(This Love Is) Eterna by Sespool

A Review of (This Love Is) Eternal by Sespool

Based out of San Francisco, California, multi-instrumentalist and musician/producer Sean E. aka Sespool has released an epic hip-hop album entitled (This Love Is) Eternal. Sespool has an unprecedented love for music. Prior to the release of his current album, Sespool spent nearly a decade in the Bay Area indie rock scene and performed as bassist for the rock trio Rin Tin Tiger.

Sespool’s latest offering is a ten-track treasure chest of experimental hip-hop. Sespool’s inventive nature makes this collection of music a highly-contagious prize. (This Love Is) Eternal has a multi-dimensional terrain, which includes elements of pop, psychedelia, rock, and soul into its hip-hop landscape. Sespool also reveals many words of wisdom in his rhymes. There is something in (This Love Is) Eternal for everyone.

Track-by-Track Review of (This Love Is) Eternal

(This Love Is) Eternal opens up with the energetic track Love Was A Drug. The song has a hard-edged feel and provides Sespool with the perfect opportunity to establish his credentials as a rap artist for his supporters and purists of the genre alike. Not only does Sespool have impressive bars, but his theatrics behind the mic is truly surreal.

Pretty Good Friends is a phenomenal tune with equally amazing production. The track has hazy overtones and sets the tone for Sespool’s cerebral lyricism about the struggle of human friendships. The free-spiritedness of this tantalizing groove is further enhanced by Sespool singing on the hook. Pretty Good Friends also has a great music video.

Sespool covers the serious, but the rarely-discussed topic of how those who are born disadvantaged can get past their condition in Overcome. Musically, the song is laced with dark overtones that complement the track’s theme. Sespool’s outrage adds a high degree of depth to the tune’s chemistry as he screams about taking drugs and falling in love with himself in the same sentence.

The journey into (This Love Is) Eternal’s shadowy side with the musical interlude Ccc, which seemingly serves as a bridge to the latter half of the album and a shifting perspective.

Musically, The Choice lingers into a brighter zone that may or may not come when reflecting on a relationship. Sespool rhymes from a contemplative place of purging and old relationship. The music is acoustically warm and is one of the better rap songs that effectively makes use of live instrumentation.

See U Feel U is a haunting tale of desire and eroticism over a seductively dark musical landscape. Sespool is able to create a high level of visuals with this cinematic treat.

Five Little Words comes through with a strong experimental structure, which allows Sespool to not only stretch his imagination but also display many of his different vocal talents. Five Little Words is an intense journey and captures one of Sespool’s many attitudes behind the venting.

Sespool delivers a beautiful ballad, which serves as the title track on the album. (This Love Is) Eternal is Sespool’s sterling masterpiece that brings the continuity of his sonic journey to new heights. Sespool gives honors to love despite its painful bite.

Run Baby Run is a hard-rhyme groove that totes the “you can run but can’t hide” philosophy. Sespool keeps things colorful with an r&b/hip-hop song structure.

Sespool concludes (This Love Is) Eterna with the tale of a love anew in Breathe Again. The musical landscape of this song is simply beautiful and transitions from a folk-rock melody into a wonderful rap song about love.

(This Love Is) Eternal by Sespool is fabulous work. Sespool sets a precedent as an honest emcee whose level of reality means living life as an open book. It is through such a creative effort that Sespool is able to offer something to the world at large, something that is healing as much as it is entertaining.

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