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I wanted to expand a little about our discussion concerning the Urilla Text. It seems that this Text has been viewed with a lot of negativity by GateWalkers who are not aware of the rites involved. This is usually due to the misconception of thinking that the Elder Gods are NOT the Ancient Ones. Simon stated in Dead Names that there are blinds and traps in the Necronomicon, but he stated that these were put into place so that the Initiate doesn’t harm himself through the misuse of power. These are not blinds and traps to confuse the Initiate like some jigsaw puzzle. Simon knew that this system is extremely powerful. Simon was also aware of people’s tendency to display emotional sympathy for the “good guy” first, as opposed at logically looking into actual core of information. This emotional conviction causes the reader to falsely associate themselves with “good” without realizing that they are “bad.” Sadly for those of us who feed into this sort of thinking we become no different than Christians who worship Jesus with a Pagan name. Think about it. Things such as pride and envy, and lack of humility, laziness in pursuit of the Greater Mysteries will only cause the Initiate confusion and a “false” knowledge that is only matched by the stupidity that comes out of their mouths when they testify about having a relationship with “gods” that have deceived them. You can hear it in their testimonies that contradict all the mythologies and attributes of the said deity, and it is for these reasons that the workings of the Urilla Text will remain aloof to the Initiate until he/she walks the Gate of Tiamat. This is mentioned by the Mad Arab throughout the Necronomicon. Notice what is mentioned in the Book of Calling:



“After these, the Spirits of the seven Spheres may be invoked to advantage, after the Priest has already trod their Ways after the manner of the Walking. After the Priest has gained Entrance to the gate of NANNA, he may summon the Spirits of that Realm, but not before. These things you will learn in the course of your journey, and it is not necessary to put it all down here, save for a few noble formulae”



The above passage indicates that we are not to call upon a spirit of a Sphere until we have Walked that Sphere. This is also true of the Gate of Tiamat. The Mad Arab describes the Gate of Tiamat in his first Testimony:



“I have traveled among the stars, and trembled before the Gods. I have, at last, found the formulae by which I passed the Gate ARZIR, and passed into the forbidden realms of the foul IGIGI.”


The term ARZIR is made up of two parts, AR meaning Plough or Ara, a reference to the Big Dipper and ZIR meaning light or starry. Thus, the Mad Arab was referring to the Stars of the Big Dipper Constellation. This is probably why Gates of the Necronomicon was written about these Stars, simply because these are the Stars we are Walking as all of our rituals face North. Jake Stratton-Kent made the following observation:


“In the Solomonic ‘Black Book’ known as ‘the Testament of Solomon’ the Persian Counterpart of Set – Aeshma-Daeva, known in Demonology as Asmodai or Asmodeus – is also identified with Ursa Major. Deep in antiquity the seven demons of Sumeria (and later Babylonia and Assyria) were identifed with this constellation. Idpa (Fever), Namtar (Magician of the Underworld), Utuk (Spirit), Alal (Destroyer), Gigim (Spirit), Relal (Wicked Demon/Warrior) and lastly Uruku (Larvae). These were the great demons of the Middle East at that time.

These demons were associated with the archetypal seven heads of the Dragon, Ursa Major being conceived as part of the constellation Draco. Apep, the Seven-Headed Dragon of Egypt has been identified with Tiamat, the Great Dragon of Sumeria,”



Now we can understand why all of the deities in the Book of Calling are also references to these forces. Notice what is stated at the onset of the Book of Calling:


“THIS is the Book of the Ceremonies of Calling, handed down since the time the Elder Gods walked the Earth, Conquerors of the Ancient Ones.
This is the Book of NINNGHIZHIDDA, Horned Serpent, the Lady of the Magick Wand.
This is the Book of NINAXAKUDDU, The Queen, Mistress of the Incantations.
This is the Book of ASALLUXI, the King, the Lord of Magick.
This is the Book of AZAG, the Enchanter.
This is the Book of EGURA, the Dark Waters of ABSU, Realm of ERESHKIGAL, Queen of Death.
This is the Book of the Ministers of Knowledge, FIRIK and PIRIK, the Demon of the Snake-Entwined Magick Wand and the
Demon of the Thunderbolt, Protectors of the Arcane Faith, the Most Secret Knowledge, to be hidden from those not of us,
from the uninitiated.
This is the Book of ASARU, the Eye on the Throne.
This is the book of USHUMGALLUM, Mighty Dragon, born of HUBUR, of the Battle Against the Elder Gods.
This is the Book of ENDUKUGGA and NINDUKUGGA, Male and Female Monsters of the Abyss, of the Claws like
Daggers and the Wings of Darkness.
This is further the Book of NAMMTAR, Chief among the Magicians of ERESHKIGAL.
This is the Book of the Seven Demons of the Ignited Spheres, of the Seven Demons of the Flame.
This is the Book of the Priest, who governeth the Works of Fire!”


We can see from the above quote that the Initiation Process in the Simon Necronomicon is concerning forces that rule the Underworld. We have discussed this at length in our previous blogs. Now we can see that these workings are a safer way to work with the Tiamat energy. This is proven when we compare the above quote with some verses that are found in the URILLA TEXT.:



“This is the Book of the Ministers of Knowledge, FIRIK and PIRIK, the Demon of the Snake-Entwined Magick Wand and the
Demon of the Thunderbolt,
Protectors of the Arcane Faith, the Most Secret Knowledge,
to be hidden from those not of us,
from the uninitiated.”



Now when we compare this to a portion of what is revealed in the Urilla Text, it makes more sense and confirms our findings thus far:



“These incantations are said by the hidden priests and creatures of these powers, defeated by the Elders and the Seven Powers, led by MARDUK, supported by ENKI and the whole Host of IGIGI; defeaters of the Old Serpent, the Ancient Worm, TIAMAT, the ABYSS, also called KUTULU the Corpse-ENKI, yet who lies not dead, but dreaming; he whom secret priests, initiated into the Black Rites, whose names are writ forever in the Book of Chaos, can summon if they but know how.”


“The terrible offspring of the Ancient Ones may be summoned by the priest. These offspring may be called and adjured to perform what tasks the priest may deem necessary in his temple. They were begotten before all ages and dwelt in the blood of KINGU, and MARDUK could not altogether shut them out. And they dwell in our country, and alongside our generations, though they may not be seen. And this was taught by the priests of Babylon, who charged that these formulae may never be revealed to anyone who is not initiated into our ways, for to do so would be the most frightful error.

Though they dwell beyond the Gate, they may be summoned when MARDUK is not watchful, and sleeps, on those”


This understanding will only make itself evident to those who are truly initiated by the deities and forces written about in the Simon Necronomicon. For others, they will keep Walking until they can get a grasp on these things, or they may not. In such cases disapproval by the gods will cause these ones to misinterpret what they have learned, which will lead them to a path of disillusionment and harm.


Be Well