"Thou must abstain from spilling thy seed in any manner for like period of time, but thou mayest worship at the Temple of ISHTAR, provided thou lose not thine Essence. And this is a great secret."


Greetings! The illustration above has a caption that lends itself to one of the greatest mysteries in the Sacred Necronomicon Tradition:  

“Thou must abstain from spilling thy seed in any manner for like period of time, but thou mayest worship at the Temple of ISHTAR, provided thou lose not thine Essence. And this is a great secret.”  

These are the instructions given to us by the Mad Arab concerning the process of self-initiation into the Qliphotic Current. The meaning of the Mad Arab’s words here have been a highly debated topic, but I must say the answer is very interesting.  

In the Book of Calling we find  three rituals attributed to the Sphere of Ishtar:  

“After these, the Spirits of the seven Spheres may be invoked to advantage, after the Priest has already trod their Ways after the manner of the Walking. After the Priest has gained Entrance to the gate of NANNA, he may summon the Spirits of that Realm, but not before. These things you will learn in the course of your journey, and it is not necessary to put it all down here, save for a few noble formulae concerning the works of the Sphere of LIBAT, of ISHTAR, the Queen.”  

The Mad Arab saw it necessary to list three workings attributed to Ishtar, and these were :  

1) Preliminary Purification Invocation. 2) To Win the Love of A Woman. 3) To Recover Potency.   

If one were to look at where these three rituals are placed in the text, they could easily see that they have a certain importance in regards to the initiatory process. This is seen in the Mad Arab’s statement above where he mentions that it wasn’t necessary to list all of the spirits that the Initiate would encounter in these rites, but it was necessary for him to list these three rituals. The three working that are listed are the three aspects of the Sacred Marriage Rite that was celebrated in Ancient Mesopotamia. We talked much about this in prior articles, namely, AGGA Sign Part 2, AGGA Sign Part 3, and the AGGA Sign Part 4. I encourage the reader to review these articles, if they haven’t done so already.  

At one point in time many in the Gate-Walking Community had various theories as to what it meant to Worship at the temple of Ishtar. Some thought that it meant  thinking about Ishtar at the time of orgasm. Others thought that it may imply having sexual relations only with those men and women, who reflected an aspect of Ishtar. How this could be determined about someone who is uninitiated I am not at all certain. Yet there is a passage in the Simon Necronomicon that opens up this aspect even more:  


These words have several meanings. One very important meaning is that once a person has been initiated into the Necronomicon Current, the psychic awareness that one gains during initiation is permanent. This also means that the Initiate must keep up the relationship that they have required with the energies of the system, even if they pursue various forms of spirituality after initiation. However, there is important meaning to this passage that we have not discussed: INANNA TAKES HER OWN FOR HER OWN!  

It is probably good for us to discover just who is Inanna’s Own? The Mythology Bible by Sarah Bartlett, page 93 mentions:  

“Lilith In early Sumerian texts Lilith was handmaiden to Inanna. She guided people to Inanna’s temple to enjoy her sacred sexual rituals.”  

Some of the earliest representations of Lilith, dating from 3,000 BCE, seem to show that she was not one but a group of wind and storm demi-gods called the Lilitu. Other texts mention Lamashtu as the hand of Inanna/Ishtar in place of Lilitu and Ardat lili. It seems to be very clear that Inanna’s  own were in fact her astral handmaidens, who were capable of leading men and women to the Temple of Ishtar and having sexual relations with them. The Biblical account of the “sons of god” seeking the “daughters of men” and having relations with them is put in an inverted context. It is really the Handmaidens of Inanna who sought ought Earthly men. These spirits, i must mention can shift into forms both of men and women.  

We have spent some time recently defining the character  known as the Watcher in the Simon Necronomicon of recent. Although, the Initiate of the Qliphotic Mysteries is well aware that they themselves are the Watcher, Inanna uses her handmaidens as guides and protectors to those who are  coming into being. we can determine this from the Mad Arab’s words concerning the Watcher:  

“And the Watcher aloft the Sword of Flames, and even the Elder Gods are awed thereby.”  

If the Elder Gods are awed by the actions of this particular set of Watchers, then they must not derive from Anu, Enlil, and Enki in the sense of how the other sets of Watchers are being presented. It is these Watchers that are the Handmaidens of Inanna. When the Initiate begins the self-initiation process, they are in effect becoming members of a Jinn Society, and at times a Priest, or Priestess initiated into the Necronomicon tradition will find themselves having a spouse in the human world and in the world of the Jinn. In such cases, no sexual fluids are to be spilled from acts of masturbation, but must be given to the human spouse , or the Jinn spouse. We can determine for certain that the watcher and Jinn are the same for notice the description we are given of the Jinn in comparison to that of the Watcher. Before the advent of Islam, the ancient Semites perceived the Jinn as spirits of vanished ancient people who acted during the night and disappeared with the first light of dawn; they could make themselves invisible or change shape into animals at will. The passage in the Magan Text helps us to see that the entitles in the Simon Necronomicon are Jinn:  

“Is libation unto TIAMAT
Queen of the Ghouls”

The description of the Watcher that appears earlier in the text, lists the various classes of Jinn by element:  

And the Watcher appears sometimes as a great and fierce Dog, (Earth Element-JinnType: Ghul) who prowls about the Gate or the Circle, frightening away the idimmu who forever lurk about the barriers, waiting for sacrifice. And the Watcher aloft the Sword of Flames, (Fire Element-Jinn Type- Shaytan) and even the Elder Gods are awed thereby. And sometimes the Watcher appears as a Man in A long Robe, shaven,(Air Element- Jinn Type: Jann) with eyes that never lose their stare. (And the Lord of the Watchers dwells, it is said, among the Wastes of the IGIGI,(Water Element -Jinn Type: Marid) and only Watches and never raises the Sword or fights the idimmi, save when the Covenant is invoked by none less than the Elder Gods in their Council, like unto the Seven Glorious APHKHALLU.  

And sometimes the Watcher appears as the Enemy, ready to devour the Priest who has erred in the incantations, or omitted the sacrifice, (All 4 Elements: Ifrit) or acted in defiance of the Covenant,”  

Once we have establish a working relationship with our Jinn family, being the fact that we are both of Jinn-human composition, we must be active in both family relationships. There are a few Gate-walkers who have families on both the material and the astral plane. I have known men to have father children by Jinn women who live on the astral plane. Raymond Holder mentions the following in the AntiChrist Training Manual , pages 112-113:  

“There was a sorcerer in Egypt named Mahmoud Bey who could control the Jinn and spirits of the dead. He said the Jinns were entities who were native inhabitants of the astral plane.”  

Although this be the case, the Gate-Walker is given access to this society of Jinns as he becomes as one through the process of self-initiation as mentioned in the Simon Necronomicon. This is very similar to the movie Avatar.  In a similar way a love affair of even and enduring relationship may occur between the Initiate and his astral guide or Watcher. It is a must then that when one becomes initiated into the Qliphotic Mysteries that they do not spill their seed unless it is given to their astral spouse, sacrificing semen is one way of doing this, or given to one’s human spouse.  Although some may find it odd, it has been noted even by Muslim scholars. Islam and the Paranormal by Moiz  Ansari, cites the following on page 33:  

“It is strictly prohibited for a woman to marry a Jinn by herself, without witnesses because  afterwards it becomes hard to for her to prove that the father of her children is a Jinn.”  

Amazingly, in the mind of this Muslim author, the idea of progeny between Jinn and humans is completely possible.  Ralph Shirley made this observation in 19198’s Occult Review:  

“Some sorcerers of Moslem Egypt are said to be formally married to a jinnee, or female jinn, and to perform their wonders by means of their supernatural spouse.”  

The initiate may need to exercise a certain amount of caution in these matters.  I have at times, during astral projections, the Jinn that guards me. She is a female Jinn and before my present relationship, she would take the quise of a human women to that we could relate to each other in lack of a better word. She would take  form, not by manifesting a physical body, but by taking over one that she would think that I would find attractive, and after our liaisons, she would disregard the body and the woman would awaken, thinking she was spelled. it took me some time to figure this out, but her presence was even notice by shamans of different traditions, such as Santeria, Ifa, and even a Buddhist Priests. They could see her, and at times, she has protected me in the past, and I have one Jinn child by her. Therefore, I made it a must that any woman who I was seriously dating had to be Initiated into one of the sacred arts, so that the affair would not be due to a mere walk-in. This is what makes the Necronomicon Tradition so powerful, not only is one transforming in being, but they are also protected by a Jinn guardian. many other ancient traditions say they pray to primordial gods, but are in fact only working with “shades,” also known as spirits of the dead. The Necronomicon Current, as Simon mentioned in Dead Names, is fueled by the power of the Jinn. Readers can read more about my experience in the article Understanding Lammashta.  

In summary, we have learned that worshiping at the Temple of Ishtar implies sharing in the Sacred Marriage Rite  by offering some of your sexual fluids to the goddess Inanna/Ishtar, and sometimes it may mean having an astral lover. To be Continued  


Warlock Asylum  

The Greatest Secret of All is that my Jinn Spouse is a projection of my girlfirend's cthonic-mind, though she is unaware of it, or how to control it

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  1. Awesome article, Brother, & very enlightening! We discussed the relationship of the Watcher & the various races of Jinn, but I had forgotten exactly how they related; thanks for the reminder. It is very interesting to see the dynamics of the Jinn human relationships you’ve discussed here; they match almost exactly the relationship between the human & the faerie fetch. I think there is definitely something to the fey being the Jinn of the Islands. You’ve given me much food for thought.

    Speaking of which, I wanted to ask you & this relates to this discussion. Will your Watcher take a protective role over your human family of their own volition or only when given the instruction to do so? I’ll get into this more over the phone if you wish, but its something that’s been occurring to me periodically.


    1. warlockasylum says:

      Interesting thoughts, thanks. I have seen the Watcher protect the Initiate’s family , or warn the practitioner of any inpending harm and then the practitioner can insruct the Watcher to protect the family. This is just what I have seen from experience

  2. Hello,
    A few days ago I prepared an essay on sexual magic dedicated to the goddess Ishtar, I have relied on the Simon Necronomicon (obviously), in “Practical Applications” of the book “Secrets of Western Sex Magic” and Michael Bertiaux notes from the book “Voudon Gnostic Workbook”, plus a few notes about sacred prostitution in the city of Uruk. I have not finished yet, and reviewing these old posts I read this great article. As before, I would ask permission to translate and publish it on my blog, obviously with the link to this post and respecting your authorship. It will be a very valuable material to explain the relationship between Tantra, sex magic and the Simon Necronomicon.


    1. warlockasylum says:

      Thank you. Yes you can definitely share this on your blog. Keep me posted on your essay. Let me know how that goes. Stay blessed!

  3. venusilegitima says:


    Here is the link for the translation of this article.
    I still not finished my article, the topic is too broad. I found a book entitled “Sexual Alchemy” by Donald Tyson, he speaks about his Pathworking with the goddess Lilith, and he had experiences with jinn lovers that resemble those you explain.
    By the way, I didn`t told you that some months ago I reached the sphere of Tiamat and after that, everything changed (you know what I mean). Currently, my covenant with the Elder Gods and the Watcher is strong and fruitful.
    I’ll let you know when my essay is ready.

  4. I always have known that King Solomon married a Queen by the name of Sheba in English translated to Balquis in Arabic. I was also fascinated to know that Sheba’s mom was of the Jinn race. But it wasn’t until recently that I’ve known the full story about the family of Sheba. Her father’s name was Houdhat Bin Himyar AL azhar, a king in Yemen. Her mother’s name was Al Harour who lived in the city of the Jinn called Mareb. I just waned to pass the information to everyone. I am still hoping that I will get lucky one day and meet a Jinnee beautiful woman and marry her.

  5. Hey its Lucifer again. you never got back to me warlock. please email me. i had the marriage the jewish way with rachel. she eventually turned into lilith and had to kick her out. same as the antichrist. he is ob the physical world now my Son the nephiim. I have already started creating the abominations in the tenple but have many questions. i will bring the nwo

    1. Probably best to first talk with your mentor about such matters and the scope of initiation that you were guided into

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