Fantastic Voyage by Prince Charming - The album that captured the energy of the 1990's.

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Fantastic Voyage by Prince Charming – The album that captured the energy of the 1990’s.

The Fantastic Voyage album is not well-known. Nor is artist Prince Charming a household name. Despite its underground limited popularity, Fantastic Voyage by Prince Charming is the only album that successfully manages to capture the spirit of the 1990’s and its music in a single recording. Released in 1998 under WordSound Recordings, Fantastic Voyage takes the listener on a psychedelic journey through the heartlands of the Blues, Classical, Disco, Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, Pop, and Experimental music.

Another amazing feature of Fantastic Voyage album is the standard it set for engineers of all genres in mixing and mastering. Fantastic Voyage on this level of ingenuity is just as important as such classics like Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, or the BeatlesSgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The album comes fully packed, featuring nineteen mind-bending tracks. Prince Charming decided to take an intelligent cinematic approach to the project. Amazon’s description of the album includes the review given to it by Nitsuh Abebe:

“The late ’90s seemed to see electronica coming into its own, moving past simply appealing dancefloor workouts and into truly dramatic, composed areas. Fantastic Voyage is an excellent example of how electronica can go beyond trippy textures and into compelling forms — its hypnotic grooves blend elements of dub, hip-hop, fusion, and ambience with a dizzying array of samples and found sounds to create a stunningly dynamic sound that’s sometimes dark, sometimes scary, and frequently somewhat sexy. Rather than shooting for subdued, subliminal spaciness (the norm in much of contemporary electronica), Prince Charming manages to be forcibly trippy, revving up its constructions with as much power as a solid rock band. Not only is this sound consistently effective, it’s backed up with enough intelligence and complexity to make it worthwhile. ~ Nitsuh Abebe, All Music Guide

Some of the track are completely excellent examples of innovation in subject matter. If you listen to this track. Prince Charming gives you an entire series of combative moves and the effect they will have on his opponent in the song Metamorphosizing Motel Room Masquerades.  My favorite track on the album is My Hand is Quicker Than the Eye. Overall, Fantastic Voyage by Prince Charming is a certified classic and collector’s item for the artist, engineer, and producer.

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