Is debate worth forsaking possibilities of unity within the "conscious community?"

A street corner cipher was the terms of endearment for a generation that embraced the philosophy of the boom-bap! Quietly they left the Southern Baptist Church! This method of rehabilitation for the so-called Negro was rejected, as greater truths of Africa and other Asiatic lands were embraced. And though there existed discussions on the differences in pathways of an Afrocentric community, more value was placed in what each tradition of thought had to offer. It was as simple as saying “what’s today’s mathematics?”

The unity that was once experienced within the Afrocentric community is gradually deteriorating. Over the past decade, we have seen a rise in pointless debate lectures, where a representative from one group debates a member of another group from the conscious community on ideologies, nothing more nothing less. The Moabitess Stone makes this observation on the current idea of debate within the conscious community:

“Too make matters worse, we find that debates, like the ones entertained by the “conscious community,” serve as the perfect food for COINTELPRO. Once that bullet is fired against one member of a “conscious group” at a debate by a government agent, posing as a member of a different conscious group, the conscious community will reveal how unconscious it can be to the entire world. “

Is the current state of debating within the conscious community a tool used by COINTELPRO? Certainly the video clip posted at the beginning of this article serves as evidence of how governmental agencies have the power to remove and replace civil rights leaders, a plan once proposed by the F.B.I. in trying to undermine the influence of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In order to determine if this art of debating in the “conscious community” is a tool by COINTELPRO or not, let’s consider what are the downsides and benefits of the process itself and then we will discuss why Moorish Americans should avoid the debate circuit.

1-Debating is the new crack of the black community. Speaking as an experienced shaman, humanity’s first drug was an addiction to certain emotional states. Actually, drug addiction is simply a material form of emotional addiction. In the case of debates held within the “conscious community” its appeal is like low forms of magic and masturbatory facts. In the Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan, we find the following definition of the Sixty-First Hexagram appropriate for our discussion:

“A lie is when a Fool relates an account in history that did exist, but the discussion over these things produces a bad emotion in the man who listens to such. This is the lie. The Fool has two tongues, for he speaks accurately of a history, but the meaning of such speeches brings a dark cloud into the heart of the listener, even though the history being taught by the Fool did occur. This is a lie, for it has bred an evil emotion in the heart of the listener. And the Fool will continue to promote his truth as a truth among the Common-folk who will accept it as such. The truth of the Fool is a lie in the Court of Heaven and a means of spiritual attack on the unwary.”

Facts do not always represent the truth. For example, when Sara Suten Seti debated Dr. Alim Bey, some people left the debate thinking that Moorish Science was invented by the Turks. The facts presented in the debate can easily five way to such a conclusion. However, the same conclusion can be drawn by those not familiar with a history of Ancient Kemet (Egypt). If I were to present pictures from Egypt’s Ptolemaic period, then it could make modern-day Kemetian followers look as though their science was discovered by Greeks. Such discussions are good for getting out some emotion, or fascination with such, but does very little for the audience than keep them in a logical state of mind, a way of thinking based entirely on Eurocentric concepts.

2-Wisdom cannot be gained from the study of conclusions. Information is all around us. Yet it is our emotional state that creates our reality. Studying conclusions does not teach how to create our reality. All things are possible. There are at least 27 nations who have experienced over 400 years of slavery. Perhaps the conscious community can examine the blueprint of what it took these nations to empower themselves.

3-False Leaders Are Made At A Debate. Basically, a debate can be easily won by a “slick-talking street hustler.” Despite the accomplishments made by an individual in his community, he will never be able to win a verbal debate against a slick-talking street hustler.” The only thing is that this hustler is being viewed by thousands of people on YouTube. Anyone who can talk slick enough can gain a following with no personal refinement, discipline, or what have you. All he has to do is say the right thing at the right time and collect his check from the CIA.

Is debate worth forsaking possibilities of unity within the “conscious community?”


Why Moorish Americans Shouldn’t Participate in Debates Within The Afrocentric Community

I know a lot of Moors whose every other word is Prophet Noble Drew Ali. Well, if you look towards Noble Drew Ali as an example to follow, then always remember that he was never led into a debate with Marcus Garvey, despite some differences in approach. They had work to do. At the end of the day, a debate is a debate. We get it. It’s pure entertainment. Whatever people are won over during a debate are lost when the speaker can no longer engage their attention.

I would say from the era of Dr. Alim El Bey to Brother Shariff Anael Bey, the Moors have defended their reputation and supplied the public with enough information about its teachings. To go on debating with unknowns and etc, is to give to these people an equal platform with Noble Drew Ali. Besides Moors have to work on unity within our own community and an understanding of Moorish elements existing in an outside of the M.S.T. of A.

Sure in the eyes of the so-called Negro, the Moorish Movement is in a good place. Yet, no one ever asks the question as to how anyone can uplift fallen humanity without unity within their ranks? 1913 Temples, 1926 Temples, can’t even speak to each other, though they possess the same title of Bey, and now you want to go out and debate a group outside the Moorish community? Yeah okay.

My advice to fellow Moors is to leave the COINTEPRO operations of debating within the conscious community alone. Nothing good can come out of it! Period! First of all, the wrong people are being questioned. Why aren’t debates being held with gang leaders, who tell teenage youth to commit murder to join a street organization? Instead the COINTELPRO operation of “debates” have led a conscious community into believing that Moors are the race traitors while youth are killing each other aren’t? Yeah okay. If the present government is anti-Islamic, then why is the debate leaders in the “conscious community” so imitative of the government? Right! Exactly! Leave the debates to the level of debate and work on ourselves.


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