The Ancient Tibetan Template From Which The Book Of Revelation Came From

The Ancient Tibetan Template From Which The Book Of Revelation Came From


Over tha past year we have covered some aspects about how Christianity is somewhat relative to the Necronomicon Tradition. Readers can find these articles under the entitled links: The Origins of Christianity, The Fall of Christianity If you are new to this blog page, or the Necronomicon Tradition in general, I suggest that you read these articles before reading our present discussion on this topic.

It is easy for the Gate-Walker to find some similarities between the Abrahamic faiths and the Necronomicon Tradition, due to the fact that Abraham, who these religious groups claim lineage from, was a Chaldean. So in some ways Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, carry some pieces of the Necronomicon Tradition in their symbolism and dogma. It should be noted, however, that the dogma of these belief systems is only part of the pre-Adamite Chaldean legacy and are degraded presentations of whatever was received by them. The way of life and its spiritual principles maintained by the Race from Beyond the Stars, could never have a founder, since our customs, culture, and spiritual practices all began before the Earth was ever inhabited. Any religion that has a founder is based on one premise; that some civilized being went out and discovered an uncivilized people and taught them civilization, or how to work in union with the movements of Heaven and Earth. Nowhere in the Bible do we find an origin of the spiritual practice of sacrifice that Cain and Abel were involved in, simply because these customs were practiced by Earth’s first settlers. as seen in Hinduism, Ifa, Shinto, and Taoism. These spiritual traditions have no founder because they are an extension of divine government. Although, western scholars make the error of trying to give a date of origin for both Shinto and Taoism, which is essentially the same, their deceit is easily exposed by those who are versed in Asian history. How could you calculate a date of origin for the spiritual practice of Shinto when it has no founder? These methods of deceit are perpetrated by religious leaders of the Abrahamic faith and the academic scholars, who for the most part are practitioners of these Abrahamic religions, to hide the truth that the spiritual practices of  these indigenous people existed before the Earth was settled and long before Adam was created. The Sumerian epics speak heavily about their great civilization’s customs and spiritual practices long before Adam was created and even describe how he was created. Science confirms this. We have found human remains in areas such as, Africa, Asia, and North America, that are thousands of years older than the Biblical date ascribed to Adam, while some academic scholar, who just so happens to be Christian, is on the Discovery Channel trying to convince the world that the Biblical story of Adam and Eve is factual. If this doesn’t work, there is always the religious faction that is throwing up some doomsday report as fulfillment of Biblical prophecy to create fear in their followers in hopes of gaining more constituents. Meanwhile, death is inevitable for all mortals.

In any event, the other day I was drawn to re-read Revelation’s account about the 144,000. Usually I check the mythologies of various religious traditions, which correspond to the present work I am doing in Necronomics. Presently, I am working with the 12 Hidden Gates in the Simon Necronomicon, which equates to Chokmah in the Judaic Kabbalah and to the “Kingdom of Heaven” in Christian mythology, but is commonly known as the Sphere of the Zodiac, which is attributed to Enki. I must also note to those who are not Gate-Walkers that usually when you enter the realms, or gates, you will receive several epiphanies from the cosmic forces that help you gain a better understanding of the realm that you are in, and this could also come from outside sources, whether it is dialogue with people, information read, and etc, but a thought will appear in your head that is not your own, and you will gain much wisdom by validating it.

“…for these Operations attract many kinds of wandering demon and ghost to the Gates, but in the air above the altar whereupon thou wilt presently see the Gate opening for thee and the Spirit-Messenger of the Sphere greeting thee in a clear voice, and giving thee a Name, which thou must remember, for that is the Name of thy Passing the Gate,..”

When I entered the realms of the Igigi, I decided to do some research on the Watchers since the term Igigi corresponds to the Sphere of the Zodiac in the Necronomicon Tradition:
0 Table VII [A.C.] Table XXV [S.]
1 . . . . ANU (TIAMAT)
2 Sphere of the Primum Mobile ENLIL (ABSU)
3 Sphere of the Zodiac or Fixed Stars ENKI; LUMASHI (IGIGI)
4 Sphere of Saturn ADAR
5 Sphere of Jupiter MARDUK
6 Sphere of Mars NERGAL
7 Sphere of the Sun UTU
8 Sphere of Venus INANNA
9 Sphere of Mercury NEBO
10 Sphere of the Moon NANNA
11 Sphere of the Elements KIA
12 Air ANNA
13 Mercury GUDUD
14 Moon SIN
15 Venus DLIBAT
16 Aries AGRU (XUBUR)
19 Cancer SHITTU (SNAKE)
22 Jupiter UMUNPADDU
23 Libra ZIBANITUM (Ravening Dog)
24 Water BADUR
26 Sagittarius PA-BIL-SAG (HURRICANE)
27 Capricorn SUXUR MASH (FISH-MAN)
32 Fire AG
33 Saturn KAIMANU
34 Earth KIA
35 Spirit ZI
While Enki is equated with the Sphere of Fixed Stars, or Zodiac, being the Igigi, I was also reminded of the following passage that appears in the Simon Necronomicon:

” Wherefore it is wise to conjure It in the Names of the Three Great Watchers Who existed before the Confrontation from whose borne the Watcher and His Race ultimately derive, and those Three are ANU, ENLIL, and Master ENKI of the Magick Waters. And for this reason They are sometimes called the Three Watchers, MASS SSARATI and the Watcher MASS SSARATU, or KIA MASS SSARATU.”

The above passage clearly indicates that the Watchers and their Race derive ultimately from the Three Great Watchers, who are DinGir Anu, Enlil, and Enki., which means that Dingir Anu and DinGir Enlil, have some stake, along with DinGir Emki in the Sphere of the Zodiac. Morris Jastrow states the following in The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria, page 523:

” In this way they reach the gate of Anu, Bel, and Ea in safety, where they take a rest. The eagle is not yet satisfied, and urges Etana to follow him to the domain of Ishtar.

Come my friend [let me carry thee to Ishtar]. With Ishtar, the mistress [of the gods, thou shalt dwell], In the glory of Ishtar, the mistress of the gods, [thou shall sit?] On my side place my side, on my pinion place my palms.

The gods, it will be seen, dwell on high in accordance with the view developed by astronomical speculations. Anu, Bel, and Ea are here evidently identified with the fixed stars bearing their names,..”

Jastrow’s observations indicate that DinGir Anu, and Dingir Bel (Enlil), were also associated with the fixed stars. This fact becomes clearer in the rare and priceless work by F. Castells, entitled The Genuine Secrets in Freemasonry Prior to AD 1717, on page 221, we read:

” In the Antiquity of the Holy Royal Arch we have shown that the Sacred Word was derived from Babylon, where Anu, Bel, Ea (or Yah) were not merely names of three mythological beings but an astronomical formulae….Anu, Bel, Ea embody a conception of the Universe,…It is well known that the ancient Babylonian astronomers divided the planisphere into three separate regions, over which three Deities were said to preside: Anu had charge of the sky, Bel of the earth and its inhabitants, and Ea of Hades….One scholar would distribute the twelve Signs of the Zodiac between those Deities, giving one to each of them in regular succession; but Professor Hemmel is of opinion that the Trinity stands for thirds of the Ecliptic and gives three Signs of the Zodiac to Anu, four to Bel, and five to Ea; which is reminiscent of the Pythagorean Triangle,..”

The words cited above suggest that the trinity of Anu, Bel (Enlil), and Ea (Enki) might just be the lost word that Freemasons have searched centuries for. However, we see the association of this trinity with the Zodiac, also known as the fixed stars. It should be noted that “Bel,” also known as Enlil, was assimilated into the Babylonian Marduk, as some may find Bel referred to in this manner as well. It with this information we are able to determine who the Race of Watchers really are, which is the “stars.”

” Wherefore it is wise to conjure It in the Names of the Three Great Watchers Who existed before the Confrontation from whose borne the Watcher and His Race ultimately derive,..”

The identification of the Watcher with the Azonei, or stars, is also supported by Gerald Massey’s infamous work Ancient Egypt – The Light of the World; pages 599-600:

” In one character the seven stars were regarded as watchers solemnly aloof….Astronomically these were the gods of the seven pole-stars whose seats were in the never-setting stars around the throne Anu. Thus, and in no other way, the seven powers caused the deluge, and ascended to their seats in the heavens of Anu and assumed their thrones on high as rulers in the realm of eternity.”

From the information that we have covered thus far, it seems to be very clear that the Watchers are spirits of the stars. In earlier articles, we discussed how closely the description of the Watcher is to that of KUTULU. Simon mentions in Dead Names that KUTULU is the power of the Jinn. The Jinn, as we have discussed many times in previous articles, are said to be ‘souls’ without bodies and made from smokeless fire. Keeping in mind the information that we have discussed so far, it is easy to discover that the Jinn are composed of the same material that we find in the stars that radiate the Zodiac and the universe beyond. Therefore, the Jinn descend into this reality assuming a physical body, but their power derives from a distant star.

“…for the Race of Draconis was ever powerful in ancient times, when the first temples were built in MAGAN, and they drew down much strength from the stars,..”

” And they work by the Moon, and not by the Sun, and by older planets than the Chaldeans were aware..”

” thou shalt see things becoming dark; and the Wanderers in their Spheres shall no more be seen by thee; and the Stars in their places will lose their Light, and the Moon, NANNA, by whom thou also workest,shall become black and extinguished,..”

Some may wonder how the term KIA MASS SSARATU can be defined in view of our present discussion? We have already discussed the meaning and origin of the term IA MASS SSARATU in great detail, which refers to the realm of stars, which corresponds to Enki. The term “kia” can sometimes refer to DinGir Enki as described in our recent article entitled Origin of the Terms; Zi Kia Kanpa. This is an expression denoting Enki as “Lord of the Earth.” Kia is relative to Earth.  Therefore the term, KIA MASS SSARATU would apply to the Watchers who dwell on the Earth, or those with a certain potential, having part-Jinn composition about their nature, and the invocation of the Watcher is a way to tap into our Jinn-being. So the Gate-Walker should understand that when they are calling the Watcher, they are calling a part of themselves that is also a part of the stars. Simon mentions something very interesting about the Watcher in the SN’s Introduction:

” The “Conjuration of the Watcher” follows the Fire God conjuration. The word “watcher” is sometimes used synonymously with “angel”, and sometimes as a distinct Race, apart from angelos: egragori. The Race of Watchers are said not to care what they Watch, save that they follow orders. They are somewhat mindless creatures, but quite effective. Perhaps they correspond toe Lovecraft’s shuggoths, save that the latter become unwieldly and difficult to manage.”

 In view of Simon’s comments about the Watcher, it would do well for us to investigate the ” shuggoths ” that appear in Lovecraft fiction. Under the Wikipedia article Shoggoth, we read the following:

” The shoggoths were created by the Elder Things as living bioengineered construction equipment. Being amorphous, they could take on any shape needed, making them very versatile within their aquatic environment. Though able to “understand” the Elder Things’ language, they had no real consciousness and were controlled through hypnotic suggestion.

The shoggoths built the underwater cities of their masters. Over millions of years of existence, some shoggoths mutated and gained independent minds. Some time after this, they rebelled. Eventually, the Elder Things succeeded in quelling the insurrection, but thereafter watched them more carefully. By this point, exterminating them was not an option as the Elder Things were fully dependent on them for labor and could not replace them. It was during this time that, despite their masters’ wishes, they demonstrated an ability to survive on land.”

*Please check comments below on Lovecraft correspondences

Just by these few passages alone, we can see similarities between Lovecraft’s shoggoths and the Watcher. We see that the Shoggoths were created by the Elder Things as workers and builders of the underwater cities for them. This is very similar to what occurred among the Igigi in ancient Mesopotamian history. In an online article entitled Sabbath Origins, we read concerning the Igigi:

“……the Anunna gods dwelling in the heavens had originally
imposed back-breaking toil on the lesser Igigi gods confined to the earth,
who had to clear drainage canals, irrigation ditches, grow and harvest food,
day and night, without a break. The clamor or noise of these gods, disturbed
“the rest” of the Heaven dwelling gods. Only when open rebellion was about
to occur was the decision made to create mankind as a substitute for the
toiling gods, allowing them to enter into “the resting” of the Heaven
dwelling gods….So, the Mesopotamian myths portray man’s lot as not only to do ceasely
god-imposed toil, but the clamor for a rest, like that enjoyed by the gods
in heaven, has been transferred from the Igigi gods to man.”

So Simon’s association of Lovecraft’s shoggoths with the Watcher can be confirmed in ancient history. However, we also see definite historic proof about the KIA MASS SSARATU, as the Mesopotamian mythologies point out ; ” the Anunna gods dwelling in the heavens had originally imposed back-breaking toil on the lesser Igigi gods confined to the earth,” Interestingly, in the article above article makes mention of the Anunna. We are told in the Concise Dictionary of the Assyrian Languages-Volume 1, that the term Anunnaki is relative to “ Watcher of the Deep,” which in turn puts them under the jurisdiction of DinGir Enki who is known as the “Lord of the Deep.” Im am interview conducted by Edith Hathaway with famous astrologer Diana R. Rosenberg entitled Fixed Stars, Rosenberg expresses her understanding and characteristics concerning zodiac correspondences of Ea (Enki) and the starry influences of his realm:

In the Chaldeo-Babylonian celestial hierarchy, one of three gods who reigned supreme was Ea, “Lord of the Deep,” preeminently wise and beneficent, enlightener and lawgiver, archetype of Divine Intelligence. The stars of Capricornus belonged to Ea. One of the most ancient of all the zodiac figures, Capricornus, the sea-faring goat with a fish’s tail also represents the divine Man-Fish. Author Rupert Gleadow describes Ea:

“Ea is the only one of the Sumerian and Babylonian gods who was never angry, and always ready to help both gods and men out of difficulties. He is often represented as a man walking in a great fish-shaped cloak, the fish’s head over his head and pointing upwards like a mitre, the tail at his heels, and the forward leg showing his human form. He is said to have emerged four times at long intervals from the ocean to teach civilization to men, and during each of these periods would retire into the water at night. Capricorn, his symbolic creature, symbolizes this dual life, and has as yet no association with the planet Saturn, which has never been reputed to help people out of scrapes….The teachings of Ea-Oannes, epitomized by Capricornus, make his stars an area of emergence and enlightenment, where laws are established, maintained and renewed; where challenges, struggles and experimentation bring about new systems of social contracts and new legal pathways for the just implementation of power.”

Enki is here identified with the constellation of Capricorn. We have discussed in previous articles that the alleged battle between the Ancient Ones and Elder Gods is a blind. Here is one example of this. In the Urilia Text we find the following:

” Now, there are Two Incantation to the Ancient Ones set down here, which are well known to the Sorcerers of the Night, they who make images and burn them by the Moon and by other Things. And they burn them by the Moon and by other Things. And they burn unlawful grasses and herbs, and raise tremendous Evils, and their Words are never written down, it is said. But there are. And they are Prayers of Emptiness and Darkness, which rob the Spirit.”

After the mad Arab mentions the words cited above, one incantation, which he speaks about is given. Its title is Hymn to the Ancient Ones. This prayer is known historically as The Prayer to the Gods of the Night. In any event we find the following contained in this incantation:

” Ever-Shining Star of the North!…SIRIUS!..DRACONIS!..CAPRICORNUS!
Stand by and accept
This sacrifice I offer
May it be acceptable
To the Most Ancient Gods!”

As discussed early, may researchers align the constellation of Capricorn with Enki. Researcher Gary David Thompson recently put forth some very interesting information that was admitted in the Simon Necronomicon A long time ago:

” A pioneering study of Mesopotamian astronomy was initiated with the 3 articles by Archibald Sayce and Robert Bosanquet published during 1879-1880 in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. By at least 1887 Sayce was identifying a Pole Star (Lectures on the Origin and Growth of Religions). He held that “The Star/Constellation of Anu was the “Yoke of Heaven” = Draco, alpha Draconis. In an early Volume of Transactions of the Society of Biblical Archaeology he stated: “The Akkadian term “Ditar-Anki” (“the Judge of Anki”) and the Assyrian term “Dayen-Same” are designations of the Pole Star (North Celestial Pole). The assertion by Sayce of “”Yoke of Heaven” = Draco, alpha Draconis” may possibly be matched to the modern translation…”

Sirius is associated with Anu, Draconis with Enlil, and Capricorn with Enki. These cosmic forces were re-configured during the transition from one age to the next as described in the Biblical book of Revelation and the 144,000, but before we begin, I thought it would be useful to make one more remark about the the zodiac , as found in the writing A Dictionary of the Bible, written in 1901:

” The Zodaic was also divided into a region of Anu ( Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo), a region of Bel(Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagitarious), and a region of he earth-and-water god Ea(Capricornus, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries) ..”

The above correspondences are relative to the zodiac. Anu, Enlil, and Enki are also noted as corresponding to certain elements of nature and other distant stars. We have covered a lot of information so far in this discussion, as it is relative to the topic of the 144,000.

Although Christians are not aware of the Necronomicon Tradition, for the most part, Jesus himself  was a Gate-Walker. Jesus’ mother, Mary, was said to be impregnated by the angel Gabriel, which is also considered to be the angelic representation of the sphere of Yesod in kabbalistic studies, which corresponds to the Gate of Nanna the Moon. It is recorded that when Jesus was 12 years of age, he ventured off from his human parents and went into the Temple asking the Pharisees and religious leaders of that day various questions.12 is the number of Nebo since times antiquity. Next, we find Jesus preparing for baptism by John the Baptist when he is 29 1/2 years old. it takes Saturn 29 1/2 years to travel around the Sun. So it is that Jesus had to descend under the waters, or travel to Ganzir before he reached the Gate of Adar (Saturn).

What is also interesting about this, especially when you are an Initiate of the Necronomicon Tradition, is the character of John the Baptist. we can say on some levels that John the Baptist worked as Jesus’ KIA MASS SSARATU, or Earthly Watcher, and after his Watcher in the initiatory function, he was executed. After having passed the Gate of Adar jesus mo longer needed an earthly Watcher, since he became one with his Watcher and was accepted as an initiated. The Bible mentions that when Jesus was baptized the Heavens opened up and a dove descended upon him. Doves are a symbol of Ishtar. After the Heavens opened up, or the realm of the Igigi, Jesus went into the wilderness (the zodiac) for 40 days. Forty is the number of Enki, which corresponds to the sphere of the zodiac, the realm of the Igigi. It is with this in mind that one may wonder if the 144,000 also find a place in the Necronomicon Tradition.

The first mention of the 144,000 appears in the biblical book of Revelation chapter 7:

1 And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree.”

It is interesting to note that these “four winds ” are also discussed in the Book of Daniel chapter 7:

2 Daniel spake and said, I saw in my vision by night, and, behold, the four winds of the heaven strove upon the great sea….3 And four great beasts came up from the sea, diverse one from another…4 The first was like a lion, and had eagle’s wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man’s heart was given to it…5 And behold another beast, a second, like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and it had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh6 After this I beheld, and lo another, like a leopard, which had upon the back of it four wings of a fowl; the beast had also four heads; and dominion was given to it…7 After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns.”

These are the same four creatures that are mentioned in Revelation chapter 4;

7 And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle.”

It is interesting to note that long before the Biblical book or Daniel and Revelation were written, these four living creatures were relative to spiritual practices embraced by the people of Sumeria and Egypt. We can confirm this with something as simple as the Egyptian canopic jars. these jars were used by the Ancient Egyptians to store various body parts during the mummification process. The pottery of these jars date in a period long before the Bible was written, yet we can easily see that these jars match the description of the four living creatures that are around god’s throne:


John G. Jackson in the book Man, God, and Civilization, states the following on page 141:

” The four gods holding up the skies are called Cherubim in the Bible. ” As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the face of a man, the face of a lion, on the right side; and they four had the face of an ox on the left side; they four had the face of an eagle.”…These celestial creatures were said to have been seen by Ezekiel in a vision while in Babylon, and they were obviously the four corner constellations of the Chaldean zodiac.”

These four constellations were at times noted as being a “divine power,” in like manner the “four winds” mentioned in Revelation are the cosmic energies emanating from these four constellations, namely, Taurus, Leo Scorpio, and Aquarius. Now let us continue with our reading of Revelation Chapter 7:

”  And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea,…3 Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads….4 And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel.”

From the above cited passage, we can see clearly elements of Enki, being both the Earth and the Sea  are mentioned. The “trees” mentioned in Revelation’s symbolic language are a reference to constellation. J.C Cooper in Synbolism-The Universal Language admits:

” The Babylonian palm had seven branches, as representing the heavens … The Chinese tree has the Twelve Terrestrial Branches, each with a symbolic Animal of the Constellations..”

Cooper’s observations are just one  of many emphasizing that “trees” were symbolic of constellations and starry energies. In the above passage in Revelation we see the 144,000 mentioned for the first time and the fact that these were collected from the twelve tribes of Israel, as explained in the verses that follow, are a reference to the twelve sign of the zodiac. The 144,000 are mentioned also in Revelation Chapter 14:

3 And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth…4 These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb.”

In chapter 14 we see the four beasts that we discussed earlier, but again the 144,00 are mentioned as being redeemed from the “earth.” They are also said to be virgins. The mention of the “Lamb” is relative to the sign of Aries. This whole passage concerning the 144,000 is nothing but ancient astrology. Ancient Freemasonry by Frank C. Higgins makes this point very clear on pages 187-189:

 The zodiacal sign of Aries, the ram or lamb, was called Amon and for hundreds of years the sun at the vernal equinox was said to rise in this sign. At the same period the brightest constellation in the heavens opposite by night was known as the zodiacal Virgin, or ” Virgo.” She was, therefore, at this period deemed the mother of the young spring sun, whose symbol was a pure white lamb. In her hand the celestial Virgin carries a cluster of stars, called by the Hebrews the ” wheatsheaf , or “shibboleth” from the Hebrew verb “shabal” to sprout. The brightest of these stars is Spica Virginis,…The spring sun rose to power, glory and mastership in the higher signs. Arrived at that of Virgo, he became the spouse of her who had previously been his mother, and their offspring were the vintage and harvest.”

This definitely clarifies that what is written in Revelation pertains mainly to astrology. We can see in the later part of the verses quoted above that the 144,000 were said to be ” the first fruits unto God and the Lamb.” According to Higgins work, when the Sun arrived in the constellation of “Virgo ” he became the spouse of her who had previously been his mother, and their offspring were the vintage and harvest.” While have discovered how all of this is relative to astrology, this does not dismiss the importance of what is here written. The mistake that I have seen many people make, is that they discover many of the ancient mysteries are relative to astrology and then dismiss them altogether based on such. Yet they do not take heed that the stars, or Igigi, have a great influence upon the earthly affairs of man. The movement of the stars and planets push a cosmic energy into our being that shapes and molds our experiences. This energy is later emitted by the human due to stress and the sun’s power, which is used to absorb it . This is why many people feel the same sort of tiredness from staying in the Sun too long, as when they are stressed out. This is the work that the Igigi were complaining about and thus the human being was made. This is also gives us the key as to why the Simon Necronomicon is such a powerful system since the practitioner is harnessing the energy of a distant star. With this in mind, it is important for us to discover how were the 144,00 redeemed from earth?

Before we dig further into this topic, we should consider the fact that although Judaic and Christian mysteries derive from ancient Mesopotamian sources, these very same mystics denounce Babylon in their writings since , historically, they were enslaved by them. It should also be noted too, that Babylon did fall into a degraded state when invaders mistook certain symbolism literally. Revelation Chapter 14 opens with the following:

1 And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads.”

The Simon Necronomicon tell us the following in the Book of Entrance:

”  And the Number of ENKI is Forty a most excellent Number, and he is our Father, of all who would tread these forgotten paths, and wander into Lands unknown, among the Wastes, amid frightful monsters of the Azonei.”

We are told by the Mad Arab that all who are able to ascend into the realms of the Igigi (Azonei, zodiac) have Enki as their father and that his number is 40. Enki’s number, being 40, was well-known to the people of ancient Mesopotamia. In Zechariah Sitchin’s classic work, entitled, The 12th Planet, we find the following on page 124:

” The highest unit of the Sumerian sexagesimal system—60—was assigned to Anu; Enlil “was” 50; Enki, 40;”

There are many other works that the reader would do well to explore, in regards to Enki’s number being forty. In this discussion we just wanted to point out that this correspondence is agreed upon by scholars and is not a recent invention. Now let us take Enki’s number (40) and see if there is some mathematical equation involved here.

40 divided by 144,00 = 3600. Interestingly, the number 3600 is equal to 1 shar in ancient Sumeria. Many who believe in planet Nibiru say that it has a 3600-year cycle. As Gate-Walkers we are aware of the cosmic world of the ancient Sumerian pantheon, as not having such a great physical effect, as it has on an etheric level, which is occurring at this present time. The Initiate of the Necronomicon Tradition fully understands that the 3,600 years refers not to the coming of the planet Nibiru, for the every Gate-Walker can attest that the gods are upon us, but to the cosmic clock that was established by the pre-Adamite Chaldeans also known as the Jinn. Appleton’s journal of Literature, Science and Art- Issues 171-196, reveal the following:

” The Chaldeans originated the ecliptic into the twelve signs of the zodiac, the figures of the constellations, the division of the circle into 360, and discovered that a chord of the circle equalt to the radius measures an are of 60. They also gave us the divisions of the degree into 60 minutes, these into 60 seconds, etc. The week of seven days is a Chaldean institution, each day being dedicated to one of the planets, which they worshipped as divine; also the division of the day into 24 hours, and these into minutes and seconds.  Their system was extended into a great cycle of 43,200 years, which was divided into 12 cosmic hours of 3,600 years each;…”

Long before the propaganda about planet Nibiru was created by Sitchin  as a blind  to divert attention the process of Chaldean initiation, scholarship about the ancient Chaldeans was a lot more honest. It wasn’t until the decline of Christianity and new information about the Chaldeans and the Sumerians and what their contribution to civilization was that we see everyone trying to fit themselves into the make up of these swarthy aboriginal people. In any event, we can clearly see that the 3,600 years was regarded by the ancient Chaldeans as a division of the cosmic clock. So it is by dividing Enki’s number, 40, into 144,000, we get 3,600, which is only one hour on the great cosmic clock. However, now that we know this is all relative to the zodiac, we should actually take 3,600 and divide that into 144,000, which would give us 40, of course. So it is that the daughters and sons of Enki are the 144,000 and members of the Necronomicon Tradition.

If we keep in mind that the ancient Chaldeans counted their days from sunrise to sunset, 144,000 years would be equal to a little over 36 hours on the cosmic clock, or 3 periods of 12 hours and one period a little less than half. What is interesting about this is that the Moon passes from one sign of the zodiac into another every two to three days, or 36 hours. The fact that we are speaking of the Moon in relation to Enki and the 144,00 is nothing unusual to the Initiate of the Greater Mysteries. H.P Blavatsky in her essays under the subject The Chaldean Legend mentions:

” With the Chaldeans the moon was Sin, and Nannak or Nannar, the son of Mulil, the older Bel. It is Mulil (Bel) who caused the waters of the Flood to fall from heaven on earth, for which Xisuthrus would not allow him to approach his altar. Behind the lunar “worship” was the secret teaching that the first race of men, the images and astral doubles of their Fathers, were the pioneers or the most progressed Entities from a preceding though lower sphere, the shell of which is now our Moon. But even this shell is all-potential, for having generated the earth, it is the phantom of the Moon which, attracted by magnetic affinity, sought to form its first inhabitants, the pre-human monsters. “While the gods were generated in the androgyne bosom of Mother-space, the reflection of Hea’s Wisdom became on earth the woman Omoroka, the Deep or the Sea, which esoterically or even exoterically is the Moon.”

Keeping Blavatsky’s comment in mind, and realizing the Moon’s connection to Enki, whose number is a key in unlocking the mystery of the 144,000, we now read the Mad Arab’s words with confidence knowing that we are among the 144,000:

” Know, seventhly, of the Things thou art to expect in the commission of this Most sacred Magick. Study the symbols well, and do not be afraid of any awful spectre that shall invade thine operation, or haunt thine habitat by day or by night. Only charge them with them the words of the Covenant and they will do as you ask, of thou be strong. And if thou performest these operations often, thou shalt see things becoming dark; and the Wanderers in their Spheres shall no more be seen by thee; and the Stars in their places will lose their Light, and the Moon, NANNA, by whom thou also workest,shall become black and extinguished,


And around thee shall appear the Flame, like Lightning flashing in all directions, and all things will appear amid thunders, and from the Cavities of the Earth will leap forth the ANNUNNAKI, Dog-Faced, and thou shalt bring them down.”

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  1. Although your article is really interesting (and needs a good deal of reading again and again before a more accurate opinion is formed), I would like to point out a little error:

    The Shoggoth were not created by the Elder Things, they were servants of the Old Ones. This is stated clearly in the “Mountains of Madness” novel by Lovecraft. The Old Ones brought the Shoggoth to life, and used them to build their underwater cities, as well as the great city in the Antarctica.
    The problem with Lovecraft’s work of course was that he never really made a clear distinction between the Old Ones and the Elder Gods. The whole Old Ones vs Elder gods war was more an idea of Derleth, and Lovecraft never really dwelt on that. However it is clear, that Shoggoth were created by the Old Ones.
    The text from wikipedia looks a lot like a passage from Donald Tyson’s Necronomicon – The Wanderings of Alhazred. He also made that mistake concerning the Mountains of Madness incidents.

    The problem with wikipedia? You can’t really be sure that what it says is accurate…

    1. warlockasylum says:

      Thanks for that clarification concerning the Shoggoth. Yeah I agree with you about Wikipedia. because their article on the Simon Necronomicon is completely fraudulent. I look forward to hearing more of your opinions and will make the appropriate note in the article.

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    You should correct this issue immediately.

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