Maasai Warrior

Maasai Warrior

“Enki (Ea) was traditionally depicted as the Serpent-Lord of the Euphrates. Meanwhile, Enlil (aka Jehovah) was very much against humans… as is shown in the Garden of Eden story where the ongoing feud between the Anunnaki half-brothers is recounted in part. Enlil was insistent that humankind should be kept in ignorance, and should be maintained solely to toil and to bear the yoke of the Anunnaki (a task the Roman Catholic Church has zealously endeavored to accomplish). But Enki was insistent that the black-headed people should be educated.”

The following is a report from the following website:

“In January 2001, the Kenyan government announced its plan to excise an additional 412,000 acres of the Mau Forest, which is currently home to the pastoralist Maasai. While a number of NGOs have protested this latest initiative, few have addressed the spiritual significance of the forest to those who know it most intimately.

Meitamei Olol-Dapash, founder of the Maasai Environmental Resource Coalition, explains, “The land is not just the foundation of our livelihood; it is also the foundation for our spirituality. Land is central to our spiritual beliefs because we believe that God dwells not only in and beyond the deep-blue skies (keperr or shumata) but also in the thick forests, rivers, and beneath the earth.” Although the natural landscape is widely held in high spiritual esteem, the Mau Forest has particular resonance for the Maasai because it has, since time immemorial, been considered the “Maasai Promised Land.” Notes Olol-Dapash, it is our Promised Land because “[it holds] our future, our prosperity, the resources for our cultural reproduction, and the cohesiveness of our society.”

“It is from the forests,” he continues, “that leaves and barks of holy trees such as the Olorien and Olretei are obtained and used in the process of offering sacrifices to God.” Not only do these trees provide sanctuary for the cattle that are ritually sacrificed as part of every age-set ceremony, but they themselves are possessed of a certain “intrinsic” holiness, and are “used to perform solemn ceremonies such as Emuratare, or initiation, and Eunoto, or graduation to elderhood. These ceremonies involve the use of sacred trees and herbs and even retreats into the forests for reflection and dialogue with God, depending on the ceremony taking place.” For example, Eunoto, which takes place every 10-15 years and commemorates the passage from warrior to elder, is preceded by a period of forest retreat, in which 50-100 elders, “sponsors” or “patrons,” search for “walking sticks” to award the graduates as symbols of maturity. During this period, as they search for sticks that are of sufficient length and straightness, they pray, meditate, and “communicate with God all the time.” Thus, the forest is a place for Divine conversation—a “holy shrine” where Maasai elders not only retreat to collect ritual implements, but come to know the “spiritual aspects of their God.”

The God of the Maasai, Enkai, is the “creator of the forest, mountains, lowlands, and cool highlands that sustain the lives of the people, their cattle, and wild animals.”

“Powerful, invisible forces of nature in our world,” explains Olol-Dapash, “such as rain, thunder, drought, and lightning represent both gifts and punishments from Enkai,” who not only created, but dwells within the Mau Forest, particularly in the form of “fog or mists.” Although “He” is defined by colorful dualities that animate nearly every aspect of the life of the forest, in essence “He” has two qualities: Enkai Narok, which is associated with the Good, the Black, the Superior, and the North, and is embodied by thunder and rain, and Enkai Na-nyokie, which is associated with the Angry, the Red, the Minor, and the South, and is frequently embodied by lightning. These “divine aspects” permeate the forest, which is regarded as a microcosm of Enkai—both fertile and ferocious, creative and destructive, good and angry. “The forest,” summarizes Olol-Dapash, “is whole, in every aspect. It symbolizes creation in its complete state. It holds life, holds hope, holds misery, holds lightning.… The forest represents so many things. It is not just a creation, but an expression of God.”

“The forest, and in particular the Mau Forest,” he concludes, “has, for centuries, played a significant role in the passage of our … spiritual beliefs … from generation to generation.… The subsequent appropriation [of it], therefore, has [undermined] and continues to undermine our spiritual identity. With little or no economic resources to seek legal redress, the Maasai could very well lose these sacred lands altogether,” and along with them, the heart of their ancestral religion, the center of their spiritual sanctuary, and the “body” of their God.

“The very survival of the Maasai culture is intricately dependent on our people’s relationship to the land.” — MERC



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  1. nightcaller says:

    Interesting. It’s a shame that these ancient beliefs and places have to make way for the greed and ignorance of people who don’t care about anything but their own.

  2. That is very Sad to hear !

    By the way, it is very nice to hear from you ! i was starting to be afraid about your Prolong silence. I thought, whether i had offended you by sending to you some of my prolong questions !? Though you had answered, my first question; i was waiting with hope for your reply regarding to the remaining Six or Seven Questions.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      Thank you. Have you done any research regarding the questions that you have asked?

  3. Jyotishmoy says:

    Yes I had,

    Actually I had written down or composed those questions in an elevated state of mind. When I was copying the Simon Necronomicon with my own handwriting, several times I was sifted to an altered state of Mind. And in that state I was instructed to compose those questions through intuition or may I say telepathically. I know it may sound bizarre, but I think being a magician yourself you might understand my situation. I am not bragging myself here, in fact I DO NOT LIKE THOSE SITUATIONS at all; because it is more like being Possessed in a conscious State of Mind, and I hate it. I always try to avoid it or keep myself away from this type of Conscious Possession; because I think it is a dangerous State of Mind and staying too long in this type of mental situation could make anyone Insane.

    Now we come to the main point, about the questions I can say that before composing them actually I was meditating on each of those questions for three or four days myself. And about One or Two I had the answer in an intuitive level e.g. my Third Question about The Gate of NANNA and INANNA and my Fourth Question about the Gate and Sphere of INANNA. You might notice that I had not put forward any direct questions in the Third and Fourth Questions, but left it with my observations for your consideration.

    While the Fifth and Sixth question is very unique and at first glance looked out of place, but a closer study in between the line, mentioned lines in the question about Simon Necronomicon proves in positive; and I believe a positive consideration in this regard could open up otherwise hidden possibilities in Simon Necronomicon. About my Seventh question I can say it is the most neglected subject of the NANNA Gate or the Moon Sphere in western Esoteric Tradition. Suffice is to say that Cornelius Agrippa himself mentioned about it in an enigmatic Emblem in his Book of Occult Philosophy as the Lunar Dragon. Interestingly in the Book of Geomancy the Symbol of Cauda Draconis or Head of the Dragon is connected to the Higher Realm or Heaven and used to access the power of Higher Heaven and the Symbol of Caput Draconis Tail of the Dragon is Connected to the Infernal Realm or Abyss and to access the same. Which reminds me about the slaying of Tiamat by Marduk in The Magan Text, it is noticeable that after slaying of Tiamat the Heaven was created from the Head of Tiamat and Earth was created from the rest of the body of Tiamat which is obviously the Tail, as Tiamat was depicted as a Serpent or Worm. Again in the Urilia Text in the last part Page no.202, it is mentioned that “When the Great KUTULU rises up and greets the Stars, then the War will be over, and the World be One.”. Here one thing should be noticed, that it is mentioned that KUTULU will greet the Stars (The Zonie), KUTULU will not fight the Stars (The Zonei) !

    Anyway, I think and I know, even at the time of composing those questions, that the questions are very long, descriptive, sticky and annoying. And I was afraid, you would be annoyed too. And about some of them like the Dik of Azug-bel-ya and the Sign Zdaq, I am still clueless. Therefore at first I was a little bit hesitant to send them to you. But after a lot of thinking, I was inspired to send them (The State of Conscious Possession again! and I was telepathically almost ordered to send them to you!). Because, if I simply meditate and do my personal research on them with my personal approach, then may be I may get answer to some of them and some of them may take time. At the same time whatever will be the benefit, it will be left to me entirely personally. But if I consult with you about them, may be this will ultimately proceed some creative dialogues from your part, about the various mentioned angles of Necronomicon Current in those questions resulting some Beneficial Out Come for the Whole Gate walking Community. And I think, as a Prominent Figure in the Simon Necronomicon Gate Walking Community, You are the Most Eligible One in this regard.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      I am not annoyed. Any question is a good question, When i started along this path, i didn’t have these resources, as in the blog page and etc. So i worked extra hard and had to rely heavily upon the unspoken epiphanies that i received from the DinGir, and then confirm these things with historical resources. It was from this process that i got deeper insight into the text, as well as, writing the book over, which is how the SN in meditated upon.

      Although, there is a little bit more info available about the Necronomicon Mysteries available today. There is still much to be discovered. i discover something new about this tradition everyday. Much of it, i do not write about. Some things i do. i have already answered most of the questions that you asked and will blog about them over time. The reason i was asking about your efforts in finding the answers, is due to the fact that the only knowledge you acquire is the one that you have searched for. Also it is important for the Initiate to learn about how research is done. It’s not just about looking up a word online or in a dictionary. it is a process and an important one.

  4. nightcaller says:

    I see that JYOTHISMOY wonders about some questions. I too am clueless about one of the things he mentions.
    That being the Dik of Azug-bel-ya. I always thought that this should read: the Dirk of Azug-bel-ya.
    And I imagined it to be some sort of ceremonial dagger that is carried by this shepherd and never used in combat, though out of fear he grabs it to defend himself and it melts in his hands.
    I don’t no if I’m right, so it would be great if someone could answer this question.

  5. Jyotishmoy says:

    Thanks for Your responce,

    Actually i have already followed your advice and as i have hinted that i had already get my answer regarding to some of those questions, only one or two question remaines clueless. Regarding to my research, i do not use any online reference or dictionary. Most of the Time i use my Daily ritualistic faculty; i mean when ever i had to search for any correspondence regarding to any information, i just put forward all my Equerries in front of my Personal Gods duriing my Daily Tantric Ritual and in most of the cases within form few Hours to One or Two days, Telepathically, i got all the answers with details informations. There for i hardy use any online references or the same. But the problem with this type of communication with the Personal Gods is that, most of the correspondence is commence in a language whic is very hard to express in words. Because it is mostly in the form of ideas, intuitions and inspiration and some time in the form of strange visions. Meaning and the massage in the visions of this type reveals slowly itself, so it also takes times.

    About your notion of it being a process and it being an important one, yes i am agree with you, as i stated above.
    i think, it is like an alchemical process of incubation and circulation for the search of the Lapis Philosophorum.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      Thank you for the pdf that you sent. Sounds like excellent work! I will be posting my results shortly.

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