In previous articles, we were able to verify that the method of initiation, as explained in the Simon Necronomicon is consistent with the initiatory steps as revealed in the Greater Mysteries. The reader can access this information at the following links:

There are many articles presented in this blog page that illustrate the Simon Necronomicon’s compatibility with ancient Mesopotamian customs and rites. Now we will post a series of articles exploring the Necronomicon Tradition and Theory in the realms of science, and through our discovery of such, we will clearly see that the Simon Necronomicon is a merge of both magic and science.

In the world of physics everything can be proven by the use of mathematical formulae, with the exception of two things, zero and infinity. The mysteries of zero-infinity are both simple and complex. One online article, entitled The Mysterious Zero/Infinity, which can reviewed at the following link, mentions:

“A new deck of 52 cards usually has two jokers. Likewise there are two jokers that bedevil physics — zero and infinity. They represent powerful adversaries at either end of the realm of numbers that we use in modern science. Yet, zero and infinity are two sides of the same coin — equal and opposite, yin and yang. “Multiply zero by anything and you get zero. Multiply infinity by anything and you get infinity. Dividing a number by zero yields infinity; dividing a number by infinity yields zero. Adding zero to a number leaves the number unchanged. Adding a number to infinity leaves infinity unchanged.” Yet, the biggest questions in science, philosophy, and religion are about nothingness and eternity, the void and the infinite, zero and infinity….”

The questions about zero and infinity are answered in the Simon Necronomicon, specifically though the use of the Three Seals of MASSHU.  The Mad Arab mentions the following in his First Testimony:

“Of the three carved symbols, the first is the sign of our Race from beyond the Stars,..”

Although we have discussed the historical and metaphorical significance of the ARRA sign in previous posts, we will explore another aspect of its meaning here. The ARRA represents “our Race from beyond the Stars,” or zero. According to Necronomicon Physics the ARRA is given a value when it enters into the realm of the starry region where it is given a value based upon its quality in comparison to other elements existing in the celestial world. The Mad Arab continues in what he describes as infinity:

“The Watcher is a Race sent by the Elder Ones. It keeps vigil while one sleeps, provided the appropriate ritual and sacrifice has been performed,: else, if called, it will turn upon you.”

While some of the less studious may be of a different opinion, we have discussed many times that the Watcher is relative to one of the nine entities mentioned in the Urilia Text. In the realm of Necronomicon Physics, the Watcher can be described as the force of infinity. Notice what is mentioned by the Mad Arab in other parts of the tome:

“And against the Ancient Ones, there is only defence. Only a madman, indeed, such as I am called!, can hope to have power over Them that dwell in the Outer Spaces, for their power is unknown, and the number of the hordes uncounted,..”

The Ancient Ones are described in quantum mechanics as infinity. Later, the Mad Arab writes:

“Remember that the Essences of the Ancient Ones are in all things, but that the Essences of the Elder Gods are in all things that live, and this will prove of value to thee when the time comes…”

So here we see that the Simon Necronomicon is able to answer a question that the current study of quantum mechanics is unable to answer. Zero multiplied by infinity equals creation. When the force of being (zero) is multiplied by infinity light is created as the motion of the void and infinity is perceived as being still at first. However, infinity is within nothingness, as the implosive attraction of the two creates light, but god (the element of attraction between zero and infinity) lies within darkness. This formulae is also found in the Magan Text:

“When on High the Heavens had not been named,..The Earth had not been named,..And Naught existed but the Seas of ABSU,..The Ancient One,..And MUMMU TIAMAT, the Ancient One..Who bore them all,..Their Waters as One Water.”

This passage from the Magan Text is exactly what scientists in the field of quantum mechanics are beginning to realize. The Mysterious Zero/Infinity article, cited earlier in this discussion, concludes:

 “But, there is a price that we must pay to banish zero and infinity. The size of a typical string in string theory is the Planck length, i.e., about 10-33 centimeters. This is over a thousand trillion times smaller that what the most advanced particle detection equipment can observe. Are these unifying theories, that describe the centers of black holes and explain the singularity of the big bang, becoming so far removed from experiment that we will never be able to determine their correctness? The models of the universe that string theorists and cosmologists develop might be mathematically precise, beautiful and consistent and might appear to explain the nature of the universe — and yet be utterly wrong. Scientific models/theories, philosophies, and religions will continue to exist and be refined. However, because of zero and infinity, we can never have “proof”. All that science can know is that the cosmos was spawned from nothing, and will return to the nothing from whence it came.”
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1 thought on “The Missing Key In Quantum Physics: The Simon Necronomicon

  1. Very interesting stuff, Brother! I’m glad I had the opportunity to read this article & absorb the information as I was not wholly with it when we discussed it on the phone the other day. I have always considered the zero point & infinity to be one in the same; the infinite moment before action, or as you put it in the article, the point before “…the ARRA is given a value when it enters into the realm of the starry region …”. When it is given value, it is given form & thus becomes finite no matter how long enduring. At this moment, infinity is lost & form & finite existence begins.

    This is further illustrated by the mathematical axiom that when anything is multiplied by zero you get zero; the zero point is the point of stillness where the infinity of possibilities are seen through to their conclusions at the same time.

    Another excellent article, Brother!

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