Over the past two years we have seen an increased interest in the Necronomicon Tradition and Gate-Walking on a whole. A lot of this is due to the Order of the Necronomicon. The Order started off as a small yahoo-group by the name of The Disciples of Enki, which was founded by three unique individuals, Ashnook, Adept Edunpanna, and Satori. Soon after starting the yahoo group others came along, including myself. It is interesting to note that the three founding members were working with the tome independently and connected on the Sacred Magick Forums, which can be accessed by clicking on the following link:  There is still quite a bit of information that one can get access to on these forums.

The Order of The Necronomicon Mascot. Interestingly. panthers are a sacred animal of Nergal

Although the Order’s history mention’s that it was founded by three members, in accord with the template of Anu, Enlil, and Enki, the idea and founder of the Order was none other than Adept Edunpanna. I wasn’t around the Order during this time, but I do recall my experience in how I came into contact with The Order of the Necronomicon.

I had been working with the Necronomicon Spellbook by Simon for quite a few years. I even found it to be a very effective tool when sending Reiki energy to others at a distance. I had very intense astral experiences from the use of the 50 Names as well. A couple of years later I decided to ask one of the 50 Name Spirits that I would really like to learn how to Walk the Gates, about ten days later I met Adept Edunpanna online and later in person.

It was quite an amazing experience. Edunpanna has a very unique persona and when I, along with another close friend who also worked with the Necronomicon Spellbook, met him, we could both feel energy radiating from him and he could read our thoughts. I found this to be amazing. Although, I was thrilled to meet Adept Edunpanna, I was also cautious. He definitely had a history of living the “street-life,” and his hospitality was overwhelming. I remember visiting him and going over his house, as he would go over and mentor me as I Walked the Gates. He is not the type of person who would lend you money, but when I would visit him, he would throw about six menus at me and tell me to order anything that I wanted. Anyone who knows Adept Edunpanna knows that he is possessed with the spirit of Enki. By the time I got to Shammash, I decided to Walk the remaining three gates on my own. This is normal, as the physical mentor is only a tutor until one has built up a relationship their own personal relationship with the Elder Gods. One thing that is amazing about Gate-Walking and also testifies to the book’s authenticity, is that you could take two Gate-Walkers, who have never met, and they will describe a similar emotional experience about the same Gate. For example, if I walk Ishtar and someone in Germany does as well, we may not have the exact same experience, but we will have experienced the same emotions while in the Gate.

In a way similar to the first century Christians, the Necronomicon Tradition is gradually starting to gain some credibility. Soon after finishing my initiation, by Walking the Seven Gates, Edunpanna told me to always visit the Gate of Ganzir from time to time “because it makes you a better person.” Ganzir teaches the Initiate refinement and gives them time to reflect objectively about our emotions, thoughts, and actions. It wasn’t until I began teaching the system to others that Edunpanna’s words became even more significant to me. I began to see how a lot of people wanted to learn about the Necronomicon Tradition, as a way of obtaining power, or to cast a spell or two, but by the time that they reach the 7th Gate when they can effectively use the Book of Calling. But as they soon discover that  this systems is not about spell-work. It is about personal transformation and by the time you reach the 7th Gate, if you make it that far, the way you go about things would have changed. You become more insightful, as you begin to realize that the  true power lies in personal transformation and how you reality is due to your own actions and emotional disposition.

Today the Order exists in the shadows. No one needs to know about our personal business of self-transformation. There is no leader, except the DinGir. See when a person first begins Walking, he or she, is tutored until they develop a relationship with the deities and begins to understand the messages that are sent to the Initiate via dreams, or experiences that occur in our day to day lives that are quite phenomenal. The only membership fee for the Order is the slice of bread that you offer to the Watcher, for it is the rite of Cain.

Our monthly subscriptions are free. Everyone who has gained a relationship with the Necronomicon deities, receives the same epiphany each month. I recall talking to two different Gate-Walkers, who do not know each other and live in different parts of the world, telling me the same epiphany that they received as the other individual, and this is not only true of these two individual, but all gate-Walkers who don’t even know each other

Another amazing thing about the Gate-Walking community is that since the Initiate experiences the energies of the Ancient Sumerian deities on an emotional level, they can tell you from having a personal relationship with these deities, what certain mythologies mean and some of the many things that scholars may miss. For example, if some scholar was writing about you parents you would have more insight into what the scholars is reporting because you have a personal relationship with your parents. In the same manner, the Gate-Walker has experienced these deities on an emotional level and  understands  on a deeper level what is written in ancient Mesopotamian mythology.

Since the Gate-Walking Community is primarily lineage based, there is no threat or danger of being involved in a cult. We are a nation of leaders. Gate-walkers converge on an exchange of knowledge and work to sharpen each other’s swords, similar to several black belts in a martial arts dojo.  But for the most part our insights come directly from the DinGir themselves, since our initiation is membership into the society of the Jinn, they speak to us through various tools. I will give you a few examples of how this work.

About 18 months ago, when I was feeding my Watcher, I had a few questions for DinGir Nergal that I stated in front of my Aga Mass Ssaratu. Three days later, I was at a local bookstore  just waiting for my girlfriend to get of off work, when this older man dressed in business attire  mentioned to me that “he just bought five Necronomicons yesterday1” I must also say that I have never seen this man in my entire life, and he approach me as a stranger. I wasn’t reading anything Necronomicon-related, so I knew he may say something to me, in his bewilderment that would answer my question, and he did. Yet I know that the individual was used as a vessel to relate a certain message to me. Just last night I was conversing with another Gate-Walker , and we just so happened to be talking about the mystical conjuration in the Simon Necronomicon, known as the Ia Adu En I, which is an incantation relative to the Sumerian Goddess Adueni, who relates to the Greek deity Athena. Interestingly enough I was going go into the Urilia Text, so I had to read the IA ADU EN I.

“Prepare, then the bowl of TIAMAT, the DUR of INDUR, the Lost Bowl, the Shattered Bowl of the Sages, summoning thereby the FIRIK of GID, and the Lady SHAKUGUKU, the Queen of the Cauldron. Recite the Conjuration IA ADU EN I over it,”

Well after performing the rites and asking the Ancient Ones a few questions, I decided to watch a little TV after ritual. I fell asleep with the remote under my arm and was awaken when I put pressure on the remote when I dosed off causing the channel to change, as I am waking u, I hear the man on the screen say “Athena” and it was some actress depicting the Grecian Athena, which I knew was relative to the Sumerian Goddess Adueni, who I just spoke to. All my questions were answer during the dialogue of this movie, and this is how a true secret society works. Some of my experiences are extremely profpund, and others not. The DinGir make it a point not to intoxicate the Initiate with all sorts of poltergeist effects because it serves no value when it comes to personal transformation. Many Gate-Walker have noted that before they started working with the Simon Necronomicon, they were “troubled” by spirits, but after Walking the Gates they experience more tranquility and less disturbance.

Each and every Initiate of the Necronomicon tradition have their own unique forms of how the DinGir may communicate with them, and it is due to such that we form a great respect and admiration for each other even if we do not see eye to eye. Even if a Gate-walker were to attempt to attack another Walker, whatever occurs as a result of this is handled in an administrative way by the DinGirm and if it is not warranted, then the sender may receive punishment.  

 For the most part, Gate-walkers  do not behave in such a matter aimlessly, but would rather resolve any conflict through conversation, and etc. I have seen the energies of the Simon Necronomicon before some miraculous things for people, and literally save people s live. This is why we were given this opportunity. Stay Blessed

26 thoughts on “The Order of The Necronomicon: Keepers of the Sumerian Faith

  1. nabu_asar says:

    this is so true. great job on this article. props all around.

  2. Hello, I am a beginner and would like to know what are the exact steps to contact Barashakushu. Thank you in advance if you can take time to communicate me the full ritual

  3. Thanks ..;-)! It would have been nice to be so simple. I followed the first time these steps but it just did not work. Can you give me some other tips please?

    1. warlockasylum says:

      There are other methods that you can try. For one, you can simply draw out the sigil and chant the name “Barashakushu” over it. Make it a mantra and thereby charging the sigil. Then place it underneath your pillow and fall asleep.

  4. Thank you again for promptitude and advice.I’ll keep you posted with results
    Have a nice day

    1. warlockasylum says:

      I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

  5. Hello again,
    I told you that I will keep you posted. It took some time but I tried again last night and I felt no other presence.I think i wasn’t lucky at all 🙁 I guess it’s something I do not get it … but anyway I’ll try it tonight, again. Maybe another tip from you? would be greatly appreciated !

    1. warlockasylum says:

      try it again, but this time try during the “waxing moon” times. 🙂

  6. Thanks again. But I think I’ll take a break to study more deeply to figure out exactly how it should work and why does not work at me. Maybe I got lost in translation …very possible 🙁

  7. Hi, i´ve worked with some of the 50 spirits by the way of the book, but never had any results, only a few and the same poltergeist with each spirit (some noises on the furniture and in the room).
    I know someone else that had the same “results”. I attribute this “failure” to the thing that never gatewalked any of the spheres.
    W.A. or someone knows if this is common or is there anything that I am overlooking?

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      Are you referring to the Necronomicon Spellbook? or the Simon Necro itself?

  8. nightcaller says:

    This is for Ezequiel. You don’t have to be a Gate-Walker to use the 50 Names. I used the spellbook for a while before I began the Gate-Walking Ceremonies. Sometimes with good result and sometimes without any noticeable results. You shouldn’t focus on the “poltergeist”effects as they serve no real purpose. You should, however, pay attention to matters that are related to your purpose of calling.

  9. Ok, but i wasn´t too much focused on the poltergeists, even other magus (with so much experience than i) have exactly the same results.
    I know that the poltergeist are only a consecuence of the ritual and a distraction.
    And i don´t think that was so distracted to spend all my energy in those effects. Is not common for me because this very rarely happened to me with other types of magick or forces.

    Even so thaks for the tips.

    Pd. Some day i´ll take up again the english classes hahahaha

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      I read similar comments as of late. It is best to have walked the gate of Marduk before using the 50 names. Some people may enjoy some effects before Walking the Gates, but the difference in the results still remail. Invoking one of the 50 Names is opening a Gate. What you might find interesting way to get the best out of the 50 Names is to start copying the book over. stay blessed

  10. Ok, i´ll try that.

  11. It is not uncommon for the early practitioner to seem to fail contact and this relates more to general occult theory than it does the spellbook. If you have not been opened to such things it is unlikely you will even notice the spirit’s presence. It also relates to how much of the spirit you are calling to you or manifesting. If you are new to the magickal arts of evocation and invocation it may simply be that you are only calling a small amount of the spirit into the ritual space. You will get better at this over time. Also, after charging a seal with the spellbook for three nights in a row (no more than this) try meditating on the seal on the fourth day after clearing your mind. Once cleared, open your mind to the spirit and take note of what passes through. Your mind will formulate the thoughts but the thoughts will be influenced by the spirit. A very basic teaching of meditation and conjuration should run alongside any initial working of the spellbook or any system. You must know however than when you call the spirit it is THERE, you must KNOW this. Even if you feel as though you did not make successful contact at the very least the energy of the spirit will be there, in your mind if nothing else. This is enough to both make early experimentation successful and also somewhat dangerous. When you open the ritual space and call forth a spirit, any spirit, be aware that it will have an effect on your psyche no matter what and those effects can be subtle. You must KNOW that the calling was successful.

  12. I´ve been practicing magick almost for 5 years, I know the spirit/s are there, but this is not the problem even if i do not feel the spirit precense; the problem is that i never had any visible results of these works.

    I make the sigil.
    I work for 1 or 3 days at 3 am.
    Waning moon.
    My wish is clear.
    After the ritual i keep safe the sigil
    I also know that the callings were successful.
    No result.

    Interesting the thing of the 4th day of work.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      I would suggest that you begin copyin the First Testimony of the Mad Arab first before any further work. 🙂

  13. I tested for results through someone else.
    I figured that if I could make a summoned spirit affect change in something that usually has the same result, and someone else notices, then you know you were succesful.
    I shall give you an example.

    A friend of mine grows a certain herbal substance.
    This is done in a controled environment and each harvest is grown in exactly the same conditions.
    I discussed with him various details of growing, sampled his harvests and inspected his growing space.
    I made sure that I had a good mental image of this growing space and memorized various particular details.
    When it was time to plant new seeds I accompanied him and made sure he bought the same seeds as the other times.
    I took them out of the little bag and rolled them through my fingers, as to establish a connection with the things that needed growing.
    My friend went to plant the seeds and that same night I called upon one of the Fifty Names.
    During the ritual I visualized the growing space, recalled the feeling of the seeds rolling through my fingers and pictured how these little seeds grew into big and healthy plants with huge crops.
    I didn’t tell my friend of the summoning, so he knew nothing about it.
    Just a few weeks after planting the seeds he came to visit me and all excited he told me that his plants grew much faster than normal, under the same conditions.
    I went to check it out, and indeed, the plants were bigger than they should be at that stage and when they were eventually harvested each plant delivered more than usual.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      I enjoyed reading your experience. There are many unssen things that affect the material world. The workings of the Necronomicon Tradition are a bit above the curious though. This is why some people achieve no results, or things may happen but not as expected. Usually when someone works with these forces without a clear intent of spiritual evolution and immortality, they become subject to these forces.

  14. Wow cool experience!
    It´s a nice way to test the functioning of this forces.
    I have a clear intent and will for spiritual evolution and growing, but seems not enough for this works (at least in my case).
    Re-reading some of the comments i´ll find that you W. say to try with waxing moon, maybe there is the problem.
    On the other hand for all the necronomicon magick do i have to copy all the book from the First Testimony of the Mad Arab to the 2nd?

  15. Warlock is right about copying the Book.
    Each practicioner of the Necronomicon should copy the Book in his or her own handwriting.
    This serves as a way of meditation and also to learn.
    I am busy copying the text for a third time and the spellbook I’ve copied numerous times.
    The more you do this, the more you will notice particular details and that in turn will set you on a quest to gather more knowledge about the things you are copying.
    At least, that is my experience.

    And don’t worry, many of my summonings yielded also no results.
    I’ve also had results with unexpected outcome.

    Just keep practicing!

  16. En Ea.Abatu says:

    Vibrate the name of the name of Marduk 10 times, real slowly and deep like to where you feel it in your stomach almost. After this time, close your eyes, imagine the seal of the name you are calling forth and slowly vibrate the word of power given to you. If it doesn’t work after vibrating the word of a power a few time I don’t know else to tell you other than maybe you should clear your thoughts prior to the calling. This might be why doing some sort of banishing is in order before doing any rites. Centers the mind and subsequently opens the way for the will to become manifest.

  17. En Ea.Abatu says:

    Also. results manifested in the material plane should not be expected immediately. These entities work on a different time/space continuum than us. Sometimes the result is immediate, but usually its a slow process that fully manifests long after you forgot about the specific working. Basically you wrote a check and it got cashed long after you sent it out. Best hope you have enough funds to cover it…….

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