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The Dan Harms Machine Gives A Nod To The Simon Necronomicon

Warlock Asylum (The Dark Knight) & Dan Harms (Captain America) Agree On Some Aspects of the Necronomicon Tradition

 Greetings! Lovecraftian scholar, Dan Harms, recently posted up some information that Initiates in the Necronomicon Tradition might find useful. In his recent post, entitled The Maqlu Text, Harms states the following:

“..a University of Toronto lecture by Tzvi Abusch regarding the authentic Maqlu text, on which parts of Simon’s Necronomicon are based,..”

Is Harms starting to realize that maybe there might be something unique about the Necronomicon Tradition? I doubt if we will ever know, but he does give some useful information that we may begin launching a series based on the Maqlu Tablets.

Of course, Harms’ perspective is not a new one, as there is a big difference between the DC and Marvel universes, so it is with the Necronomicon Tradition. Interestingly, I found another essay on the Maqlu tablets, while trying to debunk the Simon Necronomicon again. it is entitled, Criticism of the Necronomicon. So i think it would be useful for us to step into a subject that we have never discussed on this page-The Maklu Text. We will keep you posted.

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