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I thought that it would be a good time to discuss some misconceptions that may occur along the path. Listed below are a few of these misconceptions and the results of making such mishaps:

1) Walking the Gates out-of-order.

The simon Necronomicon is very clear that the first Gate that should be Walked is the Nanna Gate. There are no preliminary gates to Walk before Nanna. Anybody who has studied Kabbalistic Correspondences will easily understand this. it’s very simple. Follow the instructions given in the book. Walking the Gates out-of-order can actually cause bad effects in ones life, and even lead to circumstances that are even worse.

2) Walking Gates Over and Over Again

The results of continual GateWalking is not that bad. However, it can cause the Initiate’s life to become stagnant. One the GateWalking Process is completed, the Initiate can freely summon any of the deities in prayer over the Aga Mass Ssaratu, but to Walk the Gates over and over again can create stagnant currents and defeats the purpose of Walking in the first place-initiation.

3) Believing that there is a real war between the Elder Gods and the Ancient Ones

This belief is okay and is often promoted so that the student doesn’t work with energies that can harm him/her. However, the Initiate should see over time that this “idea” is completely metaphorical. This attitude is usually maintained by people who have not let their “false ego” collapse, and it is this same “ego” that convinces them that they are need by the same force that created them, in a fight against even more primal forces.

4) NOT USING the Incantation of the Ancient One in the Urillia Text

We are told to open and close many of the rituals in the Simon Necronomicon with the following phrases: Zi Kia Kanpa! Zi Anna Kanpa! This means must honor the stellar energies (heavenly) and earthly (chthonic) energies. Simon in his book, Gates of the Necronomicon, mentions that the Priest/Priestess must honor his unique heritage of being a child of both the Elder Gods and ancient Ones. When the Initiate works with only one-half of these energies their lives will become stagnant because there is no circulation.

5) Continuing the Conjuration of the Watcher after Initiation has occurred.

We have written about this in small detail in previous pages. When one performs the DurAnKI Rite that appears in the Urillia Text, we and the Watcher become one. This is the true meaning of the Sacred Marriage Rite. If the Initiated Priest were to then Summon the Watcher after this rite has occurred, they would only be feeding a deceptive spirit and not the Watcher. The Watchers that are summoned during the GateWalking Process of Initiation are Watchers of the Underworld. They are chthonic and that’s why they are called KIAMASS SSARATU. Once you work with the DurAnKi rite given in the Urillia Text you become one with your stellar self, some refer to this process as the conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel.

6) Belief that One can Walk away from the System

The book says that “Inanna takes her own for her own.”  Once Inanna chooses you a man cannot take another bride. This means, man or woman, the initiate will still affected by his/her new self, new energies, and new spiritual family for life. This doesn’t mean that the initiate is not free to investigate other systems, or become devoted to any other religions. What it does mean is that once true Initiation has occurred the energies that one throughout our very beings are the same energies that are described in Sumerian Mythologies, and must be addressed as such.

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