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Will Venger Satanis Leave the Cult of Cthulhu? Your Vote Counts

Since our last article entitled How To Rebuild The Cult of Cthulhu Venger Satanis has been pretty low-key until a few weeks ago.The Green Pope, the New Age Lex Luthor, The Church of Satan’s Accidental Joke, also known as, High Priest Venger Satanis, is back in Necronomicon News again. The occult bad-boy is back at it again. This time running into “beef” with other subscribers on Jason 666 King’s Youtube Channel. It is quite ironic that several months ago differences between Jason666 King’s ideology and the Cult of Cthulhu was posted in this article Jason 666 King Versus The Cult of Cthulhu. Sparks started fly on Jason’s King Youtube Chammel several weeks ago, which can be seen here If anyone likes cooking, here’s the ingredients for Venger and the CoC.
5% Weaksauce!!
10% Irrelevancy!!
15% Idiocy!!
20% Illiteracy!!
50% EPIC PHAIL!!!!

This was in response to a statement made by Venger:

“Ironic, since I was just going to suggest that JK’s youtube comment area is not the place to discuss these things. I don’t understand what TheManiacalSatanist6 means since I didn’t talk about 2x or 1y, but giving the meaning behind the variables. Almost as if he were trying not to comprehend my argument.

As I already said, this is Jason King’s channel. He doesn’t need the likes of me cluttering up his space with my theories, formulas, and preoccupation with the color green. that is to say, I’m done posting here. If an individual wishes to continue this or another conversation then to it via p.m. or better yet, the Cult of Cthulhu forum. If you can’t get a fair shake there, then may the Gods be with you!”

Here was the response that Manical Satanist gave:

Venger just doesn’t want to get pwned in public.

“As I already said, this is Jason King’s channel. He doesn’t need the likes of me cluttering up his space with my theories, formulas, and preoccupation with the color green. that is to say, I’m done posting here.” Jason has said REPEATEDLY that this channel is the lion’s den. He loves and encourages intellectual conversation. For you to say some bullshit like that is not only a blatant excuse to avoid getting pwned in public, you’re even trying to change the setting over to your site where you have the power to IP ban people.

Here we see conflict with the Satanic Community, and as we go further into our discussion, we begin to see more conflicts between the CoC and the Satanic Community. In a recent youtube video, Venger puts the Church of Satan on the low end of the totem pole in comparison to the CoC:

In a recent Interview With Church of Satan High Priest Peter H. Gilmore-Venger posted the following comment behinf the article:

“Hahahaha, utterly ludicrous….Gilmore presents a mere corner or phase of Satanism… and roughly a third of that! “Earthy people” are beholden to nature which is average, ordinary, mechanical, and hostile to those faculties which exalts man above animal: consciousness….I’d be more than happy to be interviewed or provide a counterpoint to this kind of amusing non-Satanism. If Gilmore actually understood Nietzsche, then I’d be worried.”

After posting this comment, the host of this particular blog page allowed Venger to write an Open Letter where Venger explains the following:

“Ok, this is my take on Satanism; a counterpoint to the contemporary views of the Church of Satan.  Essentially, it all comes down to pragmatism.”

Interestingly, during the Cult of Cthulhu shakeup, members who left the organization focused more on Santanic endeavors. Here is a clip of Beast Xeno discussing his future endeavors. Viewers will notice his close connection to Modern Satanism, which Venger put on the bottom of his pyramid scheme in the previous video. Please support The Ooze hosted by Beast Xeno. It’s an excellent radio show!

Although Venger promotes the idea that any differences between the CoC and the Church of Satan are purely philosophical, noted Lovecraftain scholar Dan Harms presented the Venger Satanis versus the Church of Satan quite some time ago. In the article Harms made the following observation:

“When we last checked in, it was 2005, and Darrick Dishaw, a.k.a. Venger Satanis, of the Cult of Cthulhu, had announced that he wanted a position of leadership in the Church of Satan, which would become part of his brand new Internet cult.  What happened next?

Many different perspectives have appeared on the Church of Satan.  Only one matter is for certain here:  the Church of Satan does not want to join your lousy Internet cult.  In fact, their site features page after page after page about how much they don’t want to join, affiliate with, or have anything to do with your lousy stinkin’ Internet cult.  At least some of these were up at the time, but Darrick seems to have missed them entirely.

Well, that, along with another point of news:

We are currently phasing out Grottos, so no, your “Cult of Cthulhu” cannot be recognized as a Grotto.

As you can imagine, Darrick was able to respond in a calm and non-insulting manner:

however, i see the CoS slipping away into the darkness (perhaps i’m wrong). especially now that you’ve told me about the phasing out of the grotto system and considering the outrageous $200 membership fee. is the CoS proposing to shed itself of the magical philosophy that it was founded upon as well?....”

So it seems like Venger’s difference with the Church of Satan might be more personal than it is philosophical. Some have claimed that Venger must be a leader otherwise he will go insane, Some have wondered if he is using mind-blowing substances as seen in this video:

Another former member of the CoC, Ego Diabolus had this to say about Venger in our Rebuilding the CoC article:

“Though I do not agree with your position on many points in this statement, they are still well-founded and worthy of consideration by your target audience. I am afraid, however, that you may just be casting pearls before swine.”

Now the time has come for people in the world to decide if Venger Satanis should step down as High Priest of the CoC? Your vote will be kept confidential