T.C Downey rises to new heights after leaving the Cult of Cthuhlu

T.C Downey rises to new heights after leaving the Cult of Cthuhlu

People probably remember the story of the Beatles breakup, where everyone was concerned about how Ringo Starr would fair in his solo career. Come to find out Ringo had quite a successful career in the post-Beatles era of the 1970’s, if not the best. T.C. Downey experienced somewhat a similar situation after leaving Venger Satanis’ Cult of Cthulhu, but I must say that Downey, a.k.a. the Beast, has been a powerful force behind many concepts enjoyed by Fourth Way Initiates, Left-Hand Practitioners, Magicians, Mystics, Satanists, Simon Necronomicon Practitioners, and many others.

Over the past few years, T.C Downey has been very instrumental in creating mediums that allow the novice and the adept to acquire information and interact on common ground. One example of this is The Ooze Blog Talk Radio station, which can be accessed at the following link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theooze. Earlier this year, Papers in the Attic had a chance to talk with “Beast Xeno” (T.C. Downey) in a very insightful interview, wherein Downey modestly mentions the following:

“I don’t think I’ve come across any school of thought that, I did not think was beneficial. Even the ideologies I’ve rejected have taught me something about myself and what animates me. If you are asking what schools of thought are relevant to my personal philosophy then I’ve a short list for you. 

1. Satanism (this one might need omitting given the structure of the question)
2. Luciferianism
3. Alchemy (Hermetics in general)
4. The Fourth Way
5. Chaos Magick
6. Discordianism
7. Nero Linguistic Programming
8. Tsun Tzu’ian Philosophy
9. Plato
10. Milton Erickson
11. Immanuel Kant
12. Phil Hine
13. Emanationism
14. Crowley

 I am currently getting interested in Vedic Philosophy. Looking up at the list I gave, I almost feel like; I’m doing all of the other great thinkers an injustice. The likes of Howard Bloom, David Myatt, Albert Pike, Sigmond Freud, Thomas Paine, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and so many others are missing. For a long time now, I have been sifting the River of Knowledge; occasionally turning up some nuggets of golden inspiration.”

This interview can be read in its entirety by clicking on the following link: http://warlockasyluminternationalnews.com/2011/02/12/warlock-asylums-interview-with-beast-xeno-t-c-downey-host-of-the-ooze/. It is clearly evident that Downey leaves no stone unturned. Another amazing contribution to the occult community that involved Downey is the Satanic International Network. Recently, I had the honor of interviewing Satanic legend Zach Black, the mastermind behind S.I.N., which can be found at www.satanicinternationalnetwork.com, had this to say:

“The creator and visionary behind the Ooze T.C. Downey ( Beast Xeno )  approached me on YouTube. We developed a friendship . And over time the Ooze developed new co-host and I was one of them for a while.  Beast Xeno also helped me create Satanic International Network. Without his help it would not exist.

For those who remember, the infamous Necronomicon Debate between Jason King and Warlock Asylum could not have happened, if it weren’t for Downey’s involvement. We should also keep in mind that during the “trash Venger Satanis era,” which ended only a few months ago, Downey used the time to interview some very interesting and intelligent scholars, such as Dan Harms. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theooze/2010/12/18/highlight-edition–dan-harms

This mystical visionary has commonly been associated with another ambitious one, Jason Sorrell. Together they have worked on quite a few successful projects. Readers should be please to know that The Man Of 2011 has contributed yet another medium which explores Fourth Way Thought and related ideas in a new blog page; Eminent Mind. Necronomicon Practitioners and LHPers will the information presented here extremely important to the spiritual development. We are asking our readership to explore the information presented here in conjunction to the various exercises that they may employ for their spiritual development. I will be contributing some articles to the pages as well. Please take the time to review Eminent Minds at http://www.eminentmind.info/

Although we make little mention of it, later in the fall of 2011, T.C Downey, Kenneth Grant, and Dan Harms will be inducted in the Necronomicon Tradition’s Hall of Fame, for their work in the advancement of occult studies. It is during this time that we will also be sending out the Necronomicon Tradition’s Practitioner of the Year Award to Mr. Downey. We encourage all of our readers to send their regards to Mr. Downey, as congratulations are in order. We would like to also welcome T.C. Downey to the Papers in the Attic blog page. Excellent work!!!!

11 thoughts on “T.C. Downey Of Eminent Mind: The Necronomicon Tradition’s 2011 Man of the Year Award Winner

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      It is well deserved!

  1. Congratulations with your achievements Mr. Downey!
    My regards, nightcaller.

  2. The Ringo Starr of watery knowledge… Yeah, ok. I’ll buy that.

    However, until T.C. has self-published a book or taught an actual school or has done something else substantial post-Cult of Cthulhu besides expanding our talk radio show and help build websites… I shall endeavor to remain unimpressed, no matter his great potential.


  3. Nicole Goudy says:

    Poor V.S. your were Left out again in the shining Path of recognition. To my love..,congratulations, From what I can see you do not need a self-published book glorifying you,or your contribution to The Left hand Path. I applaud your peers for their understanding of what you want to accomplish with Eminent Mind.

  4. black jack says:

    I am a reader of Necronomicon from Portugal. Very excited to find this site! Very happy for TC Downey of Eminent Mind! Someday I too may be Necronomicon Man of the Year!

    I have question about this===> I shall endeavor to remain unimpressed, no matter his great potential.

    What does -endeavor- mean? Is it -to try-? Why would a man -to try to remain unimpressed-? Is not unimpressed yes or no? Not try? Does VS not want to be impressed and why is VS so small minded if true. My English not so good. Is word for this -bitch-?

  5. Endeavor does indeed mean “try” in this sentence, Black Jack.

    Your English isn’t that bad!

    You should obtain a dictionary that translates from English to your own language.
    It’s a very handy tool!

  6. Venger Satanis doesn’t seem to realise that gaining recognition doesn’t require putting a name on a book, or something likewise which shows one’s accomplishments to the world. Self-publishing a book doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a good writer. There are many crappy works out there! The same it is with teaching a school.
    I once bested a self-proclaimed Sensei. This individual was teaching a group of beginners who were completely ignorant of the errors in his teachings. After commenting on his errors he decided to teach me a lesson and challenged me to combat. Fortunately my own Sensei had taught me well. This “teacher” ended up disgraced, losing most of his pupils. He wore his black belt like he deserved it (to show his status), but he didn’t possess the skills that are required at such a grade.

  7. NightCaller… I really wish there was a like button for comments… Because you’ve hit the nail on the head, MERIT happens only when it is recognized and I’m not seeking any recognition, nor am I staking some ‘teacher’ claim. I’m no guru, I would not want to be anyone’s mentor.. I will however be your ally, friend, and confidant. If I see you slipping or think I know something to make life a little easier.. I’ll share it. I hope you’d do the same for me.

  8. You can count on that Mr. Downey! We are all connected through our Workings and our interests, and we can all learn from each other. It’s a shame that Venger Satanis seems to be so envious of your accomplishments. Envy is a worthless and destructive emotion which I consider to be a great flaw in the human design. Instead we should be glad for the individuals who are more advanced, because in doing so we allow ourselves to learn from such individuals. By the way, if a great and knowledgeable individual like Warlock Asylum speaks so highly of you, then you most certainly deserve it!

    May the DinGir smile on you and your Workings!

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