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The Term “African-American” Is Just Another Way of Saying The N-Word

It’s sad, and in some ways, quite laughable. I just shake my head in disbelief every time I hear someone who claims “African-American” heritage trying to eradicate the use of the n-word. I don’t use the n-word and I do not describe myself as an “African-American” because these terms are really just two sides of the same coin.

Have you ever really looked at the term “African-American?” Read the term from right to left and you will see that it is just a mantra, which takes the individual claiming such heritage through the middle passage, when all you were was just an “n-word.” That’s all an “African-American” is. See people never really want to hit the cause of a problem at its root, but just complain about the problem itself.

This mantra “African-American” came into use heavily during the early-1990’s. Before this time, the “n-word” wasn’t used heavily, in the media, or in the streets. This means that the term “African-American” has a subliminal, subconscious connotation that is absorbed by the youth of today. Black-on-Black crime has risen to great proportions ever since the term “African-American” has come to rise.

It was a stupid idea, in my opinion, for some black people to even adopt this term. No forms were given out, giving you a choice in the matter. The term “African-American” sounds like a fan page for people who didn’t want to see the Cosby Show end. To me, being black, was and still is a unique label among nations. It has no origin and is not attributed to any land mass. It is this quality that resembles the creator the most. Instead, a few educated fools, in need of being like all the other “children” with ethnic labels, decided to jump the gun and put it out in the media. Being African-American is just another way of saying “I’m not black, I’m Puerto Rican” with a little James Brown at the end. It’s stupid!

A lot of ethnic groups could fall under the banner of “being black.” However, now that a few people left being Black behind in order to become an African-American, other ethnic groups that were involved in the Black Experience are now separated from African-Americans and these “educated coons” can now feel good that they have an ethnicity all to their own. Stupid fools!

A Negrito Family in Thailand
A Negrito Family in Thailand

Just look at the Negritos. I am attaching a picture in this article. When you look at the Negrito, they appear to have African features. However, the Negritos are the most genetically distant population from the Africans. Negritos mainly inhabit Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Pacific islands. It believed by some scholars that they also inhabited North America. The point is that this idea that all black people come from Africa is a farce, but does support the Christian Church theories as far as the origin of man, being that people had to come from one central place. Instead of the true reality that populations of man sprouted up almost simultaneously around the world.

African-American is a mantra taking you through the middle passage as you read the word from left to right. That’s all it is! It’s the N-word for the New Age and anybody identifying with the term. You mean to tell me that a people can be dumbed-down to the point where they are acting like a five-year old child running to the teacher because one of their classmates used a bad word? African-American is a mantra taking you through the middle passage as you read the word from left to right. That’s all it is!

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