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Lately, we have discussed some of the historical roots of the Necronomicon Tradition. We are delighted by the amount of response and comments that we have received to our recent article concerning the manner. I thought it would be good to take the time to clarify some aspects of the Necronomicon Tradtion and its true meaning.

The Necronomicon Tradition is the modern synthesis of ancient practices that originated in Mesopotamia. It is by no means the say all when it comes to paths of spirituality, yet it does reflect some missing elements of what has been lacking in some modern traditions that are said to reflect ancient culture.

The goal of Gate-Walkiing is to align the initiate with influences that modern man has apparently shut himself off from, namely the world around him. Taken in this context, we can easily with several problems that man faces, such as global warming, disease, and etc, that modern man lacks the connection or understanding of how much he influences the world around him and the world influences the societies of men.

The ancient world also had its own problems and this article is not intended to paint the remote cultures as a utopia today. However, our ancestors did leave scientific vehicles to help us navigate and correct the errors that men often fall prey to. The Gate-Walker uses the Simon Necronomicon as a template that helps him/her understand the world we as well as self. Systems such as Shinto, Taoism, Sufism, and etc, all understood the natural influences that their respective had on early man, and because of such were able to approach spirituality with a very scientific, shamanistic, and devotional point of view. This also lies true with the Necronomicon Tradition, which is not separate from these ancient ways that are called by another name. The Necronomicon Tradition is not about a group of people performing  magical rituals as it is using this magical treaty to understand self in a mystical way. After the gate-Walker’s Initiation, the Candidate finds that the work has just begun and that, like a parent, the deities in the tome are but a description of external forces, as well as, ones’ inner self. The Necronomicon Tradition is a way of life to say the least. An example of this can be seen from Simon’s words in the tome’s introduction:

“For, as it is said in one of man’s most ancient of Covenants, the Emerald Table, “As Above, So Below”. Man’s power to alter the nature of his environment must develop simultaneously with his ability to master his inner environment, his own mind his psyche, soul, spirit. Perhaps, then, the lunar landing was the first collective initiation for humanity, which will bring it one step closer to a beneficial Force that resides beyond the race of the “cruel celestial spirits”, past the Abyss of Knowledge. Yet, he must remember that the occult powers that accompany magickal attainment are ornamental only, indications of obstacles overcome on the Path to Perfection, and are not to be sought after in themselves, for therein lies the truth Death. Lovecraft saw this Evil, as the world passed from one War and moved menacingly towards another. Crowley prepared for it, and provided us with the formulae. The Mad Arab saw it all, in a vision, and wrote it down. He was, perhaps, one of the most advanced adepts of his time, and her certainly has something to say to us, today, in a language the Intuition understands. Yet they called him “Mad”.”

Simon’s observation is a clear echo  of what was written by H.P. Blavatsky:

“Let us then fathom this creation of the Patristic fancy still deeper, and find its prototype with the Pagans. The origin of the new Satanic myth is easy to trace. The tradition of the Dragon and the Sun is echoed in every part of the world, both in its civilized and semi-savage regions. It took rise in the whisperings about secret initiations among the profane, and was established universally through the once universal heliolatrous religion. There was a time when the four parts of the world were covered with the temples sacred to the Sun and the Dragon;…This kind of easy death, or euthanasia, has an esoteric meaning. It symbolises the death of any adept who has reached the power and degree, as also the purification, which enable him to die only in the physical body and still live and lead a conscious life in his astral body. The variations on this theme are endless, but the secret meaning is ever the same. The Pauline expression (Hebrews xi. 5) “that he should not see death” — ut non videret mortem — has thus an esoteric meaning, but nothing supernatural in it. The mangled interpretation given of some Biblical hints to the effect that Enoch, “whose years will equal those of the world,” (of the Solar year, 365 days,) will share with Christ and the prophet Elijah the honours and bliss of the last advent and of the destruction of Antichrist — signify, esoterically, that some of the great adepts will return in the Seventh Race, when all Error will be made away with, and the advent of TRUTH will be heralded by those Sishta, the holy “Sons of Light.”

We can see from the comments above that the Gate-Walker is not one to be enchanted by certain “miraculous powers” as the goal, but must strive on to gain immortality and godly virtue. the beginning steps of this process is revealed as the initiate gains a deeper understanding of the Simon Necronomicon. He/she begins to become aware of his/her own habits, and influences that natural forces has upon the consciousness of mankind. As time progresses they become attuned to worlds that exist within this one. An example of this is made evident in a passage taken from the Book of Calling that reads as follows:

“Know, seventhly, of the Things thou art to expect in the commission of this Most sacred Magick. Study the symbols well, and do not be afraid of any awful spectre that shall invade thine operation, or haunt thine habitat by day or by night. Only charge them with them the words of the Covenant and they will do as you ask, of thou be strong. And if thou performest these operations often, thou shalt see things becoming dark; and the Wanderers in their Spheres shall no more be seen by thee; and the Stars in their places will lose their Light, and the Moon, NANNA, by whom thou also workest, shall become black and extinguished, And around thee shall appear the Flame, like Lightning flashing in all directions, and all things will appear amid thunders, and from the Cavities of the Earth will leap forth the ANNUNNAKI, Dog-Faced, and thou shalt bring them down…AND ARATAGAR SHALL BE NO MORE, AND THE EARTH SHALL ABIDE NOT”

The above passage is an echo of what apears in the Chaldean Oracles:

“Nature persuades there are pure daemons;
The burgeons, even all ill matter, are profitable and good,
But these things I revolve in the reclusive temples of my mind,
Extending the like fire sparklingly into the spaceous air or fire unfigur’d,
A voice issuing forth.
Or fire abundant whizzing and winding about the earth,
But also to see a horse more glittering than light.
Or a boy on thy shoulders riding a horse,
Fiery or adorned with gold, or divested,
Or shooting and standing on [thy] shoulders.
If thou speak often to me, thou shalt see absolutely that which is spoken:
For then neither appears the caelestial concave bulk,
Nor do the stars shine: the light of the moon is covered,
The earth stands not still, but all things apear thunder.
Invoke not the self-conspicuous image of nature;
For thou must not behold these before thy body be initiated.
When soothing souls they always reduce them from these myteries.
Certainly out of the cavities of the earth spring terrestial dogs.
Which show not tru figure to mortal man.
Labour about the hekatic strophalus.
Never change the barbarous names;
For there are names in every nation given from god,
Which have unspeakable power in rites.
When thou seest a sacred fire without form,
Shining , flashingly through the depths of the world,
Hear the voice of fire…”

The Classical Journal, Volumes 29-40, makes the following observations on page 336:

“”This wise Abyssinian did say, that in the most ancient annals of Ethiopia, there is a history of the destruction of mankind, and the breaking of the earth…..The foregoing is in perfect accordance with the Platonic philosophy, …We are ignorant, therefore, that we dwell in the cavities of this earth, and imagine that we inhabit its upper parts…For dwelling in a certain hollow of the earth, we think that we reside on its surface.” – Plato, the Phedo, p.220 of Mr. Thomas Taylor’s invaluable translation, 8vo. edition”

The above philosophy is far removed from many circles of modern occultism today. However, we find this philosophy consistent with what is written in the Simon Necronomicon, that man is asleep in the Underworld. We can see how even so-called Sumerian scholars miss this point in their hypothesis of the mythologies. One can just look across the internet and see how Ereshkigal is defined as the “dark side” of Ishtar and all this other mumbo jumbo., yet if one were to think about it Earth is the only other inner planetary sphere that is feminine, the other being Venus, which corresponds to Ishtar. Since Lammashtu/Lilith is called the right hand of Ishtar, which is symbolic over her authority over Ereshkigal’s realm,, also known as Ninhursag, then the Underworld must be on Earth. The “right hand of Ishtar can easily be seen by looking at how Earth’s and Venus’ motion form a perfect pentagram.

Yet we do find the Chaldean-Platonic thought  that is not the majority of occult organizations today, apparent in the Simon Necronomicon. Notice what is mentioned in the Maklu Text:

“The banishings, or exorcisms, are to be pronounced in a clear voice without trembling, without shaking. The arms should be held over the head in the attitude of a Priest of SHAMMASH, and the eyes must behold the Spirit of the God SHAMMASH, even though it be the time of the Sleeping of SHAMMASH behind the Mountains of the Scorpion.”

The banishings that are listed by the Mad Arab must be recited with ones hands over their heads. this position is identical to when the police tell someone to put their hands above their head. Yet this also is the place that Dumuzi appeared in when he was in the Underworld praying to Shamash for help. It is here that the Simon Necronomicon implies that our reality can also exist the Underworld.

“Know, fourthly, that it is become the obligation of the Priests of the Flame and the Sword, and of all Magick, to bring their Power to  the Underworld  and keep it chained thereby, for the Underworld is surely the Gate Forgotten, by which the Ancient Ones ever seek Entrance to the Land of the Living, And the Ministers of ABSU are clearly walking the Earth, riding on the Air, and upon the Earth, and sailing silently through the Water, and roaring in the Fire, and all these Spirits must be brought to subjection to the Person of the Priest of Magick, before any else. Or the Priest becomes prey to the Eye of Death of the Seven ANNUNNAKI, Lord of the Underworld,Ministers of the Queen of Hell.”

Another aspect of the Greater Mysteries that has escaped many modern occultists is that of necromancy. The importance of necromancy and its relationship to the Greater Mysteries is thoroughly discussed in the Atlantean Necronomicon written by Warlock Asylum:

“Paton describes the Cult of the Dead’s spiritual philosophy as being the foundation of all human religion. If this is the case, then we should see aspects of this in human religions that followed this ancient “cult.” Paton continues on page 208 with the following words:

“The rites of mourning among the Semites were similar to those among other primitive peoples and bear witness to a similar cult of the dead.”

Before we continue on with other examples, Paton explains why the Cult of the Dead was embraced by ancient people who later came to fear the dead:

“The great gods whom men loved and adored were gods of the upper world and of the living; their sway did not extend into the dark abodes of the dead…When death came it was a sign that their favor was withdrawn, or that they were unable to help against the powers f darkness. The disembodied spirit passed out of their jurisdiction into that of divinities with whom in life it had established no friendly relations.”

It is important for the Initiate to establish a relationship with the forces of darkness.  This was the case with one of the most legendary kings in history. Paton continues on page 261:

“The dark holy of holies of Solomon’s temple, with its anteroom, in which a lamp was kept burning and bread and incense were offered, was the counterpart of an ancient Canaanite tomb…,Sacrifice is a rite that has meaning only in the cult of the dead. The blood, in which the life of the animal resides, is poured out in order that the shades may drink of it and renew their vigour. Offerings of food and drink are not needed by celestial deities, but are needed by spirits of the dead, and have been offered to them from the earliest times…,and were afterward extended to other divinities..,”

Here we can see a clear example of how the Cult of the Dead, while remaining hidden, was influential in the religious rites of Israel. This same “cult” influenced culture, politics, and religion throughout the ancient world. Paton continues on page 20:

“We are told of Confucius that “he sacrificed to the spirits as though the spirits were present,” and he consciously enjoined the cult of the dead upon his disciples.”

The Art of Necromancy was thoroughly entwined in the Greater Mysteries of the Chaldeans, Egyptians, Magi,  In Obed Simon Johnson’s classic work, A Study of Chinese Alchemy, Johnson makes the following observation on page 89:

“In the course of time Taoism became saturated with the practice of magic and necromancy.”

There was also a close association of necromancy with astrology, until the Christian Church deemed astrology unacceptable if it included necromancy. The importance of necromancy in the Greater Mysteries is seen one again in the Simon Necronomicon in the Urilia Text:

“Bread of the Cult of the Dead in its Place I eat
In the Court prepared
Water of the Cult of the Dead in its Place I drink
A Queen am I, Who has become estranged to the Cities
She that comes from the Lowlands in a sunken boat
Am I.”

Another aspect of the Greater Mysteries that is very dear is sexual alchemy and tantra. Simon say the following in the SN’s Introduction:

“The Moon has an extremely important, indeed indispensable, role in the tantrick sex magick rites that so preoccupied Crowley and the O.T.O. There can be no true magick without woman, nor without man, and in the symbolic language of the occult there can be no Sun without the Moon. In alchemy, ceremonial magick, and Witchcraft, the formula is the same, for they all deal with identical properties; whether they are called the Sun and Moon of the Elixir Vitae, the male and female participants in a rite of Indian or Chinese tantricism, or the Shadow and the Anima of Jungian depth psychology.”

We discussed the tantric properties of the Necronomicon Tradition in a previous article about the Arra Sign There are many opportunities that we have to pursue the abundant avenues that the Necronomicon Tradition provides us with. It is a mystical path that embraces a lifetime of gathering awareness, love, and divine wisdom. I look forward to speaking with you again

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