It seems that there has been a lot brewing in the World of  the Necronomicon Tradition as of late. Later this week on the 17th, there will be a debate between Jason 666 King and myself, Warlock Asylum. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the terms of this debate, it started off  several weeks back when an exchange of words erupted between Warlock Asylum and some prominent members of the Cult of Cthulhu. A history of these events can be viewed in the following post: 

Later, Jason 666 King came back with a Youtube video rebuttal to some of Warlock Asylum’s findings, which can be seen at the following link: 

Although it seems like Jason 666 King is an avid supporter of the Cult of Cthulhu, his writings say otherwise. In his classic work entitled PostModern Satanism, he mentions the following on page 10: 

“Short of such goals, all a group can offer you is a dilution of the very individualism which a Satanist must exemplify..” 

Mister King has a very interesting perspective, one that Simon stated several years earlier in Gates of the Necronomicon, where Simon clearly states that he never wanted to form a group behind the Necronomicon because in such cases the focus is laid upon the group’s progress rather than the individual, but for some reason or another, Mister King said in his YouTube video that the Simon Necronomicon was a hoax. Now let’s just analyze this for a second. 

It seems that over the past few decades there are a number of “so-called” LHP groups that charge membership dues, usually about ten dollars a month. The Simon Necronomicon is the cheapest grimoire available brand new at the price of $7.99. So basically paying a $10 membership fee to be a part of these “so-called” LHP groups, is like buying a Simon Necronomicon once a month. 

The funny thing about all of this is that these same groups will accuse Simon of creating a hoax to make money, while they are doing more $$$business than Simon will ever do. Why Mister Jason King is not able to see this based on his statements in his book is beyond me. Maybe Mister King is still affected by peer pressure. See the Necronomicon Tradition is not a group thing. It is extremely underground and most practitioners are private professional people. I liken it to learning martial arts, since it is somewhat individualistic. Once you are initiated you live your life as you need, but perform the rites that are sacred to our tradition, which can help enable you to create your dream. The power behind the tome is tremendous. 

Still I have yet to wonder why Mister Jason 666 King disputes the Necronomicon Tradition as a fraud, which doesn’t charge members for knowledge. All one needs to find is a worthy teacher and at best all is based on a donation and sometimes not. Yet Mister Jason 666 King decides to support the Cult of Cthulhu, which is fine. I must admit that I have to also include Venger Satanis on the Necronomicon Hall of Fame Page, just for making the CoC a 501c3. Congrats! But in view of all we have to discuss, let’s see if The CoC Bible is in conflict with Jason King’s writings. Page 122 of the CoC Bible states the following: 
“Application for official Cult of Cthulhu Membership  Presently, the Cult of Cthulhu is taking applications for  official membership. The following application will allow  you to become a Herald of the Old Gods. Cultists must  wait one year before applying to the second inner degree,  Wizards of the Terrible Darkness. Ambitious Cultists are  encouraged to stay in frequent contact with High Priest  Venger Satanis, as well as, members of the Priesthood.  So if you think you have what it takes to become a serious  black magician in the Cthulhu Mythos/Satanism/Chaos  Magic vein, then this is what you need to do…  Type out the answers to these 9 questions (3 to 5 sentences per question): 
1. Why do you want to join the Cult of Cthulhu? 
2. Define your personal view of Magic? 
3. Define your personal view of any one of the following 

Gods: Satan, Cthulhu, Yog Sothoth, Nyarlathotep, Tsalal, 

Set, Satanis, or other evil deity… 

4. Do you believe in an esoteric wisdom that, when correctly 

applied, can change reality? 

5. Have you studied the darker aspects of the occult (if 

so, then what have you studied. if not, then why haven’t 


6. Do you believe in yourself? 

7. Compare and Contrast two H. P. Lovecraft stories? 

8. What do you do for fun, recreation, hobbies, etc.? 

9. What are your goals? 
(Include your name, address, and date of birth) 
Along with mailing this application for the first inner degree, 
you will need to enclose a money order of $50 to this 

address (this is the lifetime membership fee): 

Darrick Dishaw 

Aberdeen Office 

437 W. Gorham Street 

Madison, WI 53703 

Why a fee? The $50 contribution goes towards offsetting 

the cost of maintaining the website 

and forum, Cult promotion, and metaphysical 

investigation. Additionally, the contribution is an investment 

in one’s future. It shows established members that a 

Cultist is committed to working in our paradigm. As the 

Cult of Cthulhu grows, so shall its members. You get out 

of life what you put in.” 

Despite all of this, Mister King, author of PostModern Satanism,  feels that it is not the CoC that is a hoax, but the paperback that sells for $7.99 brand new with no other costs. I think Mister Jason 666 King should re-read his own book. We will continue with Part 2 tomorrow .

Please note that I received an email from High Priest Venger Satanis stating that there are no longer any fees when joining. Due to such adjustments it seems that Jason 666 King and the CoC are on good terms.

4 thoughts on “Jason 666 King Versus The Cult of Cthulhu?

  1. Seriously, Brother, this whole thing is becoming farcical in the extreme! It is very interesting to watch what fear of the unknown will do to people; whether their own fear, or the nebulous fear of greater organizations that may be influencing them. It would seem the Cult of the Dead still holds vast power in the instinctual hearts & minds of so-called “evolved man”. It’s too bad they haven’t figured out that they have to embrace it instead of treating it like the elephant in the room.

    The Necronomicon has power; aside from any testimony given by one of its initiates, the simple fact that these debates & other nonsense testifies to this fact more than anything else. So, cast your stones all you wish, my ignorant friends, this house ain’t made out of glass; I wonder about your own.


  2. Sortilèges says:

    You should note that the CoC no longer have fees for joining.

    But seriously,”this whole thing is becoming farcical in the extreme!” indeed.

    This debate sound like Jews arguing with Muslims…

    1. warlockasylum says:

      Maybe that’s hoe the Middle_east conflict started

  3. Sword of Magan says:

    Could be. Actually, I believe it started over land rights as the Palestinians had their land for centuries, but then the Jews became a nation again & demanded that the Palestinians give it back because it was theirs by decree from God. I believe that’s how it all started; despite the fact that they’d been fighting for thousands of years just because…

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