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Many people across the Occult Community, and GateWalkers alike have often wondered what place does the Simon Necronomicon have with Enochian Magic?. Contrary to the opinion of critics who try to label the Simon Necronomicon as a hoax, the Tome was actually a method of self-initiation into Enochain Magick. Before the Simon Necronomicon was published, Simon had a very unique reputation as being very skilled in Enochian Magick.  Alan Cabal is one of the few people who witnessed the secret process of how the Simon Necronomicon was created. Although Mr. Cabal seems to express some resentment about the Simon Necronomiconm he did admit the following in a New York Press Article entitled The Doom that Came to Chelsea:

“Into this bubbling swamp of spiritual feducitystepped Peter Levenda, aka “Simon” Charming, soft-spoken and aloof, well-versed in all aspects of occult theory and practice…..and showed a genuine knack for clarifying and elucidating such baroque encrypted arcana as John Dee’s Enochain magic system in such a way as to make it understandable even to a novice.”

Many critics of the Simon Necronomicon often point to this article in their failed attempts to prove that the grimoire is a hoax. Yet these same critics fail to observe how even Simon’s enemies respected his skill in the Occult Arts. I am surprised that critics of the Simon Necronomicon never took the time to ask themselves why would someone so skilled in the Occult Arts be involved in a hoax? What these critics fail to realize is that someone so skilled in the Occult Arts  wouldn’t produce a product that would corrupt the same arts that they are so involved in. Simon was an adept in the system of Enochian Magick and because of such, Simon was also aware of the pitfalls in the Enochian System, one being Initiation into the System. It was with this reason that Simon created the grimoire we know today as the Simon Necronomicon.

While Herman Slater and others on the Simon Necronomicon team may have looked at it from another perspective the real Magus in the group was Simon, and if Slater was going to fund the project, then  Simon would use this as an opportunity to address the process of Self-Intiation into the Enochian Current. Evidence of this can be found in the book entitled Gates of The Necronomicon.  It is in Gates of the Necronomicon that Simon reveals that it was Slater who injected the Lovecraft asthetics into the Tome, notice what Simon mentions on page 24:

“Simon had never read any of the Lovecraft opus prior to seeing the Necronomicon…,(page 25) It was Herman Slater who described the book’s importance to Simon.”

The above quote indicates that Simon didn’t inject the Lovecraft theme into the SN, it was Herman Slater. This also shows us that the idea of the Simon Necronomicon being  a fabricated hoax, wasn’t  Simon’s intention, but a way for him to reconcile certain problems he found int he Enochian System of magick. Simon admits this on page 30:

“Much has been written and discussed within the occult groups and publications concerning the Enochian system of magick…Unfortunately, there were errors in the Causabon volume. These errors were compounded by a few misperceptions by Mathers and perpetuated by Israel Regardie….(page 31 ) Once the initiates had passed beyond a certain level in their theory and practice, the system seemed to short-circuit on them….The System itself was flawed and, in view of this author, dangerous especially to those most able to take advantage of it: that is, dangerous to those with sensitivity and sincerity required to Master the System and to become Magi….That said let us investigate what all of this has to do with the  Nexcronomicon”

Here we can see Simon’s overview of the Enochian System and possibly some of his perspective when he began working with Slater on the Simon Necronomicon. It would indeed be logical that Simon could make such an observation since Alan Cabal, who later criticized the Simon Necronomicon, mentioned in the New York Press article that we discussed earlier, that Simon was highly-versed in Enochian Magick.  Simon evidently points out some flaws that he saw in the “System” of Enochian Magick, which evidently he sought to correct by creating a Initiatory Structure for the Enochian System-the result was the Simon Necronomicon. Will will discuss in an upcoming article how the Simon Necronomicon is to be used with the Enochian Current

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