I would like to thank all of our readers who have supported the NECRONOMICON GATEWALKER’S INFO PAGE. It has been a pleasure sharing some of the information concerning the deeper aspects of the Simon Necronomicon Tradition with you.


I began writing this page as a resource for those individuals who are engaged in the workings of the Simon Necronomicon. Over the past few months I even had the pleasure of participating in a debate with author/writer Dan Harms, and I extend my thanks to him and his staff for sharing with us some of the many insights from the Lovecraft Necronomicon Tradition.


Recently, I have noticed a growing fascination among new occultist with the Simon Necronomicon, which I am very happy to see. Along with this renewed interest in the Necronomicon, I am also seeing a wide range of discontent by those who may have tried to work with the grimoire and were unsuccessful, or those who have not taken the time to research the material, so I decided that I would list a few quick notes for the newcomer who would like to gain the most out of their experience with the Simon Necronomicon.


First, I would like to note that the Simon Necronomicon is not an instruction manual for Chaos Magic. I believe that it is due to pure laziness that someone would come up with an idea such as this. Every magical textbook or grimoire should be research thoroughly and not to be read on face value. In order for the novice to get the most out of any information, he/she,  has to measure it up against the template, in which the grimoire claims to get its power from. For example, Christians use the Bible as a measuring stick when reading any information that is said to be inspired by the Christian Mythos. Jews use the Torah and Muslims use the Qur’an. The Simon Necronomicon tradition and writings should also be analyzed under the same measuring stick, and the template to use is the very same source, in which the book claims to gain its power from- Ancient Mesopotamia.


I have seen people fall under the path of illusion by assuming that the information in the Simon Necronomicon is just made up randomly. This theory presents a few problems. First, it gives the idea that anybody can write a grimoire, which is completely idiotic.

I have seen so many miscalculations by those inexperienced ones rambling in the so-called ‘wisdom.’ I have also seen the words that people use in their Google searches to find my page, yet these inexperienced ones fail to understand that true initiation is a learning process, and also the greatest teacher. All one has to do is learn about the culture and religion of Ancient Mesopotamia, but more importantly develop a relationship with the Deities, or energies that the Chaldeans worked with. This is where things begin to move from an aspect of logic to knowing. I am sure that our relationships with our loved ones are indeed logical in some ways, but their uniqueness comes from that which is not logical, and what I am speaking about is not a visit to some fantasy land or what have you. Yet it is the same with the energies that work behind the Simon Necronomicon. When we build a relationship with these ‘deities’ they will teach us things far beyond what a Google search can. It is just like our relationship with our parents. We use logic to validate and magic to open up communication with our spiritual guides.


The second mistake that I have seen amongst these inexperienced ones, is assuming that the magical path is the path to power. Anyone who claims that you can gain something through occultism is looking to use you as some sort of pawn. The purpose of Occult Studies is to discover how to work with the hidden natural laws of science. If you think that inventing a light bulb is power then more power to you. This path is also for those who are born Nephilim. The Nephilimic Tradition is one that I will write about in the future though it has existed for thousands of years and this tradition is what keeps the veil between those who understand the Simon Necronomicon and those who don’t


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