The Mad Arab mentions the following in the Urilia Text:

” Know that GELAL and LILIT are quick to come at Calling, and invadeth the beds of Man, robbing the Water of Life and the Food of Life in which to quicken the Dead, but their labours are fruitless for they do not have the formulae. But the Priest has the formulae, and the Food of Life and the Water of Life may be brought to call many, for after the passage of one-tenth of a Moon the Elements are dead…And GELAL invades the bed of a Woman, and LILIT that of a Man, and sometimes evil beings are born of these hauntings, and as such must be slain, for the children of GELAL are workers natural of the ANCIENT ONE, having His Spirit; and the children of LILIT are likewise, but are born in secret places which may not be perceived by Man, and it is not until the time of their maturity that such as these are given to walking in the places of Men.”

The above passage has led to some speculation, as far as, children being born from relations between Gelal (incubus) and Lilit (succubus) in conjunction with human beings. R. C. Thompson, in the book Semitic Magic, mentions the following on page 71:

“The Rabbis believed, too, that a man might have children by allying himself with a demon, and although they might not be visible to human beings, yet when that man was dying they would hover round his bed, to hail him as their father. At the funeral of a bachelor the Jews of Kurdistan cast sand before the coffin to blind the eyes of the unbegotten children of the deceased. Similarly, the Assyrian demon alu owes its parentage to a human being. Bar Shalmon, the legendary son-in-law of Asmodeus, the demon, after marrying his daughter, a princess, becomes the father of a son by her, but deserts her. The princess then pretends to renounce him, but begs a final kiss, which kills him.”

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