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Recent Updates: The Veils of Negative Existence


It seems like time is moving as we approach the end of the first month in 2010. I have been busy with editing the Atlantean Necronomicon. Amazingly, the text will feature a rare glimpse about the history of Queen of Sheba and some of  her own writings. This information I found in the Veils of Negative Existence, a collection of writings in the library of Ahmad al-Buni, which will also be included in the text, and I might even have some works of Ghengis Khan also that will be in prnt for the first time. How are these individuals related to the Necronomiocn Tradition, is explained in the text.

Also this week, I will be reviewing some of the Necronomiocn material presented by Donald Tyson. I must say that this site is mainly for practitioners of the Simon Necronomicon. However, after receiving a few emails, I decided to check it out.

Have a great weekend!