a chance to witness Dionyza’s vocal range on a much deeper level. With lyrical messages and music that both young and old can enjoy, the Quite Like Me album is a crossroads journey of sorts. This attribute is embodied in the rhythms of Give It To Me, a funky gem and spicy groove that is highly inspirational.

The gospel influenced Loving You Whole is the impeccable ear-candy of the day that is too good to be true, but really restores our faith in good music for these days and times. We are led by Dionyza’s grace into a festive mood with Stir It Up. The high-energy sounds of this dance track come as an addicting surprise.

Quite Like Me’s nostalgic sound is made real by its instrumentation. It is for this very same reason that we find Today Will Soon Be Yesterday exceptional in its execution and quality. The album’s title track Quite Like Me* is a scrupulous delight. Filled with a rambunctious soundscape, we cannot help to let our bodies be free and merge with its tempo. Featuring the charms of Timothy Bloom, If This Love Could Be is a delectable duet that is one of the album’s highlights. Dionyza concludes Quite Like Me with the refreshing Practice Makes Perfect. Rather than listing to a collection of love songs, Practice Makes Perfect reveals Quite Like Me’s conceptual perspective of being in a relationship.

Quite Like Me by Dionyza is a masterpiece and one of the best albums of the century. Quite Like Me is a body of work that stands as a template of academic study for inspiring artists and musicians alike. I am grateful to have been introduced to the music of Dionyza Sutton and pray that this talented vocalist receives the greatness that she deserves.





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