Every Initiation is a Challenge that Produces a Great Blessing for Practitioners of the Necronomicon Tradition

Greetings! Occasionally, we receive letters from Initiates of the Necronomicon Tradition. I thought it might be good to post some of these, just to illustrate the mindset of those who walk this path. Readers may also receive answer to their questions based on the insights of others. I receive this letter in a pdf attachment in my email, and have copied and paste it below. I am sure that Jyotishmoy would enjoy hearing feedback. So please feel free to comment. Stay Blessed!

Every Initiation is a Challenge that Produces a Great Blessing for Practitioners of the Necronomicon Tradition

Jyotishmoy hear, it’s been some time since I last hear from you. Well, actually I am sending your this E-mail to inform you about some of my opinion and experiences regarding to Simon Necronomicon. Personally I think the Necronomicon is a very GOOD Gremoire for a traveler in to the realm of Magick and Occultism, every voyager of this path should go through it, in some period of his journey. And this

is coming from the mouth of a RHP initiate; did I mentioned you that I am from the Indian RHP Tantra !? Now you might wonder, what a RHP initiate is doing in the Necronomicon !? Because, Simon Necronomicon is considered as a LHP Tome. That’s a Good question ! Verryy Good question !!. Now, let me beginnn …….. !

I had started my journey in the realm of occultism, when I was very young (nearly 10 year Age !); oddly, my journey was started by some tragic situation in my life, in that period of life. Like any helpless poor fellow, I tried to console myself with what ever stuff I can found around me. And what I found was, Astrology, Theosophy, Herbal lore, Yoga, Tantra, etc, etc. Roaming around from one realm to another, I had ended up at the field of Tantra. Like most of the people my first impression of Tantra was a cocktail of perverted hedonism, and my thought was thrilled about mere mention of it.

Unfortunately, reality soon kicked my butt; what I find out that, it is not that all sleaze and wine. Infect, the whole beginners journey was Overdosed with Theory and Theosophy ! Oh God !!! My journey was long and slow, and painful; full of trails and ordeals, nor a happy Cinderella’s Dream neither an Alice in Wonderland. At last I found my mentor or you can call, “GURU”, by that time I was quiet puffed up myself drinking a lots of White Light dosed with RHP, trying to be with the boys of Goodness thinking

myself a RHP Good Guy; at the same time being tormented inside from my years of Trauma in my life. I felt some thing is wrong, some thing is wrong inside me in my life. When I finally talked to my “GURU”, he remain silent for some moment, meditate, and initiated me in the Mysteries of a God, who is considered as a Lord of LHP ! Oh Boy! I thought, now I am a RHP Guy, initiated to and worshiping a LHP Lord !!! Great ! Honestly speaking, the whole incident tore down my good Vs Bad or RHP Vs LHP mindset, cause now I do not know whether I am RHP or LHP !? And now it just dose not matter. Whew!

Now, we come to the Necronomicon ! Which was hovering around me from nearly more than 10 years. At first I was skeptical, because at that time a lots of new books of Magick and Occultism was popping up in the internet. An I was guzzling them like a gluttonous monster, what ever I could found in my regular surfing; well, I may not be a skateboard surfer, but I was proud as a internet surfer !!! Anyway I had put it in my computer Hard drive, after a light reading; I thought, Good fantasy ! I was also confused about the Simon Necronomicon and the Lovecraftian Necronomicon. Slowly and slowly I had started to realize the difference between them. Then, about more than one year ago I had came around your blog, the visits were very enlightening, I had to confess your blog had cleared up a lots of my confusions and misconceptions. From that time I am a regular visitor of your blog, illuminating myself with every visit about the Simon Necronomicon Tradition. After visiting a lots your blog, in last year near October or November, I was encouraged myself to apply for the Necronomicon Gate-walking online course from you. And one of the reasons apart from I had already mentioned in my correspondence with you was, that traumatic feelings I was having all in my life. I can say it a agony of depression from years of sadness and pain and whatever. I was feeling Like Stranger, Myself To Myself Within Myself ! So, I had posted my comment in your blog about my

intention about the Necronomicon Gate-walking Online Course. I got a reply from you, asking my Bio, and intention for learning, which I replied to your satisfaction.And then I  got a reply from you with welcome and first instruction for preparation of the Tools for the Gate-Walking work. As I proceed with your instructions, including the regular copying the Simon Necronomicon with my handwriting; when I was in the middle of the First Part of the Testimony of the Mad Arab I had noticed some strange phenomena. Do you remember the Phase,




After going through the above mentioned phase, it just keep on Buzzing on itself within my Head for Next three days. It seems like some sort of power switch for the Book. And then I had noticed that The Book was Starting to speak slowly and slowly, I know it seems bizarre, but what I am talking is that the book was trying to speak in,

A Language Beyond the Language;

With No Word, No Sound, No Sentence;

But Filled with Intuition and Inspiration;

Telepathic !

Voice it Is!

Very Strong Voice!

Very Deep Voice !

It seems the Book or the Powers within it, was trying to guide me itself. Whenever I had any confusion or any short of questions regarding to Necronomicon or related to other subject in my life, I got the answers very subtly, or could I say Telepathically; some times when I am alone, instantly or some times within two or three days in a strange manner, which I think you can understand. And some times  I do also see unknown vision in my mind, But my scrying skill was Null !! I got the inspiration that, I should prepare slowly, and move slowly for readiness, because the Necronomicon is like a  edge of a Razor Blade and only a snail can move safely on the edge of a Razor Blade. I was told that, I should at least try to do the Gate-Walking for the NANNA Gate; for which it said, I am qualified; but for the others it will be decided later. And I was provided the procedure for the NANNA GATE-walking, Which was provided in a different place. That was before, I got nearly the same procedure from you for the NANNA Gate after two weeks, so when I got the procedure from you, I was amazed. As, I have come from the Eastern Esoteric Tradition and I have nearly No Prior Training in Western Esoteric System apart from Theoretical know how; so in my amusement, I popped the question that, is there any place for a beginner in the Necronomicon Tradition ? If he have no back ground in Western Esoteric Tradition like me. In response I had received the inspiration that, yes, a New Fresher can; but, he should strictly follow the Rules and regulations, always strictly observe the covenant, and most of all in the beginning stage work under the Guidance of a Mentor and strictly follow the instruction from the Mentor; Never, Never, Never, play around with this system; be sincere and honest , and keep honour and respect towered the System and it’s Forces. As long as anyone follow these lines he is welcome, otherwise it will Not be a Happy Ending ! Because, Necronomicon is like a High Power, Live Power Line; so care must be taken.  I must have to say that when these Forces or the Book speaks, the experience is felt like paranoia, as it is more like Telepathy without any word or sound or sentence. So, when it communicate, that’s come in the form of a Overwhelming flow of feelings, intuition and inspiration, from Out Side. And one could easily differentiate them from his own thoughts.  It seems the response is always in a form or level that the recipient can understand it. And it do not speaks all the times. But in some times, when it seems the time is right, it should intervene and respond itself or themselves.

I am writing this email to you as per I was inspired to do so, though I do not know whether there will be any response from you, or what it will be ? But I will be happy to hear from you !

I am Not of Them!

Still One of Them!

Still moving among Them!

Beyond the Veil! Beyond the Horizon !! ………. ….. …… !!!

With Best Regards.

Jyotishmoy Boruah

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