I recently discovered some information that has given me a deeper understanding of the Urilia Text rite. I am sure that many Initiates of the Necronomicon Tradition will find this  information very useful. Under the topic, Lady SHAKUGUKU, we find the following mentioned on page 199 of The Atlantean Necronomicon (Deluxe Edition):

“Lady SHAKUGUKU is the messenger of Azag-Thoth. She is considered by some to be the wife of Nyarlathotep, but this is information is only known to a few Adepts. The ancient texts describe her as having white hair and eyes, silver skin, with strong African facial features. Her sacred animal is the praying mantis.”

The information in the Atlantean Necronomicon illustrates Lad SHAKUGUKU’s role in the Atlantean era. However, the Sumer Aryan Dictionary by L. A. Waddell, notes the following concerning the goddess on page 78

“..saqquguku, the maid Queen of the Wine jug or bowl — a title of Tiamat, the she-serpent queen of the Deep…”

It should be noted by the reader that Tiamat was an amalgamation of the pre-existing Atlantean goddesses similar to Ishtar being an amalgamation of pre-existing Sumerian goddesses. It is good, however,to see that the Simon Necronomicon is a source of knowledge that is lost in the minds of New Agers

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  1. That Lady Shakuguku has African features makes sense because during the Atlantean (ancient name was Atan-ta) period, some of its inhabitants left before it sunk and moved to what is now known as West Africa, and called themselves The Akan 🙂

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