It seems that the ongoing dialogue between Dan Harms and Warlock Asylum has proven to be a useful tool in uncovering massive amounts of information about the Necronomicon Tradition, as well as, uncovering hidden knowledge contained within the pages of the Cthulhu Mythos. Recently, Warlock Asylum revealed H.P. Lovecraft’s involvement in the occult in this post: 

Occultist H.P. Lovecraft\’s Initiation Into The Black Brotherhood 

This started a new dialogue between Harms and Asylum, who as friends agree to disagree. Basically, Harms represents the uninitiated (though rumor has it, Harms himself is initiated) perspective that H.P. Lovecraft was just a materialist who was able to write some amazing work, which was inspired by research and a broad imagination. Dan Harms recently explained his perspective once again in a commented he posted under this article: 

Ben Nixx Lends The Dan Harms Machine A Helping Hand 

“I think that Lovecraft was a talented writer with a vivid dream life and a great knowledge of mythology, especially of the Classical variety. Using these gifts, he was able to write stories that tap into themes that have resonated with a large group of people across distance and time. 

Why those themes have that resonance is the open question to which I am still considering my answer. 

I’ve found that a certain amount of caution must be maintained with the “Lovecraft was an initiate” argument. HPL had acquired a good deal of knowledge through his reading in the realms of mythology and folklore, and his intellect and intuition might have helped him fill in the gaps. Thus, an argument that Lovecraft was initiated must show that he was aware of information not available save through that channel. It’s a high bar, of course.” 

Harms’ comment can be understood as a logical perspective that is useful in really keeping the worlds of imagination, fiction, and reality in tits proper place. Mr. Dan Harms has contributed greatly to the Necronomicon Tradition, though he is of Lovecraftian lineage, by his powerful literary works and useful reviews and observations. Basically, Harms’ perspective is if Lovecraft was initiated into the Black Brotherhood has he produced any information that was unknown at the time of writing that would later be an accepted fact by the secular world? 

This is a useful question for it separates fantasy from fact, something that many so-called modern occultists have a hard time doing. So let us now examine Harms perspective in light of the knowledge contained with the Black Brotherhood and see if the writings of H.P. Lovecraft reveal any prophetic knowledge. 

Before we begin this discussion, it is quite imperative that we define the “Black Brotherhood” that Warlock Asylum describes Lovecraft as being a member of. Different than modern belief, secret societies involved with the occult activities are not today what they were thought of in ancient times. A secret society is not a man-made organization sending out membership forms to all of its adherents, but those who were initiated and had achieved some level of communication with the Jinn. 

According to Islamic lore, the Jinn differ from man in that they are made from smokeless fire, whereas, humans are made from earth and water. Due to the Jinn’s composition, they can perform what human beings would call miracles.  The following website reveals this interesting aspect concerning the Jinn: 

“Invisible beings, that constitute a world almost parallel to the human, according to Islam. The jinns are living with humans, and are a central part of the Muslim world view. The belief in jinns is orthodox, as they are mentioned several times in the Holy Koran. Jinns are created out of smokeless flame, while man and angels are from clay and light. We find the concept of jinns also in pre-Islamic Arabia, where they constituted the nymphs and satyrs of the desert. In the time of Muhammad they were revered as a sort of gods. The existence of jinns are fully accepted in Islam, and relations between man and jinns have been dealt with in Sharia, covering matters like marriage and inheritance….In A Dictionary of Islam Jinn are said to have come the Earth ages before man existed. They were the first of Earth’s masters. They built huge cities whose ruins still stand in forgotten places. Aeons later many Jinn were forced to flee Earth while others were imprisoned. Still others roam desolate places to this day. The Jinn are said to be invisible to normal men. They are, however able to interbreed with humans but the human parent may suffer when the dark offspring is born (The Jinn will, according to legend survive mankind (the last of Earth’s masters?)” 

Parker Ryan reveals some amazing information about Lovecraft’s Old Ones in a work entitled THE NECRONOMICON MYTHOS ACCORDING TO HPL, which reader can find at this link: 

“Irem is very important to Arab magick. “Irem Zhat al Imad” (Irem of the Pillars) is
the cities name in Arabic. It is popularly believed by the Arabs that Irem was built by
the Jinn under the direction of Shaddad, Lord of the tribe of Ad. The tribe of Ad,
according to legend, was a race roughly equivalent to the Hebrew “Nephlim”
(giants). In some version of this myth Shaddad and the Jinn built Irem before the time
of Adam. The Muqarribun (Arab magicians) have important beliefs about Irem and
it’s significance. The Muqarribun, whose traditions predate Islam, believe that Irem is
a locale on another level of reality, rather than a physical city like NY or Tokyo.
(Why Irem is important to the Muqarribun and how they use it will be more fully
explained shortly.) The “Pillars” in “Irem of the Pillars has a hidden meaning. Among
Arab mystics pillar is a code name for “elder” or “old one.” Thus “Irem of the Pillars”
is really “Irem of the Old Ones.” (It is noteworthy that several Lovecraft “scholars”
erroneously claim that HPL created Irem, just as they claim he created the
Necronomicon, as part of his fiction.)

In Arab legend Irem is located in the Rub al Khali just as HPL said it was. To the
Muqarribun the Rub al Khali also has a “hidden” meaning (incidentally the art of
encoding and decoding “hidden” meanings in Arab mystical or magickal writing is
called Tawil). Rub al Khali translates as “the EMPTY Quarter.” In this case Empty
refers to the VOID and is the same as AIN in the Cabbalistic traditions. Rub al Khali
is the “secret” door to the Void in Arab magickal traditions. It is the Exact Arab
equivalent to DAATH in the Cabbala. To the Muqarribun the Rub al Khali is the secret
gate (Daath) to the Void (Ain) in which is the “city of the Old Ones.” This is Incredibly
close to Lovecraft, who made many references to a gate connected with the “Old
Ones.” Further Lovecraft claimed that the Old Ones were from Outside (another
dimension of reality) and linked them with the “infinite void.” By making these claims
about the “Old Ones” and connecting them to Irem and the Rub al Khali Lovecraft
tapped into the very core of an almost unknown (but important) area of ancient Arab
magick. What makes this even more interesting is that there is no way to know about
 the “hidden” meaning of Irem unless you have done some serious research into Arabmagickal and mystical traditions.Thus Lovecraft either made one of the luckiest guesses in history or actually did some research into the deeper aspects of the Muqarribun magickal traditions (to my knowledge there were no publicly available books with this information in Lovecraft’s time).”  

Not only does Parker Ryan connect Lovecraft’s Old Ones to the Jinn, but we find in the pages of the Simon Necronomicon’s Magan Text, the following statement: 

“To nourish the fiends of TIAMAT
And the Blood of the weakest here
Is libation unto TIAMAT
Queen of the Ghouls”

Tiamat in the Simon Necronomicon is described as the “Queen of the Ghouls.” The term ghoul derives from ghul, which is a female Jinn. The Gate-Walking rituals are actually a Sacred Marriage Rite where those of Jinn-Human progeny fully manifest both natures, as described in the inscription of the Gate of Initiation Adar. 

Here we see the word Xamodaimon, which is a derivative of the two terms Cacodaemon and Cambion. These two terms describe the two categories that the Initiate falls under once they have reached Adar: 

Ancient deities of inferior rank, one of whom it was believed was attached to each mortal from his birth as a constant companion, capable of giving impulses and acting as a sort of messenger between the gods and men. The cacodaemons were of a hostile nature, as opposed to the agathodaemons who were friendly. It is said that one of the cacodaemons who appeared to Cassius was a man of large stature, and of a black hue. 

According to Bodin and De Lancre, the offspring of incubus and succubus. Some of these demons are said to be more kindly disposed to the human race than others. Luther said of them in his Colloquies that they show no sign of life before seven years of age. He stated that he saw one which cried when he 
touched it. In his Discours des Sorciers (Lyon, 1608), Henri Boguet quotes a story that a Galician mendicant was in the habit of exciting public pity by carrying about a Cambion. One day, a horseman observing him to be much hampered by the seeming infant in crossing a river, took the supposed child before him on his horse. But he was so heavy that the animal sank under the weight. Sometime afterwards the mendicant was taken and admitted that the child he habitually carried was a little demon whom he had trained so carefully that no one refused him alms whilst carrying it. 

Warlock Asylum has provided some good information of the Jinn’s role in the Necronomicon Tradition at the following link: 

The Fall of Christianity 

Now that we have discussed the realms of the Jinn, as being the true secret society of the Black Brotherhood, we can now begin to compare the writings of Lovecraft with events currently occuring. Lovecraft wrote that the City of R’lyeh was located 47°9′S 126°43′W. Since we have discussed comparisons between Lovecraft’s Old Ones and the Jinn, let us now look at this location from the perspective of the Jinn world. 

In the world of the Jinn, a location is different from a physical place since the Jinn are made of “smokeless fire.” A location in the realms of the Jinn refer to a place in time, a possibility that can be accessed, whether it is in the future, or in the past. It is not so much a physical place but an experience. The Jinn travel from experience to experience and if a particular experience includes physical correspondences that are relative to the kingdom of man, so be it. Therefore, the coordinates that Lovecraft describes may refer to something else entirely. This can be seen when we add the coordinate are seen not as a specific place, but as a combination that unlocks certain events. We first understand that these numbers when added together are Venusian: 

47°9′S 126°43′W = 47 + 9 + 126 + 43 = 225 

The number 225 refers directly to the Venusian year of 225 days that it takes Venus to orbit the Sun. So immediately we can see that these Coordinates are symbolic and can be used to divine things from the past and future. Interestingly, the planet Venus, different from other planets, rotates clockwise while orbiting the Sun in a counter-clockwise fashion. This is the exact course that Initiates use in the Gate-Walking Process of initiation, wherein the Initiate walks clockwise around the Gate, but travels counter-clockwise though the Spheres as can be seen below: 

Nanna = Cancer, Nebo = Gemini, Ishtar = Taurus, Shammash (divider of inner and outer spheres) Nergal =Aries, Marduk = Pisces, Adar = Aquarius. 

Another interesting aspect of Venus is found in one of our previous posts entitled the ARRA Sign: 

“The pentagram has long been associated with the planet Venus, and the worship of the goddess Venus, or her equivalent. It is also associated with Lucifer, also known as the Morning Star, the bringer of light and knowledge. These associations originated with the Ancient Chaldeans who had an exceptional understanding of astrology. When viewed from Earth, successive inferior conjunctions of Venus plot a nearly perfect pentagram shape around the zodiac every eight years.” 

In the Simon Necronomicon the ARRA Sign appears as a pentagram, which is associated with the planet Venus, below is the Mad Arab’s description of the ARRA Sign: 

“Of the three carved symbols, the first is the sign of our Race from beyond the Stars, and is called ARRA in the tongue of the Scribe who taught it to me, an emissary of the Elder Ones. In the tongue of the eldest city of Babylon, it was UR.” 

This “race from beyond the stars” is none other than the Jinn and their progeny, of which many Gate-Walkers fall into the class of. We are the Ancient Ones. 

Now if we look at our equation once again, 47°9′S 126°43′W, we can gain further insights by reducing the numbers.  For example, 47°9′S 126°43′W is equal to 11°9′S 9°7′W. Now if we were to take add this equation up in the following order 11°9′S 9°7′W we would get; 11 + 9 + 9 + 7 = 36. It is amazing when you look at how all the numbers in this equation mean a lot in the occult world. In Taoism, there exists 36 Heavens system that has 9 levels consisting of 4 Heavens each. This is one symbolic reference the city of R’lyeh. However, there is a key piont that we must first consider. Since the coordinates that Lovecraft defines the city of R’lyeh is really a reference to the planet Venus, which orbits the Sun every 225 Earth day, we should also note that a day on Venus is longer than its year, wherein Venus rotates every 243 Earth days. The amazing thing about all of this-is that Venus’ year and day sum up to the number nine: 

Venusian Year = 225 Earth days = 2 + 2 + 5 = 9 

Venusian Day = 243 Earth days = 2 + 4 + 3 = 9 

Therefore, the reduced equation of Lovecraft’s coordinates for the city of R’lyeh must have some Venusian significance being 11 + 9 + 9 + 7  = 36. Since the location is an alchemical number when reduced to it lower denominator, consisting of the following formulae: 11/9/9/7. Since we have discovered that the original equation of 47°9′S 126°43′W, add up to 225, we will equate the number 9 to either a Venusian day or a Venusian year. 

Lovecraft Predicts His Own Death 

Now if we take a look the equation that we have previously discussed, the reduced fraction of Lovecraft’s coordinates of the city of R’lyeh, and realixe that the number “9” is symbolic of a Venusian day or year, we can divine much of what the “Old Ones” were channeliing through Lovecraft. 11°9′S 9°7′W. 

In our first example we will propose that the number 9 represents a Venusian day of approximately 243 Earth days. So the we would have 11 x 243 = 2673 days + 243 x 7 =1701; 2673 + 1701 = 4374 days. Now we would need to understand what this 4374 days would equate to in Earth years, we divide 4374  by 365 =11.9 years. 

Now if we were to interpret the number 9 as a symbol of a Venusian year, which is 225 Earth days, we would get the folowing results: 11 x 225 = 2475  days + 225 x 7 = 1575; days;  2475 + 1575 = 4050 days. Now to find out what this number is in Earth years we simply divide 4050 by 365 =11 years. 

Amazingly, we get roughly 11 years in both equations based on the reduction of Lovecraft’s coordinates for the city of R’lyeh, which is really a metaphoric reference to Venus, which is populated by the Jinn. What is interesting about all of this, is that if we  take into account that the classic work The Call of Cthulhu  was written in 1926, wherein Lovecraft describes the city of R’lyeh and Cthulhu, and add the year that it was written to the sum of our equation, which is 11 years we would get the following: 1926 + 11 = 1937. 1937 was the year that Lovecraft died at the age of  46 years. 

11°9′S 9°7′W, or the combination of 11-9-9-7 is the perfect combination and the key to unlock various events, but more importantly it is the entrance piont to the Venusian World of the Jinn. First, i must state that 11°9′S 9°7′W is the location of the famed Atlantis. However, it is from this combination of numbers that we find another interesting prediction- the tragic events that occured on September 11th 2001. When we use this equation 11°9′S 9°7′W in mathematical formulae we get various dates. Now if we were to remember that Lovecraft’s History of the Necronomicon was published in 1938, a time after his death, wherein this writing  the world gets a deeper glimpse as to the Lovecraft’s idea of a Necronomicon, a book to be used to usher in the “Old Ones.”  Now if we were to represent the first 9 in the equation as a Venusian day of 243 Earth days and add this to 11, we would get the following: 

11 + 9 (243 Earth days) = 254 days. Now if we remember the second part of our equation is regarding the year, it could look something like this: 9 x 7 = 63 years So our equation in this case is 11 + 9; 9 x 7 still is perfect order with 11°9′S 9°7′W. So it is 63 years after History of the Necronomicon is published we find ourselves in 2001. 

1938 + 63 = 2001. The 254th day of that year, which we determined by 11 + 9( 243 Earth days) is September the 11th. All of these shows us that Lovecraft was indeed  involved in some form of the occult arts. However, I must remind the reader that at this time period in human history, occultism was kept in secret for the most part and people didn’t see need to reveal what they were involved in, and would often times “lie” when asked. This is vastly different from today, where people a holding up their banners and flags to show they are a part of some organization, probably due to low self-esteem, but nonetheless, its a different climate. 

Stay Blessed 

Simon Magus 

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