I am sure that many of us are happy to be a part of this Tradition and would like to make the best of the workings included in the Simon Necronomicon. It all has a lot to do with approach.


The Spirits in the Simon Necronomicon are indeed primal and are very ancient. So I thought that it may be useful to give a few pointers to those who are new along thins path. This information could also apply to those who have worked with the grimoire for some time.


Some people have made the mistake, self included of burdening the deities with selfish demands. “I want this!” “Or I am conjuring this spirit to get some results for money!” The list can be quite long. However, all of this evades the purpose of which the Greater Mysteries holds the key to, which is perfection of self.


For some reason or another western world has the initiate thinking that magic gives one access to gaining something in ones day-to-day life. This is far from the truth. The practice of magic is to perfect oneself and to honor the Ancient Gods which have long been abandoned due to the advent of the Abrahamic faiths. Asking for “stuff” is like someone going to the bank and begging for a dollar. Most of what we seek to accomplish can be gained by simple work. It is useful to give our intent in the process, but it should not be the aim of invocation in itself. Simon speaks about this in the Necronomicon’s Introduction:


“Yet, he must remember that the occult powers that accompany magical attainment are ornamental only, indications of obstacles overcome on the Path to Perfection, and are not to be sought after in themselves, for therein lies the truth Death.”


It is first important that the Initiate focuses on his/her initiation, nothing more, and nothing less. All will be provided and protected on this perilous course, but by taking this path we can get to know a spiritual family that is a part of heritage. What do we really think about beggars on the street? Really? What do we think of them? Some stranger asking us for stuff. Now imagine a person just picking up the Necronomicon and asking a spirit to grant those wishes that they should try to figure out on their own. Like you don’t even know Shazu, but your willing to believe that by summoning him he can give you powers of divination. Slow down. First learn to make friends with these spirits by Walking the gates. GateWalking is a journey. It is priceless, but we must first learn discipline by the deities themselves and adjust our paths to that of the gods, which is purity. For you to find favor of a deity you must first aspire to be like one. Develop habits that reflect the nature of the gods when they walked the earth. Make sure that your home is clean. Invest in proper hygiene. Develop a good work ethic. Try to cleanse your body as much as possible. Pray, not to beg, but to communicate with a Spirit as you would a friend. Do you find yourself only calling your friends when you need something? If so, how long would you expect to keep those sorts of friendships?


Keep a journal. Be able to keep track of the planets and see what messages they bring into your home life. If you only conjure these deities in hopes to fulfill a desire then you will only be empowering the desire, not yourself.


After an extended period of time one can sort out how to approach certain spirits but that comes into play after a relationship is established with them. I hope this answers some of the questions that you may have asked yourself before reading this post.


Be well

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  1. Spot on! Too many would-be Magicians approach the Deities and Spirits without the proper respect and with wrong intentions. Beware your folly, Practitioner! The Gods and Goddesses we worship were already ancient when the World was still young and should always be treated with the proper respect, for we are their servants…

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