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It is evident with one quick google search that many critics of the Simon Necronomicon will accuse Simon of inventing the GateWalking Process of Initiation and further assert that it is not a part of the Ancient Mysteries. However, through a close examination of the gospel account we san come to the realization that jesus was a GateWalker and took the form of his initiation just as it is described in the Simon Necronomicon.

The Simon Necronomicon states that \”INANNA TAKES HER OWN FOR HER OWN.\” This is probably one of the most misunderstood passage in the Necronomicon. What is meant by Inanna taking her own for her own, has a lot to do with initiation. We have discussed this many times on previous pages. The link shown prior, INANNA TAKES HER OWN FOR HER , gives a full meaning as to what this passage remains and how it relates to the starseeds.

Let us now make a comparative study of the gospel accounts and the Simon Necronomicon to show that Jesus also went through the process of GateWalking.

The NANNA Gate = Immacualte Conception.

Luke Chapter 1: 34-38 describes Mary as being a Virgin. This compares greatly with Ishtar (Inanna) who was also described as the Virgin Mother of Tammuz. It is also interesting to note that it is Gabriel who was used to impregnate the Virgin Mary. Gabriel in Judaic Kabbalistic Tradition is considered to be the Angel of Yesod, or what some may call the Sphere of the Moon. In the Qliphotic Tradition, corresponds to Gamaliel, which is ruled by Lilith.

I find that it is no coincidence that the Angel Gabriel is associated with the same Sphere whose Qliphotic correspondence is Lilith, Queen of the Sucubus and Incubus. It is evident that the Angel Gabriel acted in the same manner as an Incubus, but without the ‘dark asthetics.’

The Simon Necronomicon the following about the Nanna Gate:

“The God of the Moon is the God NANNA. He is the Father of the Zonei…and possesses the secret of the tides of blood.”

The Babylonian Tammuz was known to Sumerians as Dumuzi “the only-begotten Son” or “Son of the Blood.”

NEBO Gate = jesus visits temple at 12 years of age

Luke Chapter 2 describes Jesus visit to the temple at the age of 12. Jesus was said to have been in the temple asking the “doctors” questions and listening to them. It is interesting to note that a “doctor” is a mercurial aspect. Enki, in the Sumerian Tradition was associated with Mercury, and is also relative to the medical field. Later, this association was designated to Nebo by the Babylonians. When mary and Joseph finally found Jesus in the temple, he is noted to have said:

was ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?”

Here we can also see another correspondence to the Necronomicon Tradition. Jesus was 12 years old at the time he first conducted his Father’s business.’ The Simon Necronomicon mentions the following:

“The number of NEBO is twelve..”

In the INVOCATION OF THE NEBO GATE, Nebo is described as the Master of Chemical Science. This would correspond to what we call a “doctor” today. Also the Mad Arab states in the Book of Entrance that ‘Enki is our Father.

Gates of Ishtar to Adar + Jesus Baptism

We have no Biblical record of Jesus in the years that followed until he reaches the age of 29 1/2 years when he gets baptized. Interestingly, it takes Saturn 29 1/2 years to orbit around the Sun! Before  one Walks the Gate of Adar they must venture into Ganzir, or DAATH as some would call it. Therefore, it is when we reach Adar that we have descended into the foul pit and arise with a new understanding. I find it interesting that Christians show their dedication to their Lord by being submerged underneath the water and then rising up from it and this process must be done with the aid of someone who is already initiated like John the Baptist.

Matthew Chapter 3 covers much concerning Jesus’ baptism. In this account we find that after Jesus was baptized, God’s spirit descended upon them as a dove. Interestingly, a dove was the sacred symbol of Ishtar, It seems that after jesus was baptized by John, he went on to fulfill his work. jesus no longer needed John. This would mean then that John acted in the same manner as the Watcher acts in the initiatory rites of the Simon Necronomicon. While these points may be refuted by some as mere coincidence, the question still remains as to Why would the God of the whole universe use the same symbols in his worship that the “pagan” people who held the Jews in captivity used centuries earlier? I think we all know the answer to that 🙂

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