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For those of us who are regular readers of the Page I am sure that you are more than familiar with the debates that have been staged between Dan Harms and myself. I am sure that many of our readers may at times wonder why these debates have continued? And what is the purpose of these debates? Initially, I thought it would be a good idea since most of the Simon Necronomicon debunkers echo the thesis that Dan Harms has presented in his wonderful work-the Necronomicon Files.  I am sure that Dan Harms could make more money for copyright infringements due to the copied information from his book that appears across numerous websites, than from the sales of the book itself. Its good to see that Harms has influenced so many people, but it is also sad that people are so dis empowered that they cannot formulate there own thesis. Yet I must admit on the opposite side of the coin, the GateWalker should be active in creating resources  to share their experiences. If people who are not working with the grimoire can fund websites to bash the Simon Necronomicon system, then why can’t GateWalkers do the same thing for those who support the Simon Necronomicon System? This is just my opinion. Sometimes an offering is best made to a god/goddess  by investing money in a virtual Temple that is formed by the Practitioner and in so doing their work aids in helping people understand how the system works. The Dan Harms Machine  has started its engine again by making a response to comment I made on a previous post, which can be seen here

I have no objections to any of the views that Harms or his Congress make concerning our spiritual path. I realize that most people adhere to a certain doctrine or spiritual practice after the opposition to it has ceased. Everyone is talking about the Knights Templar, Freemasons, Druids, and etc now, but would they have claimed these paths as there own when these groups were being persecuted? Probably not. Today, the GateWalker of the Simon Necronomicon is involved in a tradition that is not popular amongst the majority of people. It is not a Path that the New Age Culture  is happy to hear about. Some have asked me, why the Simon Necronomicon System is sounpopular? Well, besides the popularity of the Dan Harms thesis, there is something that Dan Harms may have not noticed. I have read about and been involved in many traditions before the Simon Necronomicon Tradition, including Gurdjieff, Buddhism, Sufism and Quantum Physics amongst others. However, with the advent of Wicca and a whole bunch of groups that parakeet legendary traditions, like the new Knights Templar, or the New Essences,  all these groups claim to be an extension of legendary traditions, which I find to be nothing more than a New Age form of Christianinty with Pagan aesthetics!  Today’s Occult Community is made up of organizations that compete for members. What usually happens is that the people who subscribe to these groups feel content only with being a member and are usually never able to establish a relationship with the actual energies that are revered. Occultism is the study of the emotional energies and how it can be used to affect reality. This emotional process has become replaced, not with a balance of logic, but with logical concepts that have no emotional charge.  Due to this perspective that now exits in the Occult Community, most of these groups have no magickal power and work more as a social network for people who respect a legendary magical system that did have power in the past. This is the real problem for those who have issues with  it, and those who don’t see this are those who are blind to this whole process.

I have no hidden animosity against the Dan Harms Machine. I am happy that he is able to pursue his path and assist others who have the same perspective. However, besides the logical debates that we have, I see something else beneficial in the written essays that we have made concerning each others perspectives-that is religious and spiritual freedom. Despite the notorious crimes that the Abrahamic Religions are guilty of, as seen from a brief overview of history, even critics of these faiths do not question there existence in a legal sense. The arguments that Dan Harms has presented in his essays, seem to suggest that the Simon Necronomicon should be banned. If Harms is successful in this, it could happen with other occult systems as well.

There is still much work to do in the Necronomicon Tradition, whether it is the Lovecraft Tradition, or the Simon Tradition, or the Tyson Tradition. Regardless of the Tradition, they still come from the same foundation, even in part.  Understanding the Simon Necronomicon Tradition cannot be done if one has not read Lovecraft. So regardless of the Tradition we all have some of the same foundation in our lineage.

Finally, I see no reason why Harms is alarmed that a GateWalker who has experience the forces of the Ancient Ones would feel engaged by his follies. Maybe Harms is being used in a negative way by them. Maybe he is being used in a positive way by them. We’ll see! What I can say though is that I do not fear what people are saying across the Internet.  My fear is the focus placed by those who think that it is dangerous. If these critics are writing essays to weaken any misunderstanding about what could be misinterpreted-that is fine. However, while I have made a friend in Dan Harms, I must ask him, how does he sleep at night? How can Harms sleep peacefully at night knowing that the legacy he is leaving behind, is one that could be blocking primordial energy from coming into our world The more people Dan Harms has convinced one less person that will not be calling upon those ancient, some modern, deities. I am sure Harms will have an answer for us soon. In view of all that has been stated in my this essay, I can only wonder what delight Harms takes in criticising those who are establishing a modern spiritual practice by incorporating ancient and modern deities? I guess the Dan harms Machine is much like the IRS, where it ignore Corporate crime to go after the Small Business owner. Dan harms in his recent post is trying to justify his evasion of criticising the Abrahamic Faiths that are guilty of mass murder. He would rather build his legacy by attacking  the True Occultist who was never popular in any phase of history.  I am sure that the Dan Harms Machine  has an answer for all of this. Harms feels that he is justified in propagating that the Simon Necronomicon is a hoax. I have asked Harms to Walk the Gates and experience the energies for himself and he has denied the offer. 🙂 While Dan Harms seems to convince his followers that he is conducting some sort of sincere research in his examination of the Simon Necronomicon, much like an adolescent with a video camera attending the set of a porn movie, Harms has never interviewed any Practitioner of the Simon Necronomicon. Why hasn’t he done so? Maybe the Dan Harms Machine is afraid to admit the errors they have made in the past, time will tell. For now though, I must commend Harms on his endurance when it comes to practicing what he believes to be real. I wish there were more people in the world like him.

While Harms is struggling to answer the question that have come up in this discussion, there is another question that arises in all of this and probably the most difficult one to answer, DanHarms along with John Wisdom Gonce III, have stated on various occasions that they wrote the Necronomicon Files with the idea of clearing Lovecraft’s name of any harm brought to it by the Simon Necronomicon, yes Dan I heard the radio show all those years ago. If this was the spirit behind creating the Simon Necronomicon, then why wasn’t writers such as August Derleth, Robert Bloch, and others also held in review for where they may have taken some of the Lovecraft entities as opposed to what Lovecraft wrote about them? Although the Dan Harms Machine can be very witty at times, it a shame that it doesn’t possess that same magickal energy that the Big Red Machine once had when Pete Rose stole first base, but then again maybe it does, and maybe that is why it has gotten as far as it has. Regardless, of our differing perspectives, Dan Harms has become related to the Simon Necronomicon Tradition and in a way we are both connected to it. if you type in the words “simon Necronomicon” you will find more information appearing in the search engines that is Harms’ influenced than the Necronomicon itself. So even though we disagree we are still connected. Life is a bitch

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