I am sure that many of our regular readers are quite aware of the relationship  and the debates that have occurred between Dan Harms, author of the Papers Falling From An Attic Window, and myself, author of Papers In The Attic. I thought that it would be a good time to review some of the occult resources that are useful to the said occult community.

I must admit that while Dan Harms and myself may not agree on certain things concerning the Necronomicon Tradition, I have learned quite a lot from him and his work.

Harms recently questioned the use of the Necronomicon as a Spiritual System. it brought to mind some problems that I do see in the GateWalking Community-intent. I am personally of the opinion that anyone who enters the GateWalking Process of Initiation with the intent of controlling spirits and etc, should probably work best in joining some religion. This is a path of self-evolution and what is learned in this process is used to aid those who are misfortunate in the world, while also improving ones’ present condition. I will expound on this topic further in another article.

I must say also that the Dan Harms Machine has put forth one of the most valuable occult resources on the internet today, and there are some very important reasons why. I first must state that while I do not agree with some of Harms’ opinion concerning the Necronomicon Tradition, and yes at the time the Necronomicon Files were written I can imagine that Harms and Gonce didn’t interview a GateWalker for the work, since those who are mature on this path were not public about it, his approach is still one of virtue.

Harms and I do agree on some things and I think that one of them is that there is too much “new age crap” that gets published and falls into the consumer’s hands without it being questioned as to its validity within the Greater Mysteries.  This can often times create more spiritual injuries than spiritual evolution. I am of the personal opinion that an individual should first concentrate on Initiation, and not reading a self-proclaimed letter in front of a candle, before they attempt any occult working. Think about it. a spirits and stellar energies do not all work in he best interests of an individual just because they pick up a book and follow its instructions. They first must reconcile with the spiritual realm that they are entering before doing a ritual, just like one must apply for citizenship or a visa before entering the United States. As above, as below.

The Dan Harms Machine provides the occult reader with another opinion-one of skepticism, which is crucial for anybody who plans on entering the occult world.  The Dan Harms Machine provides insight, not only in the world of Necronomics, but also in various fields of the occult and mystical studies.

Dan Harms is also the author of The Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia and co-author of The Necronomicon Files. Dan has made many accomplishments and is also the winner of the Origins Special Achievement Award.  We applaud Dan Harms for all his hard work and effort, as we know it is not easy reading reviewing, and let’s not forget-putting up with Warlock’s issues. Lol!  I am sure that Harms and myself will continue to agree to disagree, as it was said in Matrix 2, you never know someone until you fight them. Yet the beauty of it all- is that generations from now our history of debate will be reviewed and analyzed by those who saw it as an important chapter in Occult History. It is for this reason that we are happy to announce Dan Harms as one of the 7 recipients of the Honorary GateWalker (Asaru) of The Year Award that will be mailed out early next month. Congratulations Mister Dan Harms! May you continue to be the valuable occult resource that you have always been, of course this excludes our debates, still fine job indeed!


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