Before leaving work today, I thoughtthat it would be nice to expand on the topic of the Simon Necronomicon’s connection to Enochian Magic. I had the opportunity this afternoon to visit one of the great resource in the Enochian World- EVOCATION MAGIC. This is a wonderful website where one can gain some good insights into the world of Enochian Magic. I had a chance to speak with Adept Vovin and another Adept Igdvl73, and they shared some useful perspectives concerning the Enochian System of Magic. From their observations and being familiar with both the Necronomicon and Enochian Currents, the energies behind the Systems are different, and should be treated as two different Magical Systems.

Both of these Adepts were of the understanding that while Simon may have been a good pratitioner of Enochian Magic and used its principles in development of the Simon Necronomicon, the current of energy is different and what is gleemed from the both systems rains upon the pratitioner of either system in a different way. This perspective was also share with me by one of my students/ So for those of you who have read the previous article concerning the Enochian-Necronomicon Connection, know that the Systems are different even though Simon wrote the Necronomicon using some elements and principles he discovered while working with Enochian Magic. We will explore some of these principles inour next article.

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