I thought that I would post a customer review that I recently stumbled upon about the Simon Necronomicon that appeared on Amazon:


“My Reiki teacher gave me a copy of the Necronomicon, he was telling me how it had all kinds of power and told me just to read it, but not mess with it……i opened it up, and i almost fell over. The WHOLE book is entirely Sumerian!! I mean everything….i was almost laughing histerically. It even has the entire Enuma Elish in it as a “story of past events that shouldnt be forgotten”….., and to the reader who is unaware of the what the Enuma Elish really is, will take it as some real deities or ‘gods’ who faught a magical battle of evil vs. good. Oh my goodness… funny!! To the person who knows what the Enuma Elish is, there wont be anything magical about it….it is simply a record of events on how our solar system was created. This is what is commonly called “encoded”. Meaning, to the uninitated it reads like a story to be taken literly…and maybe to be worshipped and becomes “magical”. To the initiated….it reads as a record of events that one wishes to pass on to the next generation. It it the ultimate tool in mind control…..your history and truth also doubles as the masses prison religion. The bible is also encoded. William Shakespears plays are also encoded (Which were written by several Freemason types who just used Shakespears name).

But what i find most fascinating is this direct connection between belief and reality. If you 100% believe something is true….then it is true! If you believe, to the core of your being, that the Necronomicon is true….that it can open doors to “evil” beings, then it will come true! It is the thought that manifests reality….not the other way around. If or when one worships something like the Necronomicon…one is manifesting the energy of the planets of our solar system…..which are incredibly strong, to create this belief one holds, but the individual is unaware of the energy being accessed. There is a fourth dimensional force at work trying to suppress our 3rd, and they have many tools at their disposal. Worshipping the Necronomicon WILL open a gate to this consciousness…and guess what….so does the bible. The bible and the necronomicon come from the same source!! They are two sides of the same coin.

All religions and any religious belief system has come from the same source…..Sumer, like it or not….. “

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In Eternal Service of the Simon Necronomicon Tradition. I wish all our readers a good day!

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