The Ambitious Show Comes To NYC

Over the past 4 years Lady Circus, has incessantly challenged itself and its audiences. We’ve put ourselves in danger, broken the law and a few hearts for the sake of your entertainment. Now we set out to create something pristine, beautiful and most importantly honest.

You arrive to New York City, your eyes are bright and your heart is young. You step outside of the train staton and are immediately crushed by the buildings, suffocated by the noise and swept up by the crowds. Panic swells up in your chest – you are utterly alone in a city of 8 million. You have no choice, you breathe it all in.

You trade comfort for chaos. You take unimaginable risks in the name of adventure. What was insane back home is now the norm. You let yourself fall irreversibly in love. You lock lips with the city and it tastes like a familiar poison. You commit to your addiction, letting it destroy everything you thought you were. One day you wake up and realize that you’re home. You have paid your dues and you finally belong in the city built for the fearless, the beautiful and the ambitious.

Set to the epic, sweeping tones of the 20-member This Ambitious Orchestra, Lady Circus flies through the air and dances across your table, swept up in a story that is all too familiar to those who fought to be here.

Kathryn Van Assche, Lori Barber, Airin Dalton, Lisa Dispigno, Benjamin Ickies
Vigdis Hentze Olsen, Ashley Perez, John Presnell, Anya Sapozhnikova and Jeff Young

Directed by Anya Sapozhnikova
Music by Benjamin Ickies & This Ambitious Orchestra
Choreography by Kathryne Van Assche

4 nights only!
Thursday June 23rd, Friday June 24th, Saturday June 25th, Sunday June 26th.
9pm doors, 10pm show. $ 20-30
Advance tickets:
At the House of Yes Theater, 342 Maujer St at Morgan Ave. L train to Grand St Station.

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